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had been filled with my three years ago to Shanghai jiaotong university software engineering institute for graduate second-round exam of the return on the high-speed rail, under coincidence met a carry a briefcase and a very important confidential information artifact of some kind of terminal panel good big brother.

as people see people love flowers see naturally engage one of flowers, bubbling and eldest brother carried on the thorough friendly friendly conversation, watch carefully listened to the eldest brother of smart home terminal industry is introduced, and then the two sides exchanged for the terminal for the future of the opinions, and reached many important consensus and further close the good-neighborly and friendly relations, mutual trust with each other so today, on the occasion of ali again vc peel again turn back to intelligent furniture industry focus nodes, reveal the file name containing old road intelligent household concept.

in the first place, by convention, the professional knowledge of the first.

one of, what is a peel.

Peel in the United States is a mountain view, calif., start-up, following the development of intelligent mobile terminal software is also named after Peel, in android play store shelves, and this year to be installed in many support infrared output of samsung & amp; HTC smartphone and tablet, for learning the television, cable television set-top box and the identification of multimedia set-top box remote service. While the version of the ios platform remote DISh and DirecTV set-top boxes.

it is worth mentioning peel company with its unique experience, in the large and medium-sized international radio and television media streaming and analog/digital set-top boxes cooperation to collect New Year completed a set of relatively complete band infrared code identification data flow libraries, can be convenient to give new easy-to-use user according to the corresponding vendor data matching, and paired a key set of zero learning curve using experience, and each manufacturer provides commonly used different spectrum data flow packages available for switching to try.

even careful to for small manufacturers are remote target product, peel the company is also preparing to the function of real-time feedback input set, as long as according to the fluid experiment with different frequencies and then click you can easily save their adaptation of the remote control code scheme for convenient use.

at the same time, the peel is up and down in the interface of the UI design, have different rooms and the same equipment number and so on thoughtful backup option function.

it can be said that the logic design of peel grab the user group of consumer demand, essentially zero threshold zero learning cost and efficient, so with its stickiness, is absolutely the best products in the similar products, not one.

the company as investment financing node, along with the promotion and implementation of intelligent household concept this year by venture capitalists generally look good. Peel back in 2013 was $20 million, alibaba has made the contribution of $5 million, after more than a year again on our 50 million investment in the company, have to cause people to intelligent household era coming deep interest in advance.

second, we need to talk about intelligent household concept has been proposed.

this is umpc, mid remote control and integrated technologies such as embedded system after the mature product design concept, the article at the beginning I talk to the elder brother of his terminal panel is a Windows ce the built-in microprocessor, intelligent hutch defends the main switch of the whole.

to put it bluntly, it is an integrated circuit board and multiple sensor, using remote network instruction execution preset simple functions such as flint, temperature control and examine.

to the smart home do what, this problem is really bad, because everything is possible, especially in information technology today, the big bang is only limited to do less than, so we have the concept of online a pile of black technology concept model to describe the future life, I would now like breakfast in have you’re pants are out of cannot say end is responsible for the attitude, put on a small video replace welfare, don’t love me, oh.

we today small background stars peel and not only do TV, and other mainstream appliances, from, in fact, peel, CEO of bush, aruna just lime (Thiru Arunachalam), according to peel the future is likely to develop common remote control applications, not only can remote control TV, can also remote control air conditioner and household appliances such as lamps and lanterns. Aruna just lime said: “we can be the portal of control all devices in the living room?”

as pioneer of intelligent home appliance, it is no wonder that peel company is talked about smart home is not the topic of the past. And peel aside, domestic iot concept has been flourishing, in March this year, the leader of beauty of air conditioning, cooperation with alibaba launched a win-win co-operation “M – Smart intelligent household strategy”.

third, we talk about the investment, Mr. Why is that alibaba, alibaba and why?

alibaba group CTO, jian wang has in the alibaba, the cloud of strategic cooperation, said at a news conference the future intelligent home appliances will become the most valuable information in the Internet of things industry chain port, one of ali cloud and the beautiful air conditioning technical cooperation, is also the one of the most important cooperation project of the clouds.

the Internet of things of beauty sole starting in Tmall intelligent air conditioning, bring about the future is full of imagination of “the cloud” in the corner of the world, will the Chinese Internet of things intelligent home appliance industry will have a profound impact.

this is totally behind ma directed.

we know that Mr Ma is a virgo, particularly investment patience to Mr Ma for a rainy day or even unexpected various investment this year has been emerge in endlessly, and yao, ma per seemingly casual but often gains, visible appearance really mad – a lot of business opportunities there really is “not found” – “despise” – “rob is not on the” – “earn” the death of the law, but with imagination and wisdom of ma is holding a small mensheviks did of truth.

and, in testing the waters in essence not only alleviate the pressure of both electricity and also disguised self hype, raking in venture capital, is to cut interest rates rentier can’t see the potential benefits of the chain.

and Mr. Ma will lead the eldest brother effect of brewing a chain reaction, the wind cast from “mad” to “thunder”, with deep pockets is good. From the peel of financing company even the acquisition plan to deliberately delay to the nyse listing released only after a period of time, in order to inverse thinking is jonah complex to maintain positive psychology.

smart home this big project, investment, it requires that both deep pockets and a bold leader, think back to when Mr Ma “cloud plan”, this is how big a plate of good. Mr. Ma’s cohesion to specify that the Internet and Internet of things will significantly shortening the distance between us and intelligent life in the future.

its 4, we gave the present household currently encounter soft barriers.

technology bottleneck hard we have not much said, briefly talk about the human factors aspects of reversible resistance. Peel, for example, as an important link in the machine will have to face the serious restriction of radio, film and television, it is also a very good understanding, must have must have broken.

traditional broadcast television business has grown to 9 has become, how can’t stamp zi bloodshot, so on the one hand, maintained the inherent customer base, also difficult to have a new profit point, on the one hand, in this case, the intelligent vote set-top boxes, such as apple’s itv and treat TV etc. The impact of the android STB is like chicken ribs.

although we can use third party realize point-to-point short delay TV digital decoder to hdmi input, but the original painting quality was damaged in the high-definition screens have exposed. And optional streaming media programs can’t completely replace the traditional TV viewing habits and thinking. So again how to think, also can only outside peel strengths of remote control only through the push model recommended by compromise depending on control of radio, film and revenue loss.

the real epoch-making really didn’t find smart TV feel major manufacturers, and win-win cooperation ideas and actions of radio, film and television is not feasible. one sentence summary, it is intelligent household products didn’t find logical basis points, there is constructive.

then other relatively independent terminals have again what other problems, the use of conventional habit is recessive disorder. We need to real-time adjust all television, for example, air conditioning, but the fridge must be very easy to design, our living room can be relaxed and intelligent packaging, but we really need it the dining room on the logic around the face. The whole of the intelligent household needs more experience.

other all sorts of small problems differ in detail, in alibaba inject large amounts of money and under the premise of social awareness, still need more to make good products. Alibaba’s imagination, wrong, is Mr Ma’s imagination, you quick apparition, continue to go to find inspiration in the “crazy”. Hey hey

we can finally irresponsible show us about the future of smart home, the more demanding better — products the demand.

we see alibaba group is growing rapidly, and to expand itself to electronic commerce core areas other than the business, and the group is very interested in entertainment and mobile, with the company’s core business such as Peel is very suitable. A top Peel pointed out: “in the long run, (alibaba group) may be strategic interest that we have some data, for these data may cause together with its e-commerce business.”

this is absolutely good news for us, either.


the last of the last, according to find a practice give benefits, urged peel do this machine ver, super love, refuses to fight!!!!!

please welcome tip close barrage practise listening it

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