Honey buds baby: positioning in the high-end crowd, imported from mother to child limited-time sale

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is the baby honey bud domestic on maternal and infant brands imported limited-time sale shopping mall and is focused on maternal and infant in the field of the vertical website. In 2011, founded by a full-time mother Liu Nan in, hope to create simple, comfortable, interesting maternal and infant supplies shopping experience.

website leading brand “maternal and infant period sale”, refers to recommend hot every day in the web site of maternal and infant brands imported, at less than the market price discounts, sold in limited within 72 hours, to open the cross-border electricity business.

when it comes to business concept, Liu Nan said: “the maternal and infant is a more special field, facing the crowd is very sensitive, need care, honey shoots start is to solve the anxiety for mothers, the supply of goods to show they made it clear, so as to establish trustworthy business image in mothers heart.”

supply chain is the important link of import. Honey buds baby follow the procurement guidelines of high-end stores insist on brand, general agent direct procurement, supply chain management is rigorous, for babies locked first. Avoid water depths and chaotic market situation, make mothers return to the simple, comfortable, interesting shopping experience.

at present, the bud honey baby supply chain is divided into four patterns: 1) from the brand of total domestic generation procurement procurement system; 2) order direct purchase from abroad, through each port away form of general trade; 3) orders from abroad, ningbo and guangzhou cross-border electricity pilot pattern; 4) honey bud of orders from abroad, overseas companies with the pattern of direct mail to customs entry. Through general trade and bonded import mode will supply chain extends to outside, in the Netherlands, Germany, Australia, have set up overseas positions, and constantly on the supply chain structures, intensive cultivation, tries to establish the core competitive advantage of supply chain, ensure that sell each product can be tracked, allows users to rest assured to buy the real thing.

in addition, bud honey baby also take the lead in popularity diapers quality goods trading concept, commitment to quality goods, the earliest spread kao diapers quality goods trading concepts. Live and share purchase channels, weibo brand party of the contract process, make procurement more transparent, rest assured.

at the moment, honey buds selling brand are internationally influential word-of-mouth brand awareness of the product, the management of brands is very strict. Currently involved in more than 400 brands, four, five thousand kinds of products. From imports of high-end maternal and infant products, covering the world most famous maternal and infant brands, but are not limited to import brand, also a gleam of maternal and infant brands and domestic cooperation, make full use of the rise of domestic high-end capacity upgrade in to introduce domestic first-class maternal and infant brands to mothers.

when it comes to on the development of maternal and infant mall platform mobile, Liu Nan said: “the baby in the 0 to 3 years old the mother group, especially in the high-end crowd, natural for mobile shopping, stuck in the PC must be no future.” Honey bud APP since its launch in June, for mobile client did a lot of special activities, improve the occasion, the bud honey baby mobile terminal sales accounted for more than 70%.

however, for a growing startup, the biggest bottleneck is always people. All final landing strategy depends on the people to perform. Honey buds will not itself as a simple vertical maternal and infant products electric company, but from mother to child vertical crowd and electricity, from high-end mother-to-child crowd, all the good things, people need honey bud will consider expanding.


2013 buds baby get very serious and perilous peak huaxing investment fund, in 2014 led by sequoia capital, challenging funds and huaxing high mountains with $20 million in financing.

Buds baby

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