His granary for millions of angel investment, O2O flagship online m class

in October this year launched its own granary, is an online m class O2O service platform. Since his granary online, has sold 16000 jins ecology rice. From the first day of 3 to 5 single, more than 100 single development to the present day. It is understood that his granary has just won the well-known angels millions of angel investment.

his granary founding team are from China’s largest BBS tianya community. Co-founder wang wei is at the end of the world community channel nine years of senior managers, the rest of the two partners are also the end of the world community for more than five years of senior people in the Internet.

why have the entrepreneurial ideas, to a relatives experience from wang wei. Wang wei as the mother of a 3-year-old child, often through various channels for the child to find the best quality ingredients. Wang wei to the Spring Festival of 2014 “wuchang county annals guang township five brigade relatives, found that the relative retention of rice, taste very good. But wang wei to the supermarket shopping mall looking for this m after back to Beijing, no matter the price, taste, etc. And the true “. Wang wei to buy real original “issue in the circle of friends, the condition of Beijing can’t buy real”, many friends of friends leave a message to wang wei, hope to get some help such ecological rice, as a mother all hope children and family to eat the best rice, prompting Wang Weiyou entrepreneurship “the granary” of their own ideas.

coincided with 2014 was “the harvest year, new rice quality is better than normal. Combined with the most fire O2O mode, wang wei to find two colleagues, we hit it off, in September 2014 to start their own granary of the preparation.

“let more people eat rice”, this is our service tenet of granary. His granary buyer team to “wuchang county, heilongjiang province, liaoning panjin looking for the best quality rice, search for farmers to store the ecological food. We usually buy rice is polished rice by company and flavoring, antisepsis, the processed rice light color, fragrance, nutrition and taste is less a lot. And farmers’ home to eat the bread of only through hulling processing, maximum limit retains the rice nutrition.

the granary and find their own food of their own principle, raw rice. Due to the ecology rice farmers for private use not many, their granary currently scheduled work has already begun. Keep the original does not add any additives, don’t have to last for polishing, the real do ecological new meters, this is the promise of his granary.

at the same time, their barn without advertising, and streamline on the packaging, control the selling cost to the greatest extent, to make real working class have the best quality rice.

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