How entrepreneurship courses: 58 city across the watershed in 2010

(wen xuan/day)

58 city from 2005 to the

has been more than 9 years of time, from a few people in the team quickly grow to thousands of people, from dozens of classified information website, and in October 2013 to land the nyse listing, thus become the Internet classified information in the field of entrepreneurship, benchmarking and tencent totaling more than $800 million of investment in this year.

why 58 city behind the success factors, for web startups and what are the unique feeling, then will be how to strengthen their own business, what the entrepreneur association? With these problems, hunting cloud network invite to 58 city vice President jia to fly away into the “entrepreneurial public class”, and on October 18 in headquarters were public share house business development research. The following as the core idea:

58 city entrepreneurship sad way

to fly, according to jia had difficult in Yao Jinbo 58 city early stage of development, or even serious had sell the idea of selling cars. Well, the company successfully overcome the difficulties insist on down, and a successful IPO. This with entrepreneurial teams such as Yao Jinbo convinced that classified information development prospects are inseparable, this is at the beginning of a power.

although did not change in the general direction, but 58 city seems to be right on the part of execution strategy. For example, from the beginning of totally dependent on online to started relying on line, large open branch hiring thousands of people throughout the country. Another adjustment is determined when group-buying business well cut down the business.

to fly jia said, entrepreneurship may not fully be clear on strategy, product is tall, but from the user’s demand as the starting point is the fundamental, more ground communication with users is the foundation of business, a startup early to low-key, don’t have to play brand concept.

over competing watershed

in jia to fly, that classified information in China market in 2010, 58 city is at the same level with his rival market) (note: this rivals, market share has not fully open, but since then, 58 city marketing strategy then began to win.

of course, it also benefited from the entire team executive force and cohesive force. He revealed, since 2011, 58 city to strengthen the overall layout of the city across the country, not only expand the many affiliates, and large-scale advertising reach into TV, subway, bus and other scenes, since then the slogan “a magical website” rapidly from all parts of the country.

investment aiming complementary enterprises

after listing financing, tencent billions of dollars into the 58 city has begun to look at the more start-ups.

jia to fly, want to 58 in the form of mergers and acquisitions investment brings greater room for growth, make big O2O cake. A recent case is $20 million investment in e generation of driving, at the same time to avoid direct competition with the business integration, 58 city commitment will not be engaged in the generation of driving business, 58 driving flux will be incorporated into e generation.

what other areas will be within the scope of the 58 city to consider? To fly the scene, said jia is mainly related to 58 city core business areas, such as housing, automobiles, recruitment, etc.; “With 58 corresponds to the areas of future business development, we will also consider.”

based on 58 city CEO Yao Jinbo previously publicly, according to 58 city in the future will be to invest $1 billion merger.

bubble hits, entrepreneur financing as soon as possible

in view of the recent theory of the dotcom bubble, jia to fly advice to have capital needs entrepreneurs financing as soon as possible, “bubble will be coming, laid a hand on him, the next two to three years, will enter the Internet insipid, valuation is not important, rich is the fundamental in his hand.”

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