Hollywood confidential exposure: joint political power and “Google piracy” do or die

cloud network hunting note: Project what is firm? Why do so many top Hollywood lawyers to bring it in addition to the then quickly? What is the reason makes Google a Hollywood’s top competitors? Recently, SONY pictures are black event was exposed, resulting in a large number of internal e-mails, Hollywood secret war gradually emerges…

recently leaked from SONY pictures are black event dozens of emails between the national top lawyer. The lawyers or belong to the motion picture association of America (MPAA), either from six major studios universal music, SONY, fox, Paramount and Warner Brothers and Disney. They discussed in these emails a project named “the firm”, think “firm” is that they are the most powerful in the battle against Internet plagiarism and also involves the interests of the political opponents. They discuss the adverse consequences of a “firm”, worries about “the firm is likely to be the film company losses”. Them in an email to discuss how to combat for a long time, “hit back or refute the firm public advocate propaganda”, and “overstate the firm negative news” and so on. Although we can’t one hundred percent sure, but has shown no sign of Hollywood again took aim at to Google.

at the beginning of this year, the motion picture association of America has and other six major production company jointly launched a campaign against Internet plagiarism. But behind the activity, further plans have begun preparing. An email on January 25, exposes these organizations and companies are studying a series of high-tech legal “weapons”, including kill the infringing site measures. Documents provided by the foreign media science and technology is discussed in detail and the state attorney general, the network service providers work together on the implementation of the federal ban on online piracy act (SOPA) after the failure of a new round of attack is brewing. If the counter is successful, is likely to fundamentally change the openness of the Internet.

“we believe that the blockade site is the most effective way to directly,” the motion picture association of America’s general counsel Steven Fabrizio said. “Maybe the network service providers: are there any other way, can achieve the same purpose. And they always tend to take more freedom and democracy.” But according to the E-mail content, the association not only has its own technical experts, as well as Comcast and Internet service providers (which owns universal music company) work together to develop the ability to identify or blocking technology of illegal file-sharing website.

at the same time also promote the new strategic plan involves sensitive political risk. “After SOPA issued, we have to consider new strategy can be to what extent, we need to know where the public accept the bottom line is,” Fabrizio continue explains, “SOPA leads to the heated debate we see, this time we need to avoid provoking with the copyright disputes between strength.” SOPA, that is, we often say the ban on Internet piracy act, new site blocking measures are put forward in 2011, the results by Internet companies and their user backlash. However, the new email display Hollywood didn’t give up the ideas of blocked sites. They wrote in an E-mail: “we have been according to the lawsuit legislation to explore all the possibilities, unlike DMCA512 (j), litigation law can make us without prosecution and prove relevant Internet service providers need to take responsibility of copyright infringement under the premise of get the request to close a court order.”

all progress appears to be very well, in addition to the “firm”, the thorn in the side of the only Hollywood the thorn, to fast.

the motion picture association of America invested a called for this “Project the firm” against the firm plan, designed to break down the firm. Each production company also has to invest in the project, helping each other. A theme of “firm” of summary data of the email using the “search engine copyright issues to discuss” as a subtitle, seems to refer to the search engine Google. Most of the other related to the firm’s mail also pointed out in the Google search results link contains a large number of infringement; These appear in Google search ranking Shared links in fact have a stabbing pain in the Hollywood film industry for many years.

these emails exposes crack mode on the firm from various aspects. One way is to take legal support, to persuade state prosecutor together against the firm. In America’s national association of prosecutors in February this year after a series of meetings, general counsel Fabrizio wrote, “the firm supporters warned that prosecutors don’t mind their own business… They are very clear to tell the society they are not going to have any action, also won’t like previous attacks, d.c., in the event of SOPA civilians to threat against members of the association. But the prosecutors association still unhappy and upset.” As a result, more and more the attorney general would like to cooperate and the motion picture association of legal advisers, together to take action against the firm. Now each year, Hollywood group will take a $500000 budget to provide legal support. Most of the budget into the famous law firm Jenner& Block, especially Jenner partner, former U.S. deputy attorney general Thomas j. errelli pockets. Perrelli only a person, will be away from the group of 40000 dollars a month.

in the other mail, Google is clearly put forward. Following the Google for October has adopted a series of anti-piracy measures caused disputes, Fabrizio, said Google’s further action may be planning. “We believe Google overreacting, even appear artificial. Their reaction to let a person feel is already planned, “he wrote in an E-mail,” as the Hood (Mississippi attorney general) issued by the civil investigation summons (probably this on Google is also a big stimulus), we may need to sit down with Google in-depth discussion on some of the more important issues.” Reported in February before Hollywood group is drafting a civil investigation requirements (similar to a summons and such documents) submitted to the pending in the attorney general. “Some attorneys association association (Hood may act alone) will be issued the ticket before mid-may.” Wrote in the email. (Hood in July, had drug counterfeiting events on the Google issued subpoenas, but after October of Fabrizio mail, Hood did not take any action against Google.)

with the battle of the firm and even a survey. In the part of the mail, they put forward another plan, Keystone, have already arranged the budget of $70000. The plan aims to survey to collect enough evidence to persuade the state attorney general to take further actions against the firm. “The light by attorney general association’s support is not enough, we need to dig more evidence against the firm and intelligence.” This piece of content words from an email, “so, we have the Keystone plan.” In January, after a meeting of the firm frequently appear in the Project plan in the email, but at the end of the may, for what reason for the discussion of the plan to reduce gradually. And from the budget plan we still can be speculated that the group didn’t stop any action against the firm. “If you want to achieve our purpose, and at the appropriate time to succeed, we need to be prepared for a sustained combat, less then a year or two, many… Anyone’s guess.”

in another example, Hollywood group seems to have some focus on political corruption as a guide rather than a cautionary tales. In a mass to 62 people, including Paramount, Warner Brothers, fox, Comast and the recording industry association of several top officials in the email, the motion picture association of America specifically in state affairs, senior vice President of listed a series of post title, for your reference. These articles from the New York times series, according to the special “lobbyists for state attorney general influence is growing.” Project and details the many involved in the Project the firm’s strategy, including consultant hired former attorney general as a group, and aiming at the state level officials buy action, perhaps is not just a state level of officials.

however, we still can easily see from the emails that the entire group of the large firm resistance of Hollywood, and strong determination to stop piracy. When it comes to the Internet, these resolutions are likely to lead to the main principles of the group and the Internet have serious conflict. As a result, with those who have serious conflict between the Internet giant. And if there is no Project as the firm when such a weapon, Hollywood group, it is difficult to win in the war. As a consultant in March, wrote in an E-mail: “a boycott of the firm’s strategy seems to has made good progress, but the current situation still is not very friendly to us, but if we do not take further action, it is difficult to improve.”

so far, the motion picture association of America and SONY pictures didn’t make any response. The relevant person in charge of Google declined to comment on this.

us copyright wars timeline

on October 17, 2013: torrent download sites Isohunt in the failed cases with the MPAA was fined $110 million, after their final site shut down. The MPAA invited Steven Fabrizio as their main defense lawyers.

on November 14, 2013: Chris Dodd said Fabrizio join the motion picture association of America, the body and senior executive vice President and general counsel.

on January 25, 2014: in a named “site blocking/ISP measures – input requirements” of the first mentioned the firm. Fabrizio wrote in the email: “my goal is in our conference in February and discuss the details about the response to the strategy of the firm.” Then this email was sent to Rebecca Prentice (Paramount), Leah Weil (SONY), Maren Christensen (NBC), John Rogovin (warner bros.), Gary Roberts (fox), and Alan Braverman (Disney), and other major Hollywood studios.

24 solstice in February 2014, 26: America’s national association of prosecutors in Washington, d.c., to carry out a series of meetings. Mississippi attorney general (and association of candidate) Jim Hood attended the meetings. Mail show during the meeting, in the Project on the question of the firm has made substantial progress in cooperation.

on February 27, 2014: in an email titled “the firm — top secret”, Fabrizio to six other big companies convey such a message: “we will be on March 11 lawyers often discuss (and by) the firm against the plan.”

in the group legal advisers, Tom Perrelli (now works at Jenner& Block before the national prosecutor) as the group revealed a coming in from the prosecutor a news conference: “the firm supporters very specifically told the association they’re not going to have any action, will not use the previous attacks, d.c., in the event of SOPA civilians to threat against members of the association.” Perrelli said, “some attorneys association of sub association (Hood may act alone) will be issued subpoenas before mid-may.”

on March 12, 2014: two senior executives from SONY Leih Weil and Aimee Wolfson to participate in the general counsel. In an email, on March 6, Fabrizio also mentioned other scheduled several of the officers: 46, Jeremy Williams (warner bros.), Elizabeth Valentina (fox), Steve Kang (NBC universal).

on March 21, 2014: Fabrizio issued a letter of approval request the firm against the plan. “In a nutshell, this program is support and assistant attorney general is going to take action to give priority to… This is only a fraction of the whole firm against the plan.”


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