Home of auto development of new ideas, full car to explore “electricity”

auto electric business full online sales, car electric business platform between consumers and deal directly, and with the actual sales as a measure, this is the real car electrical contractor. Similar day cat, Truecar car electric business platform, at the end of the day, is the marketing business.

with the approaching of the double tenth one, car home first to prepare for double 11 crazy shopping day countdown stage began to nervous. In the same period, crazy shopping quarter hit a record high, discount “true electricity” premature explosion double 11 consumers shopping spree.

it is known that purchasing section of investment is not over, there have been at home and abroad nearly 50 mainstream car brand team. Insiders revealed that the shopping festival, not only have a BMW, audi, infiniti luxury brands such as appearance, also attracted, dongfeng Peugeot, faw Toyota, changan ford’s urban white-collar chase popular brands to join. In addition, the home of cars is also called the chery, brilliance auto calls for higher domestic brands, etc. Many brand of reserve large presses, maximum range meet the demand of multi-level consumer purchases.

in addition to car companies preferential, home of auto feedback strength also hit a record high. The early stage of the activity, the consumer by rob gold game cash rebate, credit financing, at the same time, the full car users can enjoy various preferential policy lapse after cash 3000 yuan. After completion of lift car pass invoice users and multiple lavish gifts feedback.

although double 11 last year, the online deposit payment and pick up the car offline methods have achieved good sales performance, but in the home of cars CEO qin to view, home of auto double 11 crazy shopping festival this year, the most important is how many users through online, full payment to complete the deal.

it is worth mentioning that add to the home of auto double 11 car companies, and many more radical reformers, ssangyong love teng petrol version, manufacturers directly cut off the offline sales channels, the home of the car car mall is listed as the only sales channel, full online selling, exclusive models and provide door-to-door delivery services, while offline dealers only offer car and after-sales service. This is a milestone offline dealers system changes.

now, it seems that the Internet brings the impact of the automobile industry, has been appeared in the field of sales and distribution. Functions of car dealers will happen in the future larger changes, the 4 s sales functions will be weakened. With the development of the electric car dealer, there will be more and more platforms to join, split automotive electrical business landscape.

it is understood that last home of auto double 11 crazy shopping festival emphasises the “cheap”, this year advocate hit is “real”. “In the future, we will no longer focus on PV, UV, length and other indicators, we most focus on the real volume. Even if the initial volume is small, is important to us.” Qin is finally emphasized.

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