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September 8, hunting cloud network news

Microsoft announced today that the global-known vice President of Microsoft, Microsoft asia-pacific r&d group chairman zhang leave due to personal reasons. Sources said that zhang to join baidu, served as President. Interestingly, millet company CEO lei jun in the afternoon in weibo “congratulations zhang, congratulations to baidu” comments seemed to confirm the news authenticity.

zhang joined Microsoft in 1999, a former dean of Microsoft research Asia (2000-2004), Microsoft global vice President (2004-2006 head of department of mobile and embedded), Microsoft China co., LTD. The chairman (2007-2012), the current the global-known vice President of Microsoft company (since 2006) and Microsoft asia-pacific r&d group chairman, in charge of Microsoft in the research and product development in the asia-pacific region.

tenure, zhang integration of Microsoft research Asia and Microsoft Asia academy of engineering, the Microsoft Asia academy of engineering, the Internet business software group, director of Microsoft research Asia hardware technology center, Microsoft (China) and cloud computing and enterprise department and strategic cooperation, led, including basic research, technology incubation, product development, ecological system cooperation, Microsoft in the asia-pacific region innovation system construction.

“mission accomplished” – zhang with these four words to explain the reason why he left. “I spent 16 years, completed to join Microsoft’s commitment to the company, now is to listen to voice and obey new ‘call of duty. For Microsoft, a deep gratitude, I this gratitude from both companies to give my respect and trust, also from the company sincerity and contributions to China. I believe in enduring institutions and enterprises will not deviate from the road by the change of the founder or leader, will only have been determined. I to the new leadership team and Microsoft asia-pacific r&d group is full of confidence in the future.” He said.

his departure or for Microsoft business operations in mainland China constitute a big shock. Microsoft is now accepting antitrust authorities on the mainland.

the state administration for industry and commerce of China announced last week that Microsoft provide a written explanation in 20 days, the company’s business in the mainland, and respond to the mainland companies to report on its Windows (Windows) and other office software compatibility problem.

in July, sudden visit Microsoft antitrust investigators in Beijing, Shanghai, guangzhou and chengdu office, took some files and other data for investigation.

according to the south China morning post, according to sources in the mainland authorities to Microsoft antitrust investigation, zhang has decided to quit my job. Zhang himself has not been reached to comment for the message.

zhang joined Microsoft in 1999 is probably the most long for Microsoft services in mainland China executives.

a Microsoft insiders said, although zhang is mainly responsible for research and development, Microsoft is always let him to deal with the crisis.

Microsoft greater China region, including Hong Kong and Taiwan, executive personnel change occurs, zhang is always responsible for troubleshoot.

in 2007, Chen to resign from the Microsoft greater China CEO ren, switch to the national basketball association (NBA), zhang will take over the burden of Microsoft China business. Until 2009, when Microsoft after the appointment of Mr. Leung as chief executive of greater China, zhang to the focus back to the scientific research.

for baidu, the zhang retractor is significant positive. In baidu, increasingly fierce competition between alibaba and tencent, the famous scientist is likely to bring better science and technology innovation plan to baidu.

when Microsoft, zhang stressed for a long time, China has the ability to develop into a leading global cloud computing services market.

cloud computing services can let companies and customers to purchase on the Internet, rent, sell or distribute a variety of software, business systems, data, storage, and other digital resources. These resources are stored in a data center.

baidu has huge data center network, its personal cloud storage services in mainland China are developing rapidly, now has close to 200 million users.

when Microsoft, zhang has worked with many very sought-after technology professionals working in the mainland at present, many of whom trained even his help. His former colleagues hong-jiang zhang also includes well-known scientists. Hong-jiang zhang left Microsoft in 2011, switch to jinshan software as chief executive. Others who had engaged in scientific research work in Microsoft with his colleagues, is now in the mainland’s major technology companies, such as tencent, alibaba, millet, etc., as a senior position.

guotai junan international research analyst Ricky Lai said, baidu decided to please the reason seems to be a President of new business, the company in entering new markets and expand the existing business, hope to strengthen the senior management.

baidu this year high-profile hired well-known experts Wu En of artificial intelligence. In may this year, he was appointed chief scientist and baidu baidu research institute director. Wu En had previously worked in Google, and artificial intelligence project launched Google “Google mind” (Google Brain).

Ricky Lai said, the market widespread speculation love baidu to let its mobile video services in the next year, set up the new business, this position may be related to this. In may this year, baidu’s $370 million takeover of the network video company based in Shanghai PPS video, love in the business will be further expanded.

zhang was born in taiyuan in Shanxi Province in January 1966, his father is a department of electronics in the college teacher, mother is a teacher in a middle school. In 2008, a report has described the Seattle times his family is a “small two-bedroom apartment” than a Microsoft conference room.

zhang is a young genius, finish early middle and primary school. In 1978, only 12 years old he became the youngest Chinese college students, to study in the anhui university of science and technology of China.

zhang told the Seattle times, said he really wanted to be a scientist. Newton is his idol. “At that time the most popular subject is physics. The biggest celebrity is a mathematician.”

zhang to follow his father, and choose to study electronic engineering. In 1983, he get a bachelor’s degree in ustc. Two years later, he received a master’s degree.

18 years old, zhang was located in the capital of the United States, George Washington university admissions.

he gave up his Princeton and the Massachusetts institute of technology, chose to enter the George Washington, from a wireless communications technology mogul Raymond Pickholtz professor. In 1989, the 23-year-old zhang with George Washington university history only a full marks his PhD thesis.

after graduation, zhang entered the phone companies in the United States soon Contel Crop, telecommunications research work. In 1991, the company acquired by general telephone electronics (GTE). In 1994, he left the company branch in Massachusetts GTE laboratory, one of the most important scientific research company to enter the United States, is famous for inventions color TV (Sarnoff) group of companies.

in Mr, zhang, director of multimedia technology laboratory, team of more than 50 researcher. There, he became a world-class experts in the field of video technology and wireless communication, in the digital video, Internet, multimedia, wireless and satellite communications aspects obtained nearly 50 patents.

in 1997, the 31-year-old zhang as the world’s largest professional group of science and technology association of electrical and electronics engineers (IEEE) is the youngest member.

help Microsoft in 1998 founded the scientific research in the mainland branch of lee to persuade his return to Beijing to join Microsoft research center. Lee soon found that his new colleagues is just like a big magnet, attracting the other talented researcher, this make zhang help Microsoft expanding scientific research base in the mainland one of the pioneer.

in a blog post, Mr Lee wrote: the frequently do set an example for other outstanding Chinese scientists. We soon drew Li Jin from sharp lab, from Mr Drew on li shipeng’s laboratory. They are all very respect frequently, and very glad to join us.

in August 2000, his successor, lee became the President of Microsoft research academy in China. In November 2001, Microsoft research will this upgrade regional research and development center of Microsoft Asia research institute. In 2010, Microsoft China research and development group changed its name to Microsoft asia-pacific r&d group, in order to reflect it in the global market for Microsoft play more important role in the research and development of new technology.

gates once opposed Mr Lee and his advice to set up a new research and development institutions refused to buy land in the mainland. But in his efforts to Microsoft research eventually invested $300 million to build infrastructure. Now, Microsoft Asia research and development activities will cost more than $300 million a year.

zhang became the distribution management in Beijing, Shanghai, shenzhen, Hong Kong, Taipei, Seoul, Sydney and Bangkok’s world-class research institutions, the head of the network.

the innovation of the asia-pacific r&d group can be found in all Microsoft’s flagship product, including Windows and office series software, Bing search engine and Xbox video games.

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