How to build a 10 billion a month in reading weibo activity (subsequent)

so the last code words triggered discussion all operations for weibo campaign, inspired me to continue the code word power. After eleven, the tourist season will also be ended, in the third quarter, with weibo to travel will soon end, during the 11th, with weibo to travel to participate in quantity in seven days increased nearly ten million person-time, guided by topic, weibo users share the enthusiasm of travel content is fully stimulated. And inspire the enthusiasm of the user not only on its own activities operation Settings, also have the assistance from external power, these external forces can be microblogging hot spots, can also be related to activities account, alone is always difficult, here, I also share with you how to get to do activities with the help of external forces.

rapid response A little a nodal

in the age of social media, rapid response is an important principle, because only the quick reaction to get more exposure and the chance to spread, and on social media opportunities may be produced at any time, will soon die, the key is to see if you can catch and take advantage of activities related to rapid response, often can obtain the result that expect is less than.

we are told of the news of the fairy king zheng yuanjie travel in the United States, the first time get in touch with, for claims to “English level is not more than ten words”, the local social customs to also don’t know him, we suggest that he can on weibo to net friend for help. After its full communication, zheng yuanjie weibo are released during the travel in the United States not only bring the activity inscription, since then, zheng yuanjie whether order, tipping, ask the traffic rules, pay the fine, even the toilet of a big lump of ice, encountered problems, fairy-tale king will immediately in the weibo for help, weibo netizens demand. He knew the local education at the university of California, Los Angeles, through the turn on weibo, there are eight bilingual “volunteers” to him to help him solve the problem, and he actually help the weibo made a trip to speak. Zheng yuanjie celebrity also brings to the net friend very good demonstration, and then, weibo also appeared a lot of net friend met problems in tourism on weibo for help, the contents of all of this to bring new vitality, if not the first time the response mechanism, is difficult to achieve such effect. With celebrity’s demonstration, then follow suit fans will naturally follow.

then hot, after all, is a unstable factors, so we also need to grasp the rhythm in the process of operation, maintain consistent heat, to promote “high”. For the activity of traveling with weibo, cycle for more than two months, need to make agreement in the overall planning of different themes, so as to avoid the attention of users for activity less and less. So we just before the event planning several important node, when the Chinese valentine’s day set up # # Chinese valentine’s day romantic trip, set up when the Mid-Autumn # # is the most beautiful moon, also set up during the summer # # # with his family to travel, travel theme, such as the shopping paradise # in around 11 during combined with tourism activities, along with corresponding to the tourist route, this also let activity in different time nodes have different attractive to the customer, to keep the heat.

parties jointly set off topic

as the saying goes, a hero three help, the power of one party is always limited, many work together to better promotion effect. Introducing activities related institutions and people to achieve multilateral win-win, is also very important. In ice bucket challenge activities, in addition to a celebrity, star, media officer of micro account @ porcelain doll and @ micro public welfare and institutions and short video shooting tool @ seconds have played a huge role, they will also join the spontaneous activity, drive more people to participate in, the effect of the promotion activities.

for travel with weibo, it is a social media of the tourism activities, and tourist attractions, travel agencies, institutions, and even the guesthouse, the hotel can become the subject of transfer, we made a statistics, so far, a total of more than 8400 blue V accounts related to tourism industry issued with weibo to travel related content, this has greatly improved the activity of coverage. Many travel agencies to participate in the activities of also brought new surprises, zhoushan tourism also is one of the activity of the participating organisations, the scenic spot is very east island of film will be life after setting, with the hit of the movie, very east island tourism also on weibo hot rise. We also use weibo and sina strike while the iron is hot tourism resources, to promote together, this also let zhoushan’s tourism bureau has received the good effect, so far # # with weibo to zhoushan topic reading quantity of more than 33 million, a month increased by 40000 fans and the fans are high quality, popular tourist fans, the activities and institutions is the result of a win-win situation.

we also actively with the press officer to cooperate, using the power of the media to expand influence. During the Chinese valentine’s day, we cooperate with People’s Daily, the official weibo launch # # Chinese valentine’s day romantic destination subject, the subject of the reading quantity of up to 160 million, more than 700000 people to participate in the activities, cause 547000 times. Even some netizens said, don’t need to change People’s Daily travel? Recent how are content related to tourism. People’s Daily powerful also got positive response of the microblogging users, Internet users also vote for including the maldives, santorini, Greece, shangri-la, 9 big romantic destination, at the same time, the People’s Daily, the official weibo has also obtained great attention during this period.

during the Mid-Autumn festival, we also seized the opportunity of the Mid-Autumn moon, cooperate with CCTV “to enjoy the most beautiful”. Finally through weibo, micro letter, voted six platforms such as baidu post bar, selected the top ten to enjoy the moon. Because during the event, there are some tourist destination in microblog propaganda, although the vote is not limited to in weibo, but in the end of the selected results, there are seven of the top ten attractions are microblog hot spots, it also suggests that the influence of the microblogging is not only in a microblogging platform, will radiate to other platforms. After selection, CCTV ten site live separately to the view of the moon, in the “news broadcast”, “Oriental horizon” and “mutual concern” program broadcast, see their hometown was elected to inside, some netizens have also published weibo, participate in activities, which, in turn, ACTS on the weibo, expand the influence of the activity.

weibo is a communication ability very strong social media, with the help of external force, often have unexpected results, and the openness of the weibo, also determines the share is relatively easy to implement. Whether their optimization activity details, or with the aid of external force, the key is to run with your heart. Operations skills in social media has a lot of, everybody to the problems encountered in the operating activities are also different, the right to share it as my personal experience. With weibo to travel in the third quarter will be on October 9 it is over, the participation of the volume is more than 9700, hopes to take more amount of participate in this activity, to the activity to a satisfactory close.

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