How to build a 10 billion a month in reading weibo activity

in this paper, the author is department microblogging operations manager

recently on weibo ice bucket challenge, in just 10 days, ice bucket challenge popular microblogging, # # ice bucket on weibo challenge of reading has also broke through 4 billion. Inductive power to the challenge of ice bucket, also happens to be # # with weibo to travel online for a month, combining with the experience of some I do social media, on social media operations and share with you some of the ideas.

I do activities in weibo operation also have three or four years, this is also I did in the third quarter, # # with weibo to travel, at the beginning of the year do fly # # let red envelopes. A month to travel with weibo online activities involved in more than 64 million people, the total amount of reading related topics of 9.92 billion times, compared with half a month of 2.98 billion whole tripled, this for a vertical in weibo is a good result.

do activities also pay attention to the right place, right time and

the days, is to choose the appropriate time, do activities on weibo, when was the first choice to consider what kind of activities do. Just think if ice bucket challenge this activity in the autumn or winter, the participation there is so much that the effect is certainly not so good. For traveling with weibo, too, starting from the summer to the end of the eleventh is the peak season, which covers the summer vacation, the Mid-Autumn festival and National Day, this is also the most people will choose to travel time, travel with weibo to choose this time it is accorded with the travel demand, poured ice water over the summer, in summer and golden week travel that meet the timing.

the so-called right, is to see whether this activity is ground, can form online interactive, just on the online activities are difficult to fire up. As ice bucket challenge, not only in the online speculation, also busy in offline, online communication affect more people in the offline, the participation of offline to online communication also more material and content, the interaction to keep the heat. With weibo to travel to a mass discussion on travel on weibo is stimulated, caused more people want a trip for said come away, and these people share more in the process of travel guide, photo and video, which triggered discussion on weibo more again, will the heat of the activities through online. This also drove the active participation of all parties in the tourism industry, such force, was formed from online to offline, returned to affect online O2O closed loop, has realized the right time.

and so-called, is to see all you have to do activities and twitter audience is in line with the crowd. We through the microblogging users to add tags and attention, the content of the release of statistics, found that travel the number of users of weibo industry users first, one of the largest hub weibo has become a tourism enthusiasts, this also let weibo is very suitable for tourism theme activities. With weibo is numerous, weibo users are related with the micro blog have a lot of young, at present, after the 90 weibo has become the largest user group, we have statistics to participate in to travel with weibo users, nearly 50% of them after 90. Nelson pan after 90 consumer reports also show 90 and 70, 80, after is different. Different concepts in 70, 80 after the fight, life after 90 more advocate along with the gender, and look forward to a trip for said come away. 36% of the generic would you like to go to travel in small long vacation after 90, the ratio is higher than 29% of the general population, it is people. Had, geographical and human conditions at present, also have demonstrated the activities based on weibo.

set the reasonable threshold Let users are more likely to participate in the

the threshold of the activity is directly related to the active participation. Statistics show, in the process of user registration, the registration guide each step, you will lose 10% of the users, the user as well as when to participate in activities, the more steps, process more cumbersome, who participated in the activities of the less. Activities, therefore, to design as simple as possible, steps to as little as possible, to as much as possible, easy to operate. On the design of the activity to follow the strategy of KISS (KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID), the activity design of core standards, KEEP IT SIMPLE, KEEP a fool type operation. Ice bucket challenge to participate in the threshold is very low, only need to be a bucket of ice water pouring down from the head, and put the process photographed or recorded video posted on social networking websites, making users are willing to participate in.

ice bucket compared to challenges, took the weibo to travel the involvement of the lower difficulty, in the journey to share photos and video is every traveler often do, we are as a way to participate in activities, not to increase any threshold users to participate in activities, users only need to do is take the activity inscription # # with weibo to travel. Didn’t go to travel for the users, we have a more simple way, the user simply forwarding, comments, and even thumb up with words inscription weibo, can participate in the lucky draw, the lottery is also very quick, only need two or three steps will know whether the winning and get prizes, which allows users to attend the activities more smoothly, to participate in the activities of the threshold is lower.

low threshold, easy to participate in but also attracted the participation of stars and celebrities, with weibo to travel activity attracted a sweet scene from the start, liu language such as stars, with the deepening of the activity, more and more famous stars are also involved. Activities launched a month have their arrival, shang wenjie, ma tianyu, han hong, Ren Quan, hu haiquan 39 stars to participate in the activities, most of them are on twitter to see this activity, active weibo related to tourism, and they released weibo is also easy to cause, a tweet could be tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of interactions. If it is a cumbersome process, I think the star is not willing to participate.

the combination of material and spirit award to stimulate the activities will be made more popular

we usually do in the event there will be some prizes, but how to choose the prize also learned. In the set of prizes, we first prize related to tourism, on the awards set selected the global popular tourist routes, on small award we chose the pre-paid phone CARDS and red envelopes. This travel with weibo cooperation with taobao travel, tickets for the event will have a chance to take a red envelope, ticket is a just need, almost everyone traveling need to purchase a tourist attractions tickets, and again on taobao travel has the national more than twenty thousand tourist attractions tickets, this for people who love travel, the prize is truly useful. Even if there is no travel plan, for some people who love travel, prepare for some tickets for price ticket.

we also adopted in the setting of the chance of low value and high chance of way, some of the activities in the microblog by setting awards is really attractive, even also has room for car, but this kind of activity is too low, the chance of a lot of people just don’t want to participate in, not to mention again and again. We through statistics on weibo user behavior is also found that users for those low value and high chance of activity participation than those high value low chance of activity, and once the user winning, also repeatedly to participate in, the degree of intervention is also higher. A comprehensive chance to travel to this season with the microblogging is as high as 90%, to this end, we also have to limit the frequency of each user can participate in lucky draw for a day, to prevent repeated brush for a few users. We also adopted on the set of such train of thought, last year’s award is the South Pole, this award is really attracted a lot of people to participate in, but for the overall activities of the meaning is not big, we divides the award this year nearly a popular tourist route at home and abroad, every week there are awards, let the world become the theme of the activities, the overall heat and participation than a swim at the South Pole.

there is only material reward is not enough, also need spiritual incentive. Many users don’t care about activities can bring us what kind of material reward, more hope to get more recognition in spirit. We found that in the process of activities, weibo users upload a lot of photos in travel, these photos are good films. For this, we think, whether can recommend these works to stimulate the enthusiasm of weibo users to participate in the activities. We dig good films, to get it out to the weibo mobile client boot screen this weibo attention highest position, this is the first to use for weibo netizen original works as a boot screen, we still work with the author’s weibo account and head. The incentives received very good effect, the first picture of the boot screen, by the activity of the primary account is released, a forward quantity reached nearly twenty thousand days. On August 2, yunnan LuDian after an earthquake of magnitude 6.3, we select a picture of a colorful yunnan as a boot screen, known as “the south of clouds, my heart is with you”, the theme and blessing to the quake-hit areas together, also received very good reputation. It also emotionally close the distance between activities and the participants, let them feel the activity is associated with him, and then share with more people around, led to more and more people participate in.

these are just some of the I according to their own activities in operating experience to share with you, hope I can have some help to you.


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