How to avoid becoming the next samsung HTC?

on September 18, hunting cloud network (text/teng tree g)

once upon a time, when we no longer coming back to the shadow of HTC, new and updated to “GXX,” samsung with our own Galaxy series (s and note) model consistent became the top with a presumptuous guest usurps the host’s role when android uncrowned king, seems to be a few years between osmosis even soon, of course, incarnate the development of the industry can match apple benchmarking, which was a sequence of nexus pretty neat foundry and a series of jing cross-border attempt way of doing things — such as TAB, zoom, beam series and so on, are ashamed eph such as let competitors.

so samsung product launches as usual, let us early this year all filled with deep eagerly awaited. Until that day, multiple sites at the same time at a new conference 4 looks very beautiful is very beautiful machine was placed in front of us, ye ye told us, this is this year’s best Note4, Note Edge, Gear and Gear S VR.

we captured in these a few machines are more certainty of samsung smart phones for the future development direction. more domineering configuration, flexible screen technology, wearable devices, virtual reality technology and the more power the S – Pen. this is samsung’s answer, is there really let you genuinely excited?

anyway, breakfast, it is not cold.

have to say, think that year was delayed android small robots, once before mature grace nokia symbian dynasty show MOE and then in front of the novel and luxuriant apple account, but it happened that in those years geeks and ordinary smart phone users are accustomed to Linux patch for MOTOROLA, accustomed to nokia’s symbian crack certificate, accustomed to dopod beautification interface of Windows, accustomed to palm treo install simulator, accustomed to nokia’s maemo input command line…

we are seeing a little bit of the android HTC manufacturer from stopping silly lovely small fart child develop step by step into the end up standing today early youth. Although her son has very beautiful, but samsung to planning the future of the ni son really are beautiful enough.

when the company began to use up to cultivate more sticky screen unity and customers, and even new lines of customer base, Microsoft is also working with skydrive curing almost global mainstream manufacturers began to realize that software ecosystem, the Internet and cloud services should be a sense of smart phones, such as samsung based on hardware “duty” vendors have originality also for android Minnie to soul.

samsung had struggle and try, but stumble in the user experience

first, Samsung is not didn’t attempt to establish their own software ecosystem, but such as Samsung Wallet mobile payment projects attempt failed, and even to watch as a few flagship Samsung users around the world in a year or so after use find Samsung market crossover development models of follow-up was hastily closed. It is not responsible.

and then, the bigger it is not equal to the force.

samsung Note has poor, on the design concept for running points and S – Pen the dedication, I’m afraid not all rushed the user experience, Note the difference between series and S series is also more and more fuzzy, the gap between the rival samsung and also because of the stagnation of the development of the industry standard and is no longer a poor generation level. Now I’m afraid the samsung are fully clear where to next step.

then, we think for samsung, HTC is how to be cast down.

by sense and foundry Google honeymoon sudden fame was replaced by HTC do nanny work. Look at the left hand side to continue to do OEM Taiwan compatriots asus, look again at the right hand side from the big three and MOTOROLA, look back again and samsung’s bada tizen saved is not in the Lord, only Amazon’s counter attack path can be for reference.

in the end, but now in addition to samsung also we really can’t find the other hope.

why do you say that? Over the past few years the samsung empire building with its superior sound mature industry chain and the core technology has been the strong domestic manufacturers to suppress low in the industrial chain and low profit. Despite the recent quarters share samsung appear sharply in China, but less than the number of the android in it.

even worse predecessors HTC die again, samsung, with its many years around the industry and industry in the soft power of money, want to see the samsung for android Minnie son into the soul level of action, or had to quietly waiting for.

in the steamy, samsung’s way, to my most vulgar opinions, put forward the two have a constructive direction.

first, from the lower end of the market has always been machine market walked out of the sea, reshape the entry-level product image is necessary .

it can be said that the android l have from official gives the signal, this time to bear fruit android one, he made an example, the android little Minnie is desperate to no conservation but also after the former convex become warped image.

the essence of contract collective voice in Taiwan. Samsung has difficulty in entry-level go give prize. Spell together again with the toiling masses cost-effective type to contract no new idea also don’t have much meaning. The soul level of accomplishment is in grope for exploring road.

second, return to this year’s samsung, wearable devices or small never, applewatch are, after all, still recruits, steady injection in the optimization of high-end hardware products soul more interesting and operational space. The Gear and Gear S VR starting point is high enough to make a lot of samsung.

with samsung is good at ecological to make up the shortage of the software, hardware and trapping the user.

think again weak HTC, we still have to patient and so on samsung. South Korea is a country with a mobile phone to replace the most frequently in the world, the potential of new technology innovation and motivation as well as the market is some, as for samsung official mentioned “glut” subterfuge, breakfast I had to first ha ha, then remind samsung, you have to continue to work hard, down-to-earth, I’m ready to give you applause.


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