How tall is your network IQ? 17% of americans don’t know Bill Gates

do you know Bill Gates? See the problem maybe you will not hesitate nodded, silently think: isn’t this world would anyone know this person? Say yes! America has 17% of people really don’t know Bill Gates… Fast don’t feel shocked, because if the Bill Gates’s photographs in front of you, you also can not recognize.

before you read the report, might as well come to it. This is a test of a recent survey, in the test it will test your understanding of some problems. After completion test, you can take your score and score comparison of the masses.

Internet IQ test results

us Internet users for the modern science and technology in different fields of knowledge. This is according to specialized research institutions by the pew research center to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the world wide web and a knowledge of the test results.

the investigation is within the United States representative 1066 Internet users, test questionnaire covered with 17 in the fields of science and technology issues, including: ordinary web terms of meaning and usage. For technology celebrity discrimination; Some important technical progress of historical problem; The basic structure of interconnection, and other technology.

most Internet users are able to accurately answer for some common technology platform and daily Internet terminology use issues. About 75% of the users to know megabytes is larger than the number of kilobytes of information transmission unit and other basic Internet knowledge. 70% of users can be based on the verification code and the advanced search function to identify the images. 66% of the users know the WiKi is an online collaboration tool – the Internet user can modify the information on the net online with other users. A considerable part of the adult Internet users do not use Twitter, but they all know Twitter use some of the practices. Online americans, 82% of users know social networking platform to use the “#” label, but only 60% of users right answer out of Twitter has a 140 – word limit.

on the other hand, a relatively small part of the Internet users on the Internet and other important concept in the modern technological progress are familiar with. Only 34% of users know that Moore’s law is the number of transistors integrated circuit chips. In addition, only 23% of users know that the Internet and world wide web, in fact is not the same thing.

for some early even important historical facts in the history of modern technology, a lot of online us Internet users feel very puzzled, so they find it difficult to answer the right answer. Although there was a movie about Facebook won The Oscar award (The movie called The Social Network “), but less than half of Internet users (specific ratio 42%) was The first to recognise a Harvard University have a Facebook account, only 36% of users even correct answer out of The first generation of The iPhone launch time – 2007. In addition, the Mosaic can be said to be a particularly obscure browser, however, only 9% of online americans right answer of Mosaic is the world’s the browser can display images in the first paragraph of the name.

when testing the Internet users for some technology leader in the field of identification, 83% of U.S. online users will be able to recognize pictures of Bill Gates, that is to say that 17% of us Internet users didn’t know Bill Gates (by contrast, only 10% of users do not have make out old rival Bill Gates, a former apple CEO Steve jobs). Only 21% of U.S. online user successfully identify Sheryl Sandberg, Facebook’s chief operating officer to know Sheryl Sandberg or recent bestseller the Lean In “of the author.

the user in accurate description Internet policy also met some problems. 61% of Internet users correctly pointed out that “network Neutrality” (Net Neutrality) refers to be provided by the Internet service providers of digital content of equal treatment. On the other hand, less than half (44%) of Internet users have so of consciousness: when a company posted privacy policy, this does not mean that the company needs to the collected information about the user’s secret to them.

Internet knowledge test the difference of age

young Internet users than some of the older users in these tests can answer some more questions, but not to be able to do this on all issues. Once the problem involves the use of social media and ordinary Internet, age difference is particularly obvious different. In the same year long compared to americans, young Internet users are more likely to know university of Harvard University is the first to use Facebook, “#” is often used on Twitter as a label such as common sense and through the verification code and the advanced search to identify images as well as the definition of “wiki”.

at the same time, Internet users of all ages are mistakenly believe that the Internet and world wide web is the same thing. And when the problems involved in “network neutrality”, the meaning of “privacy policy” and other phrases, no significant difference of the age. Whether young or older Internet users, and almost equal percentage of people able to correctly identify the Bill Gates and Sheryl Sandberg’s photo.

Internet knowledge, the differences in the education level of test

university graduates in research institutions by the pew research center test usually can get relatively higher points. In addition, the university graduates have higher proportion shows that they used the vast majority of consumer technology. This group because of this, the university graduates when it comes to the Internet and technology issues better performance, it is well-deserved.

compared to Internet users who didn’t go to university, the university graduates in some cognitive did better on the Internet, they have more common sense, like Twitter length limit, “URL” and the meaning of the term “net neutrality”, etc. Technology in the world, though, there are a lot of knowledge, even people who were very high education couldn’t answer. For example, only 20% of Internet users answer out of the Internet and world wide web is not the same thing, only 12% of people know that Mosaic is the world’s the browser can display images in the first paragraph of the article.


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