His granary: aimed at online m class O2O, brand made the Internet word of mouth

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along with the economic and social progress, the development of economic globalization, the diet culture tends to diversity, food hygiene and safety become a hot topic of concern. Take the m class, “poison rice incident”, “golden rice”, and “cadmium rice event”, all affects people’s heart. Therefore, how to let the people around to eat on the trust of rice become a problem worth thinking about.

on October 1, 2014 online “home granary”, is an online m class O2O platform, select “” ecological” as the turning point of our market, products and services aim is “to let more people eat rice”. His granary founding team are from China’s largest BBS tianya community. Co-founder wang wei is at the end of the world community channel nine years of senior managers, the rest of the two partners are also the end of the world community for more than five years of senior people in the Internet.

when it comes to entrepreneurship “his granary,” has an interesting story behind it. Wang wei as the mother of a 3-year-old child, often through various channels for the child to find the best quality ingredients. Wang wei to the Spring Festival of 2014 “wuchang county relatives, found that the relative retention of rice, taste very good. But wang wei to the supermarket shopping mall looking for this m after back to Beijing, no matter the price, taste, etc. And the true “. As a mother all hope children and family to eat the best rice, prompting Wang Weiyou entrepreneurship “the granary” of their own ideas. Combined with the most fire O2O mode, wang wei to find two colleagues, we hit it off, in September 2014 to start their own granary of the preparation.

supported by high quality meter source, the use of word of mouth in Internet brand

choose their silos with the p5 rice market breakthrough, the use of word of mouth in the Internet brand. “Which belong to the temperate continental climate, frost-free period 140 days, sunshine 2629 hours, abundant sunshine, coupled with growth period is long, make the p5 rice is different from other kinds of rice. Especially rice filling in August and September, a beautiful, sunny, hot during the day, night cool, day and night temperature difference is big, the rice mature period is concentrated, into meters, granular texture hard, color white transparent; Grain full, strong fragrance, is making rice in everyday life. , “said wang wei convective cloud network home granary” “which” is lower than the market the same m class, equivalent to 15.8 yuan/kg.”

his granary by buyer team to “wuchang county, heilongjiang province, liaoning panjin looking for high quality rice source, namely the original new meters. In the eyes of the p5 peasant, within 30 days after hulled rice has vitality, known as live meters, this condition the nutritional value of rice and aroma can maximum limit retained. And market selling meters for m or for death, for more than two months after the hulling more meters. After buyer team find meter source, by the granary in their own food and experts to try to eat, to determine whether source for high quality meters.

users usually buy rice is a polished rice by company and flavoring, antisepsis, the processed rice light color, fragrance, nutrition and taste is less a lot. And farmers’ home to eat the bread of only through hulling processing, maximum limit retains the rice nutrition. The granary and find their own food of their own principles, keep the original does not add any additives, don’t have to last for polishing, the real do original new m, this is the promise of his granary.

his granary physical figure

in addition, their barn without advertising, and streamline on the packaging, control the selling cost to the greatest extent, reassure real working class to eat high quality rice. Wang wei convective cloud network, “for high-grade gift boxes, people are often reluctant to eat, is to keep yourself or transferred to others, and his granary using concise and practical environmental protection packaging, more ground, really do civil m brand.”

O2O floor layout, realize the user buying habits normalized

according to wang wei, his granary will with the Beijing community media “roewe media” reached a strategic cooperation, began O2O floor layout plan. RongWei media development community building is now in Beijing area 15000 frame type media, community covered more than 1200, more than 15000 units in the apartment, a direct impact on the audience more than 8.6 million people; At the same time, the media has been successful in more than 280 countries ministries, army, state party and government organizations and enterprises and institutions such as the families of the compound. Cloud network understanding in the coming year, hunting RongWei media coverage will be there with their silos Beijing 1200 high-end community, and establish the residents to the point, since the lift door after users in the online order.

his granary user groups is more white-collar women, for them, no more time or energy cost in the market, the supermarket, but on the quality of life is very demanding. And their silos with RongWei media establish offline granary to the point can be a good solution to this problem: online book purchase, their barn again according to the order quantity for hulling rice processing, the maximum guarantee the freshness of rice, let users can eat every meal to live m.

cloud network understanding, hunting is the granary of their own online sales have begun to take shape, and the cooperation with Beijing RongWei media, will be his granary important direction of the market layout. Will use their own silos RongWei media quality community resources, and let the user to walk in, community, estuary metro subway can sweep size order, and then to the community home granary to the collection points or let the personnel of the service delivery. In order to realize the user instant purchase, the maximum guarantee m source of fresh, improve the efficiency of the market to match.

it is not difficult to find that, like his granary, such as “a one meter”, “private”, the Internet and traditional enterprise transformation, we have set up our own sales platform has existed a lot of electricity. Hunting cloud network that his granary O2O platform more focused, segment their granary team is engaged in the Internet marketing, good at using social media to seize the accurate population, second source to support high quality meters, will be approved by the people “as the market breakthrough, more conducive to their own granary quickly word-of-mouth, norm of users buying habits. Wang wei said, “as a mother of three years old, at the end of the world community is engaged in for many years, know how much water, rice market wants conscientious brand, the high quality rice to feed the next generation.”

his granary in November 2014 was got prominent angel investors millions of angel investment, but there is also a platform standardization, team structure is not sound, the lack of some practical problems, such as meters sources. At present, his granary m class business areas in Beijing, the future will develop their silos to cities such as shenzhen, hangzhou, Shanghai, sales category also expand depending on throttle to grain. Wang wei last mentioned that “in their silos do a meaningful thing, though it is to operate at a loss, but team person first, slowly but surely, in three to five years by word of mouth to grab a large number of seed users, reassured around more and more people eat rice, and profit just follow problem.”

note: focus on “their own granary” WeChat public, and to place an order to buy.

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