HOOHOO: based on the ibeacon technology, only do the scenic spot intelligent solution

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HOOHOO is a tour guide management system based on ibeacon technology development, the composition including mobile phone APP + background management of the scenic spot. Belonging to chengdu, the state science and technology co., LTD.

iBeacons was developed by apple a low-power via bluetooth technology to a very precise positioning technology. Through the technology equipment can receive by other iBeacons signals to certain limits, but also can put your information to other users within a certain scope. At present this technology has been abroad applied in shopping centers, airports and other public areas. Do similar to the current domestic companies including intellectual stone technology, around technology, April brothers, DropBeacon, etc.

but the current situation is: the domestic companies have different priorities are, some focus on hardware, some focusing on the retail industry, focusing on the tourism industry is currently only did a pilot in the local. Known to have made the Chinese stone pavilion around technology April brothers made a non-material heritage of nanjing museum exhibition hall.

today, introduce HOOHOO choice in the industry segment of the travel category, only do the wisdom of the scenic spot solutions. The entire product is composed of terminal hardware + app + background management system. Its marketing director zhi-jun qiu told cloud network, hunting for their own positioning is not do hardware base development, not personal, only do scenic tour solution, and realization technology commercialization. Cooperate with construction of national scenic area of wisdom policy, positioning in the “wisdom of the scenic spot outpost.

and now all the information of the scenic spot will be focused on an app, the team will not separate custom app for scenic spot. Three reasons, first, the workload is too big, 100 scenic spot to do 100 app, the second, not conducive to its own brand construction, the third, at present is also different from other companies.

zhi-jun qiu told hunting cloud network, based on the actually ibeacon technology development threshold is not high, so companies have to spell the positioning and product operations, for the retail industry, especially to push the store particularly difficult, want to education merchants also want to education. Turn to the side of the scenic spot, scenic spot of dividend policy is a wisdom, they cover the scenic area by cooperation with local tourism bureau. Has now reached an agreement in xibaipo, is building system for it. Hebei province tourism administration has assigned personnel to the company inspection, after the pilot build to xibaipo, will choose to promote key scenic area in hebei province. At present is also with the approach of the sichuan provincial tourism administration, will be in chengdu city do pilot to pick a key scenic spot.

but also zhi-jun qiu said ibeacon technology on the scenic area also has its disadvantage, if is outdoor large tourist area of too many interference factors, stability and anti-interference ability is weaker. Corresponding increase density coverage can alleviate, at the same time iBeacon base station power consumption is very low, match the size of a coin button battery can use more than one year. Team, said the current HOOHOO application only in cooperation with download, scenic spot scenic spot will cooperate to promote. Application in January 2015, after adding the function of social games will officially open the download.

HOOHOO scenic tour guide wisdom,
Company: chengdu, rick bond technology co., LTD.

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