Honey buds baby C $60 million round of financing, capital CEO said winter is not far

bud honey baby announced today that it has completed the $60 million C round of financing, Capital brought by H, wheel on sequoia Capital and challenging fund investors continue to vote. B round this distance is less than half a year.

bud honey baby, founded in 2011, founded by a full-time mother Liu Nan, now has become a well-known mother-to-child vertical electric business, the main import high maternal and infant products. At site launched in March 2014, with “high-quality goods + quality goods + limited-time sale” the pattern of cuts in high-end mother-to-child crowd, GMV in October this year more than 100 million yuan, the mobile terminal sales accounted for 75%. 2013 bud honey baby get very serious and perilous peak huaxing investment fund, in 2014 led by sequoia capital, challenging funds and huaxing high mountains with $20 million in financing.

in the first half of this year from mother to child vertical electricity hot, in the second half of the cross-border electricity blustery, people rely on accurate positioning, bud honey baby got double outlet of power. “Outside the supply chain integration + mobile + socialization” is honey buds baby important advantages different from other competitors.

Liu Nan said: “the current financing of $60 million, will be used for updating the global supply chain, and enhance the user experience, solid foundation to build the moat of bud honey baby. The market overheating, capital winter not too far away. Not to litigate, uniting the internal work, create customer value, the value orientation of bud is honey baby.”

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