Hiring as a service: Jobvite help employers to find the optimal recruitment marketing channels

is an annual visits to more than 35 million people in the recruitment website, companies can above public release recruitment information, for recruiting propaganda, and observed them in other web site or service channels such as the process of recruiting activity. The website announced today that it raised $25 million. The site’s CEO, said Dan Finnigan, this round of investment will be used to improve the current recruitment services, rather than its rivals into other aspects of human resources.

he said in an interview. “we think the recruitment is now a marketing art.” Now, companies are no longer content to seek ways to release recruitment information, but more hope to be able to measure the contribution of each way to specific values, which can continue to improve in the future recruitment.

it is true that this idea has also obtained the approval: Jobvite statement it is about more than 1600 potential customers, including: starbucks, Twitter, the farmer 11 big insurers and nine top information technology listed companies.

this is the company D round of funding, so far, the company has won $55.5 million. Catalyst Investors put up in this round of investment, at the same time many vc firms have invested, such as: CMEA, ATA Ventures and Trident Capital are also continue to additional Capital. Moreover, the three companies can be Jobvite before three rounds of investment.

Jobvite does not open its revenue, even didn’t say it’s profitability, but Finnigan, released some other data to illustrate the operation condition of the company.

at present, the company has 35 million annual visits, in addition also has issued more than 30 million jobs recruitment information. In these customers – in other words, it is the site service consumption object – Finnigan, found that earn profits from individual users far higher than the cost of excavations produced by these customers.

he also noticed the poor user’s profitability. Obviously, for this kind of thing don’t directly affect the profit of the company, because they are not included in the company’s operating income or expenses. But the company use the recruitment website hiring, also hope to be able to measure the human cost, because it will benefit for the future.

and ZipRecruite Jobvite competitors (a has raised $63 million, and has ambitions to expand the business to collect processing candidates information of the company.) The difference, Jobvite decided to focus on its recruitment product development. In part because Finnigan, the recruitment market is very positive. Now, recruitment information and delivery channel for the job is very wide, and the possibility of people in the career frequent job-hopping is very big also.

Finnigan, said, “I was standing on people born baby boomers s tail”, to be honest, the information age of young workers generally also. “My generation, on average, will be in 6 to 8 job, but a new generation of 15 to 20 workers generally want to change job. Job seekers the frequency of changing jobs will be much higher than in the past, and at the same time, in order to reduce labor cost competitiveness, companies are having to cut down on again.”

Jobvite in continue to provide recruitment service existing tools at the same time, also increases the risk of recruitment information on the effect of the measurement. It besides in BBS, such as monster.com, advertisement, in some of the social network, Glassdoor and LinkedIn post, and then test the effect of the ads, the company can increase advertising or poor GeQi in some way.

such as marketing, in addition to the sales statistics and analysis of data, calculate the profit and loss situation. Finnigan, said, “the past release its recruitment information, recruitment software are limited to post jobs name, responsibility and through software. Our innovative services will be able to let people to publish information on all kinds of social networks, and like to build a recruitment market analysis data.”

Finnigan, referred to in these products focus and a new round of investment.

Catalyst Investors partner and start-up, Ryan McNally showed that “we believe that the Jobvite is a novelty innovative company, it is the rapid growth of enterprises and raise employee group. We are very confident, so continue to increase investment in it, Jobvite will continue to lead the recruitment industry.”


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