Honey, mom and dad: netease department again, this time to play pension! Millions of dollars have blue chi vc investment

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in the old business is not good, everyone knows. In general is still “young” in the Internet world, this business may not be fun, Internet startup of tves, to play the young man’s beer and skittles, do the elderly market, that is really don’t know how, and but it is big business. Hunting cloud network recently interviewed two former executives from netease, their entrepreneurial projects, middle-aged and old consumer services market.

before talking about old business, hunting cloud network also found a set of data: in 2013, the national working committee office on aging in Beijing released undertaking development, China’s first blue book – the China aging development report (2013). Blue book points out, the grim situation of an aging society in our country, in 2013 the national aging population will exceed 200 million mark, 202 million. Released by China’s ministry of civil affairs on February 11, the full text of the social endowment service system construction “twelfth five-year” plan “(draft) is put forward, in 2020 under the care of the elderly care services in China and life potential market size will exceed 500 billion yuan.

so big a piece of cake, want those who go down to the mouth certainly many, and who really understand the how the mouth?

when it comes to eating cake, have to tell me something about the people who eat the cake. Sun fang lei, lang lai, founder of science and technology, the first former netease property the national general manager; Yan, the co-founder and CEO of science and technology, lang, a former netease property, the general manager in netease for eight years. Two people at ordinary times is “good gay friends”, is also a good partner on the job, starting from scratch, oorganization, do content, play the market, netease housing made into advertising revenue for hundreds of millions of yuan in media portal property.

sun fang lei in an interview with hunting cloud network, according to a few years he had worked in a pension industry group executives involved in some pension program, discovered the endowment industry of Internet business opportunities, think of pension will be after the property has a greater prospect of an industry, and strict click to start a business. To a former senior engineer team set up a complete set of tencent and search technology platform, also from the traditional health care nutrition business to senior senior managers manage the supply chain, has more than two dozen people of entrepreneurial teams. Duly completed blue ventures for several hundreds of millions of dollars in the first round of investment.

with rot has been paid to the word “vertical” Internet vocabulary, sun fang lei has been emphasized that they do is a focus on service consumption platform by the crowd. “We’re not vertical electric company, with vertical electrical contractor to define we are too simple, we around the active people aged 50-70 years old, is a focus on older consumer goods and services of electric business platform”.

is emphasized and the traditional vertical electrical business is different, “honey, mom and dad” is not the focus some traditional industries, products, and has three parts: first, cooperation and brand, do your own shopping (or brand official authorized distributor); Second, and companies to jointly develop products; 3 it is to soon to import health products from Hong Kong emailed straight goods overseas buy business. Commodity types include health and nutrition tonic, massage care appliance and is suitable for the elderly and the consumer electronic appliances use fall into three categories. Among them, health tonic nourishment, will be the main products of high frequency to buy, like the maternal and infant milk powder or diaper. In addition, in terms of delivery channels, honey, mom and dad’s logistics is cooperating with the third party logistics, the main motion package mail delivery.

although honey parents do is in the business of the old, but choose from “the children for parents pick good things” of this demand. Sun fang lei remember last month made a special trip to wangjing soho to stranger stranger founder Tang Yan scriptures, Tang Yan also use consistent manner of straightforward question: why do you want to be middle-aged and old about Internet marketing? Low degree of middle-aged and old network, after all, children buy so strong love certainly is consumption demand. “This is certainly a relatively less popular in the market, but space is huge. After our consumption object is 70, 80, especially women. We have done sufficient research, between 25 and 35 years old, average monthly income in 6000 yuan of above urban women, on average every 1 to 2 months will be for parents and in-laws to purchase a product or service, in the Spring Festival, father and mother’s day festival, a year for parents to buy a single twenty times abound. This frequency as everybody the growth of the age and the increasing consumption and women.” Yan told hunting cloud network.

honey parents differs from other one aspect of the electricity will be determined and the community, property, sun fang lei think community and property is the most can arouse the enthusiasm of the elderly. For honey, mom and dad they possess rich resources of real estate, with vanke, Beijing urban construction, such as developers to build cooperation, has been welcomed by property developers and property. “Large developers face strengthen community service requirement, want to open the gap from the property to do the community service.”

now, honey, mom and dad are started on New Year’s day home “spring fair” activities, in addition to the traditional online and mobile world, a large part is within the community to the ground, to communicate directly by more frequent, long thoughts, learn more about their children and their parents “have you ever thought that the future we can be in middle-aged and old suppliers in the field of consumption community O2O?”

“children to a parent’s love, is a kind of emotional needs consciously, but full of choice difficulty and inertia. So we stepped up efforts to develop the APP, in addition to the existing electrical business, also want to add more for children family relationship management module, strengthening service.” Sun fang lei told hunting cloud network.

for honey parents long-term development vision, yan to hunt the cloud network said: “overall, besides a few product such as WeChat, with the rapid development of China’s Internet dividends, most of the elderly over the age of 50 is difficult to benefit, we expect to build service guide and direct consumption of professional platform to their child parents” honey “, the future can let the elderly in China also share the dividend of the Internet development, improve the quality of life.”

for vertical electrical contractor, whether on the vertical, or vertical category, eventually face is a niche market, meet the need of user segment, so you need to do enough professional and a unique niche, pay more attention to the quality and efficiency of the growth. For honey, mom and dad, how to get user trust, put a chain of supply chain do deeper, more professional and operation, management, and other details still need to continue to explore.

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