How to build a true homebred operating system?

hunting cloud network October 8 (text editor/water/Morse good Yan)

a prism event, under the strong push of public opinion economy, many countries begin to pay more attention to their own network security, such as I to all the computers in the latest issue of the tender products products are not allowed to install Windows 8. To safeguard the national interests, in order to maintain the national defense of political and economic stability and security, the best way is to manufacture its own operating system.

economic integration in the world today, people all over the world live in a digital age, the Internet as a form of modern social life, the basis of the operating system is importance is obvious to all. As a basic platform, operating system connects the communication and the digital society.

so patriotic, we are the master of the country, what you can and defense military security mega-bid face-to-face contact, that doesn’t support to quickly! Those fake not pay foreign operating system is in the hands of all the time from our data show the defence military security, don’t change quickly take qianbao peace, to buy a domestic unit loyalty?

many countries want to have a belong to his personal customized products, therefore, many countries spend a lot of manpower material resources for the research and development of the operating system, but known as the operating system is only so a few, so the difficulty of its development.

as overwhelming propaganda which sometimes, our domestic operating system is the core to have independent property rights, is to catch up with the apple’s level in five years, ten thousand times than foreign operating system security with how to build such a true homebred operating system?

The talent of

as a kind of science and technology, must have a group of high-tech talent, they are the basis of research and development of domestic operating system. Technologies such as operating systems, although look is the underlying structure, but its research and development machine complex operation, its code size is very large, far more than the average person can imagine.

to independent intellectual property rights, in particular, no core independent intellectual property rights, how can meet our people expect the fart migrating their “baby” at the head of the hot patriotic feeling in the world? so much money spent countries, finally is just pick up a little bit of open source code spring in the world, in the skin, don’t even clean traces. , of course, in the majesty of China directly let foreigners tribute ready-made code, this is the usual thing .

just spent so much money, didn’t it out a little true thing, also need to master backing to live, finally found the big money is allocated as robbing others code, fan who face? The five thousand years civilization civilization out? And most importantly, operating system security than abroad, don’t rush the safer for several years, finally make things it is better to use foreign operating system security, making people laugh head off . Shame his feelings and all patriots and intelligence.

so, wanted to do something really serious, there must be a batch of high technical talents with innovative spirit, they are a mainstay of the localization of the operating system. To do the practical work of serving well, rather than when the dog tease, also calculate a little product.


like Windows, Mac, Linux operating system in the process of research and development have spent hundreds of billions of dollars even larger, and they have remarkable achievement today is after decades of struggle, with decades of cost is hard to imagine.

what is the so-called “economic base determines the superstructure”, if there is no abundant capital for economic support, is at the beginning of the founding of the space development of missile technology is also a result of the whole nation to tighten their belts.

in the rich little of course not all kinds of wonderful work relationship with the theory.

good foundation function application

do one thing, the most important is the right place, right time and, what is called the world of people who, localization of the operating system also need social broad support, especially associated with peripheral hardware and software equipment support.

, for example, people use the computer is the most basic took office, the office is the most basic office, it’s like we want to read a book just paper, no printing, the book is difficult to popularize, let alone comic books or something. Domestic system, therefore, the development of the first step must create good enough basic software functions, only in this way, you make the stuff is not a waste, is something.

Mac in a run-down also rely on their own distinctive, excellent software and hardware technology, comprehensive services developed slowly.

build complete software ecosystem? The first: don’t worry, slowly said.

high quality software ecological

at present, the Windows in the operating system has not disputed supremacy, Mac has been a challenge, though Linux is difficult to open the situation but also to have certain influence, how to break through the industry predecessors of containment is domestic system must face the cruel fact.

break this situation requires domestic system to find their own shining point, just like in Windows commandeer desktop systems, Linux natural good support for network become the mainstream in the data center, the IOS and android occupy the top in the mobile system.

in domestic operating system to find a place to shine at the same time to establish their own perfect ecosystem, software vendors to get a lot of support, to create high quality enough software ecosystem. In this way, their value is, the greater the will have a strong network effect. For those of us who have worked so hard to save the people, the fart is not to spend money to buy a waste.

of course, as early as in the years before the country is realized to build their own operating system, beneficial to the 818 years is a bit of history here.

1. Born in August 1999 red flag Linux1.0 version of the original is one of the important government departments is mainly used in the relationship between national security, mainly for the state-owned enterprises and military version, is widely used in OEM, government procurement projects, etc. Also have released the civilian version, but I’ve been waiting a few fart people used? Its latest version is released in 2013 red flag v8.0 inWise operating system, but in February 10, research and development it has announced the dissolution of the company, is reportedly capital chain is broken, but the inside a few people know? Zhongke red flag, however, will continue to develop the red flag Linux domestic operating software, but believe it comes in is still at the beginning of niang.


2. Born in 2001 to create the latest edition of Linux is to create a standard edition 2010, that its use in where? Yes, you guessed it, is that the government departments, enterprises and institutions, of course, there are individual applications, but this place, ahem, it also just afraid of playing a soy sauce? But we are also very is doubt that four years did not refurbished it is now still in the world.

3. As a military background galaxy kylin domineering sliding sideways in 2002, it is a completely customized operating system for military, although there is also a civilian version, but also afraid of some military enthusiasts only sample. And it since the merger with the winning Linus, to “the winning kirin” new ma3 jia3 stood in front of the world, and in August 2014 to output the latest version 3.0 galaxy kylin operating system.

4. Also used for the army to Muse rock originated in 2004, it is suitable for military, government, power and telecommunications departments, the response country also calls on the system due to the limitations of its own innate unable to enter the market.

5. As China’s first based on the localized version of Debian, depth Linus launched in 2004, it is domestic heterogeneous in the operating system. Because it is private capital, and mainly for civilian version, because of its open its source code control, security, security, maintenance costs are small, therefore also has the government and enterprise users, and developers to use digital enthusiasts. And it is also has a certain reputation in the world, get more than forty countries user support, and become the highest rank on Distrowatch Linux operating system in China. It is currently the latest version of 2014 Deepin2014 formal version, speed is faster, sound development momentum.

6. Same for private capital of rain forest wind Christmas in 2005, it designed according to the Chinese habits, worsted Windows theme, improves the user experience. Once because of copyright issues, rain forest wind appear some problems, but eventually chose to independent development based on the Linux operating system. Now choose the digital market, developers and gradually to the formal, issue the latest version is StartOS5.0 formal version.

in conclusion it can be seen that most domestic operating system with government background, this had decided the power they produce is not in the market, but the national policy and funding, it also explains their future a slim, just the product of the system, market there is no ambition, no vitality and vigor.

established operating systems are on the market at present them according to the market trend through long-term innovation research and development, under the perfect patent system and ecological system to ensure the results obtained. And compared with domestic operating system, plagiarism phenomenon is serious, fake, just some of previous versions or someone else’s code has made some minor changes, as the latest version, which seriously hindered the development of domestic operating system. true through, can’t trust .

want to establish a domestic operating system in a short period of time is seriously not practical, users have the right to choose their like to use the operating system. If is for the sake of national interest, develop special operating system, military and government to protect national cyber security, it is more practical. Don’t pull in the name of national security for civil, behind the economy in a public opinion, those hidden interests exchange when will it be clear, when to say again.

in today’s opening of the Internet age, the want to build their own domestic operating system not by force, but to speak to the market, meet the demand of user’s technical application , fashionable, nearly perfect artisans feelings and humanistic spirit, this, we have a long way to go.

how to build a catch up in five years time apple, with core intellectual property rights, security than the operating system of domestic operating system?

a: in my dream. such a away from the vulgar and vulgar taste with core intellectual property rights, the core function of the application of the product, say the rhetorical. Don’t in this era of big data to do some stupid things like great maritime era hiatus, we can’t take the risk. The time is not on the grounds of political and economic security too?

of course, you’re going to say based on Linux system, build shing zhuo that ecological, apple closed, as coat a layer of green dam niang, step back and independent intellectual property rights, the international market to shame blush. In accordance with the android development speed, the same function is in the next five years to catch up with the apple.

just man is in a free market environment play positive results. Which university you are going to affiliates as research topic?

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