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books, due to the uniqueness and high-tech van exotic peripherals, for the small white “overrun by all over the sky”, have very strong power. “Wow ~ it’s good high-end!” Can quickly up the small white of the brand awareness, so there are power companies are like introduce some unique facade peripherals to town town.

we RE talking about, and now into the relevant peripheral small comb, because a different idea is only for 13, so the list is not a chronological sequence, by filled with subjective aspects for its comparability comparison and reference significance of comprehensive considerations.

first of all, talk about SONY solution well.

senior kids will make machine is the first to think of our SONY’s external lens. That’s right, be qx10 and qx100 and subsequent qx models.

we know that SONY has the film machine card machine SLR double the standard lens and a series of photo equipment production experience and customer understanding degree, so the design of the SONY home an external camera logic basis points and switch SLR camera is consistent, is the carrier of the SLR into smart phone, and then to convert the physical connection to NFC/wlan directly connected.

so such usage patterns compared with general photo enthusiasts and don’t have much new idea is not much play space, if also can continue to buy camera overlay outside professional lens could be better, is good to implement. Other price and his resistance to qx series of people think so honey storage speed & amp; Match the pictures delay, it is more resistant to people thinking.

moreover, configuration of the goods in the same period of peripherals, such as samsung zoom and front of the nokia 1020 basic price is only one spell, other all don’t give prize. Create this big cold heavy cold, cold slow a precipice goods is HTC RE camara excellent reference the opposite case.

then, we will directly to bypass those who really can not be used alone of all kinds of external lens set, they are basically do not have what good say of glass film. We talk about advanced peripherals, portable projection of the eye. Please don’t take samsung self-righteous beam series built-in projection said, breakfast also don’t take a lot of fake apple on a treasure external projector to 13, I want to talk is a real niche external projection equipment, ready to rise poses. Hey hey.

LG GW825v because the device name died long, hard to remember… Wow ha ha ha just kidding.

it has a small charge and the shape of the original portable projector, mobile phone is really rare in the projection of around 2010, and with its Windows 6.1 system under 1 g of high memory and can be projected for 480 x320 pixel resolution, the picture than for 4:3, contrast, 1000:1 of the image (projection the effective distance is 80 cm, the largest projected area can be extended to 66 inches) and finally no then.

the listing price is as high as more than 4500, and then just as high in the sky is as high as to hit the big gun, not the price fell to the ground just disappeared. So here only provoke him as a monkey please of the than, generation of bad feeling is too big, I don’t say anything.

third, we talk about the recent shipments large fire also crazy of MOTOROLA. Moto 360 watch is still a good comrade I not much said, the talk had also been maintained high hopes of claiming to push MOTOROLA taste classic peripherals.

this is appetizing everybody appetite webtop, he has introduced laptop100, laptop500 lapdock and a total of three generations of its official system push also experienced webtop1.0 3.0, 2.0, and the ultimate. Used the device will know that this kind of machine with high order to simplify the ubuntu as the system prototype, must cooperate with MOTOROLA’s specific model built in the kernel to drive.

if you argue with me he’s not alone can use peripherals products, would you please go back to look for brush full version of ubuntu, deepin Linux kernel PC system such as post, I am not taught you how to, unless you are a single marriageable belle.

the device while optimizing repeatedly to support Ethernet, finally support panel b camera video chat, from multimedia terminal upgraded to office Internet plug-in application platform, but but but, in this line of thought, clip in 2007 tablets and universalization of the house of palm palm based on Linux system something you simply not even listed under both of positive and negative role models, I also silly I don’t know well the Motorola why not continue to do well the xoom series.

4, as in the end, we talk about dreams into reality oculus rift. This is the legendary is translated into a virtual reality simulation display high-end “black” of science and technology products.

that’s right, the way in universal crawler (in fact, the somebody else called Omni) play the gun battle on eldest brother wearing this goods, often look at page GIF don’t tell me you have not seen this. Are just brainwashed by samsung GEAR vr, prick silk don’t cry, I show you more cool than Google Glass the peripherals machine.

but unfortunately 13 years when the project’s father really don’t know where to go. The woman named Andrew Scott Reisse is Andrew Scott leser’s good friend, as a great Oculus Rift co-sponsors and r&d engineers, in 2013 in California’s Santa ana, unfortunately, had been hit by a motorcycle racing party at the age of only 33 years old.

but he machine bring to us is a binocular visual merge after have a resolution of 1200 x 800 and gyroscope control perspective, with a very good solution to solve the head display “vertigo” problem, is a great game.

these classic can’t classic peripherals into a loss, no more or less give our favorite Formosa HTC enterprise research and development of new products with beneficial reference, so breakfast I especially want to own this small article not only can be in front of the display you like, and of course hope that HTC can also on behalf of the Chinese digital factory towards a better tomorrow. So back to the purpose of this article, for HTC RE camara peripherals savior plan on the sidelines, hope Mr. Chou really expectations, come on.


how about the last of the last, according to the filled my small endowment emotional appeal of the popular science articles on tall elegant consistent pursuit, continue to send today’s welfare, given our favorite pursuit and bear each big manufacturers, is the best they can consciously drunbility hey hey. Pick a without advertising, feel myself all cute. Charlie, please you to.

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