Honk, don’t rip off, quick speed, good services on-demand road rescue service

after the car broke down, the most is wait for the tow truck drivers are a tough process. Because at present, most of the trailer company operates behind like ten years ago.

new companies in Santa monica, Honk, put forward a kind of advanced way of roadside assistance – the user through the on-demand platform can link to a nearby trailer. Honk unlike AAA or Roadside adopts a America company, on-demand there won’t be any fees in advance.

“service booking should be free and open” the founder of Honk Corey Brundage said.

Honk can contact from the country’s twenty thousand vehicles to your nearest bus arrival time is short (about half of the other companies), the price is very cheap, only $49 roadside assistance. Assistance services include drawing-out, charging, fuel supply, change the tire and unlock.

Honk has been operating for months in the country (us) it is jilted RoadsTruck company brand at first, then on their own development. So far, its service site has more than 10% of the total national trailer service point, every day there are more than 1000 drivers. Most of the trailer company, AAA company, for example, their number and less dependent on the deployment of the central dispatcher. Drivers pay is low, the average consumer is $200, of which only $23 belongs to the driver.

attractive in Honk, providing the driver with nearly double his income. This is because he overturned the operation mode of the AAA that lag behind, the new model no longer need the central operator, which greatly reduces the cost. Honk through its advanced positioning system, as much as possible to provide job opportunities for the driver, just use the drivers with GPS mobile phone to find the location of the customers. That’s why company received widespread high praise.

like most of today’s on-demand service companies, Honk the driver is not employed by the company. The company to provide customer contact, but does not provide the business license and insurance documents. The pattern of the accountability system is not perfect. Brundage foreseen that this kind of defect, know a similar Uber, reality, TaskRabbi on-demand service company and it is unwise to economy to share system. Honk to cooperate with other trailer company, therefore, a driver audit system (if a driver of customer evaluation is BBB, then he will be audit). In terms of insurance, the company asked the driver will Honk as additional insured person except yourself, to prevent some of the major accidents. The fear is that even though partners are implemented for driver review of social background, Honk but have been slow to start.

after a bitter consumption experience, create Honk Brundage of ideas. Once, he drove his fiancee car travel, car broke down and he’s not unfortunately roadside assistance company member, so can only search on Google local trailer service. He not only waiting for more than an hour, finally were ruthlessly slaughtered a pen. He realized that in today’s on-demand services throughout society, lag of roadside assistance service is really out of place.

Honk in two stages for up to $1.8 million in seed funding – 600000 for the first time, the second 1.2 million – investors including Paige Craig, Naval Ravikant, Ben, Huh, Mike Walsh, Double M Capital, Venture51, Expansion and Karlin Ventures. At present, the company has a real yield, employees also have 12. But to overturn roadside assistance this industry, these is not enough, must increase capital and expand team, is likely to beat capital than the established companies.

Brundage realized that there are two competitive companies also provide on-demand roadside assistance. A Tow is Honolulu, Choice, its coverage, technology and capital are close to Honk. Another, more powerful is Urgent in Washington. The ly. Honk, by contrast, the advantage of its national strategy and Brundage experience.

the United States each year, 42 million traffic accident data must be more amazing (global). Thus as dead batteries, tires, or other emergencies will be very common, aid service for these accidents can be a very promising industry. In the past decade, however, and without a major breakthrough in the industry, but predictably, like transportation, hotel and room service these industries into on-demand service, road rescue will be reversed.

Brundage said, Honk goal not only aid in road. He have some reservations about the development direction of concrete, but it’s not hard to think of the future vehicle related services, car rental, marketing and services – will become a garage on demand.

Brundage said: “if the most needed when you don’t have a car application is Uber, so I hope you have a car Honk is most needed after application”.

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