Honey for global purchasing $30 million B round, valuations are more than 100 million dollars

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recently, cross-border electricity “blowing wind frequency”, and imports B2C electrical contractor honey for global purchasing became the latest beneficiaries. Recently, cross-border electricity companies honey tao said $30 million B round and round led by auspicious peak investment, morningside capital, JingLin cast, with A round of investors matrix partners continue to vote. Honey tao said the current valuation of more than $one hundred million, and its products online for less than a year. So far, this is the largest cross-border B2C field financing.

this financing is mainly used for team building, expanding market share, brand and marketing spending, expanding marketing and explore the construction of logistics and warehousing. Honey tao received matrix partners in May this year round A $5 million investment.

it is known that honey Internet (formerly known as “CN overseas online shopping”) is the earliest guide mode. After aware of the limitations of this model, wen-bin xie to honey Internet may be defined as “overseas brand limited-time sale website, for the only product and gather beauty is superior.

founder wen-bin xie believes that startups flow is limited, can’t support platform to expand sales channels, to survive must do much heavier, and goods need to master their own users. Proprietary can continue to provide cheap goods, guarantee the supply of goods is the real thing, can also reduce the storage cost. At the same time, different from overseas such as direct mail, channel platform model, proprietary electricity more localization, the acceptance of the user is higher.

honey tao in the closed beta period, invited friends to participate in 500 acquaintances. During the test data is very good, packages are also rising fast. Due to the lack of experience, however, did not choose to transport company, honey Internet first shipment in Hong Kong has a problem when customs clearance, all stranded. Wen-bin xie had to carry the founder team flew to shenzhen, will be scattered in various orders back to Hong Kong and meat, and then sent to the user.

wen-bin xie summary, perhaps team does not have any logistics experience led to these problems, then sequoia also for this reason gave the money to another company. From these mistakes and honey Internet decision, the goods will no longer go to Hong Kong, no longer go grey, but normal customs declaration procedures, duties paid by honey tao. Coupled with a transport company system gradually mature, the company’s logistics to normal gradually.

now, honey Internet already reached the direct cooperation with guangzhou free trade zone, eliminating the intermediate transfer process. Not only greatly shorten the time, and free trade zone of straight hair price also has more advantages.

for the advantage of the Internet for sale, honey, wen-bin xie said the sale here is not the concept of “sell tail goods” in the past. In general, overseas online shopping goods are scarce, and are especially want to users, Internet honey keep prices low, cheaper than other electricity, finally win rely on scale of procurement and sales scale.

wen-bin xie believes that domestic giant cross-border electricity, more than in the form of a platform or C2C, and honey Internet chose the heaviest proprietary B2C mode, has advantage in price, the supply of goods and services. Relative to the amazon, honey Internet target population is the 234 cities consumers, more localized. The lazy man does not know tao or sea tao, honey Internet is to gather them on their website.

wen-bin xie to “explore imported electrical business logistics and warehousing model” as a key work in the future. After nearly a year of efforts, both at home and help users to buy goods abroad, honey, Internet has been exploring overseas transport, overseas direct mail direct mail, Hong Kong, domestic logistics ways such as import, bonded warehouse delivery warehouse delivery, each model is based on the different needs of users as the breakthrough point. “Now also don’t know which way will become the mainstream of the future, we hope to explore an efficient way. Honey tao will continue to take root in the field, let more people through honey tao to buy cheap quality goods overseas.”

honey for global purchasing
Company: Beijing bamboo technology co., LTD.

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