How to seize the Internet startup recruitment 84-95, this is the most important generation

as more and more of the millennial generation labor the official start of the work, more and more employers will they hire to this group of people. But if employers think this group of new generation people are very obedient, positive response employers recruiting tactics used in the past few years, so they can want to think twice, because the millennial generation can not as good as I thought the recruitment.

according to a study by the Kauffman, 54% of millennials have entrepreneurial idea, or they have already started their entrepreneurship. Millennials keynote speaker and speaker Ryan Jenkins said, the Internet and new technologies become the implement entrepreneurship new boulevard. Recruiters need and other companies competing with each other, not only to attract young people, and these companies also need and the millennial generation is bold and unrestrained passion and ambitious venture desire to compete.

it is clear that when it comes to the ability to work, compared to the millennial generation and a generation talent have different value, if the employers want to attract this group, so they need to develop your young mentality as millennials. This paper will be listed company at the time of the millennium generation talent recruitment, four critical mistakes to avoid, and how to deal with these problems.

emphasises pay

again and again, the research shows that when the millennial generation talent began when choosing a job, money and welfare is no longer the most important factor. Match the Marketing of the latest, according to a survey project only a quarter of the millennial generation when choosing a job will examine welfare as a very important factor. 84% of millennials job seekers think a “meaningful” is very important to myself, even further is extremely important.

Match the Marketing group, personnel management, senior director Lisa Ritchie said that the traditional recruitment, recruitment is based on money and millennials job seekers are concerned about the team work and meaningful work. So, to the mood, when I was in the recruitment need to show the value of the job and work with team to establish friendly relations.

psychologists, and advisory committee, vice President of CEB manager Joe Ungemah added: “the millennial generation to the requirement of company’s compensation and other employers in the same level required, wages not everything. CEB research shows that this generation of people to look for a job is, in fact, is looking for its own development and growth opportunities, rather than blindly pursue wages.”

Failed to show

career path the development prospects of

Ungemah pointed out that the millennial generation when choosing employers want to know how much development space after induction. Match the Marketing group, President and chief executive of Brett Farren said for this view agrees, and suggested the recruiter to millennials employees formulate reasonable career path.

Faren said: “the millennial generation for long-term career planning and interested, millennials will look for more opportunities in their organizations to draw the idea of a good professional blueprint. Employers for millennials if to design a perfect plan for five years, so very promising attracted to these job seekers.”

millennials applicants outlined for their career path is a very important step, this group of people with big dreams and ambitions, they want to be able to enter leadership positions speed is faster than the previous generation employees. Ungemah said, if this group of employees to know how long the early efforts will be able to achieve the goal, so they are more likely to work toward their career goals and stick to it.

neglect the enterprise culture

more and more employers have understood the fact that the company in attracting the millennial generation of job seekers, corporate culture has played a huge role, but there are some things still don’t understand, this generation of talents is very concerned about the future work environment and colleagues. Your corporate culture and values displayed to millennials job seekers have a better understanding to the company.

“in the process of recruitment, they focus on the office team cooperation opportunities,” said Farren said. “For such a situation, the best way is to show some living examples, there are now some millennials staff are pleasant to work in the company.”

in one article about millennials recruitment strategy, Jenkins recommends several ways to employers, outstanding corporate culture for the millennial generation new staff, including an employee – run blogs, and on the company’s web site set up “virtual tour” and “the content of the company behind the scenes” some social welfare to share some of the office, and let the young employees in the company to join recruitment officer.

no master all employees work skills

if you are looking for professional level lower level requirements of millennials employees, then do not easily refused to a candidate, he or she seems do not have all the requirements for the job. But Ungemah remind employers, millennials job seekers, especially recent graduates, does not have the ability to meet the requirements, for them it is best to take a more comprehensive investigation, consider the potential of the staff overall adaptability and learning ability. Then, once you find the right candidate, then you can invest to them, for any professional defects they targeted training.

“don’t hope that they will be able to meet the requirements of jobs right now.” Ungemah said, “the millennial generation need more structured training, more than any other group in the past, but in terms of their characteristics, and they tend to trust and to evade the risk of their future. If you help them understand their goals, they may become your staff for a long time.


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