How to choose and employ persons is jack ma?

cloud network hunting note: ma and 18 arhats entrepreneurial companies are widely spread, from dozens to tens of thousands of employees, ma is how to manage the employees? This article to share ma way of choose and employ persons.

a: loyalty, loyalty is not fired

unit may fire capable staff, but faithful to a person, does not have a leadership willing to let him go.

he will become the most lasting brake unit of the iron warrior, and is the most promising employees.

1, standing on the position of the boss’s thinking;

2, and superior to share your ideas;

3, moment on behalf of the interests of the company;

4, consider to make money for the company;

5, temptations to withstand test in the outside world.

2: dedication – in an hour than the boss to do more every day

along with the social progress, people’s knowledge more and more convergence, degree, diploma, is no longer the company selected the first condition of employees.

a lot at the first condition is that a dedicated employees, second is the professional level.

1, the purpose of the work is not just about remuneration;

2, beyond payment service and effort;

3, willing to make personal sacrifices for work;

4, the fuzzy concept of commuting, finish work we can talk to rest;

5, attaches great importance to the work of every detail.

3: spontaneous – don’t always waiting for

don’t waiting for everything, a person as long as it can automatic spontaneously get everything, even if the starting point is lower than others, also can have very big development, spontaneous person always popular with the boss.

1, from “want me to do” to “I want to do”;

2, take the initiative to share some of the “points”;

3, do first after said, give boss surprise;

4, learn to music;

5, high-standard demands: step, do three steps;

6, good balance of the scale of the active, do not be eager to performance, pushy, or even steal other people’s work.

4: be responsible for, there is absolutely no excuse, ensure to complete the task

for the person liable, is of great significance to the enterprise, a personal work ability can be worse than others.

but must not be lack of sense of responsibility, always pushed from pillar to post, looking for objective reasons, and not to regret, will lose the trust of the superior.

1, the responsibility is at the heart of the sense of responsibility;

2, do every little thing well;

3, words, in deed;

4, wrong is wrong, absolutely no excuses;

5, the problem of the ball for you;

6, not because of a little carelessness made that mistake.

5: pay attention to the use cost efficient – should your

efficient work habits is a prerequisite, everyone can succeed is also attached great importance to each unit.

1, with the working poor, blind busy say “goodbye”;

2, character, devotion;

3, quantitative, and detailed daily work;

4, procrastination is the most vicious professional killers;

5, keep in mind the priority, shall first;

6, prevent the enemy of perfectionism efficiency.

6: result oriented, maintain function, without hard work

“whether black cat, white cat, catch mice are good cat!” , regardless of the hard work, the working smart, and the performance of employees will only be by the people.

the enterprise value is how much you have to “work”, rather than how many “bitter”.

1, the beginning is going to want to do, how to get things

2, solution always more than problems;

3, clever and not just work hard work;

4, without conditions, to create conditions;

5, the task was completed more than expected.

7: good at communication, open face to face, on the spot to solve

not good communicators, even if their again, only a person’s talent, neither inheritance, and has no progress.

a good communicator, even if very mediocre, also can work while learning, finally realize their own value.

1, communication and gossip are two different things;

2, not to say and say too much is a kind of wrong;

3, with solutions to questions, face to face communication, on the spot to solve

4, cultivate eq accept criticism;

5, mind the big picture, both good and worries;

6, can have its internal contradiction, foreign must be consistent.

8: cooperation – team in advance, self back

team in advance, self back.

no matter how strong personal ability, as long as the damage to the team, the company will not let you stay, don’t think you a short, team cannot work!

1, the drop of water into the sea, the individual into the team;

2, obey the overall arrangement;

3, comply with the discipline to keep up the battle effectiveness;

4, don’t do the “short board” of the team, and if you are, and will give oneself “higher”;

5, for others, consider for the team.

9: positive – always keep up with the pace of the enterprise

personal always keep up with the pace of the enterprise, the enterprise always keep up with the pace of the market; Both in the workplace and the market, whether individuals or businesses, the participants don’t want to be eliminated.

this is must to go forward, stop means to give up, means that out!

1, to empty cup mentality to learn, to learn;

2, don’t be angry, but to control;

3, do not repeat in ten years a year experience;

4, squeeze time for yourself “higher” and “charging”;

5, develop their own “comparative advantage”;

6, challenge themselves, save for a rainy day.

10: high low profile – just don’t have to be arrogant

to high need not arrogant, don’t think they do not say, do not preach, others can’t see your credit.

so don’t show off in front of colleagues.

1, don’t garnered far;

2, to overcome the “overqualified” psychological;

3, don’t put on AIRS playing qualification;

4, all people, all must respect;

names conform to actuality, 5, and strive to do, to match their position on

6, the result is just the beginning, as motivation of honor.

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