Help you clear obstacles, OneAPM nuggets application performance improvements in the treasure

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when the concept of a silicon valley technology wave rise, will feedback to the domestic market. Service in mobile App application performance improvements of APM is one example of this product.

look at APM products can solve any problem. It is the Application Performance Management & amp; Short for Monitoring, namely the application of performance management and Monitoring. In essence is the base type software, is mainly based on the probe to track performance, application performance testing, alarm, analysis and subsequent judgment of service for the business management model. Compared with the traditional operational system have more extension and service form.

the reason produce APM such products mainly of mobile applications in recent years a large number of explosion, the partial products itself the back-end service ability is always lag, difficult to timely response to the user access to increment. Combined with adaptive mesh structure of terminals, a link any of such as flash, exit, slowly and may endanger the product reputation and even the last performance. Timely, efficiently and application developers can’t find out the reason. Therefore, the APM service company has gradually emerged. “The queen of the Internet”, kleiner perkins caufield & byers partner, Mary? Mikel (Mary Meeker) in this year’s report also mentioned the APM market prospect.

in the United States market, the famous APM products companies have focused on small and medium-sized enterprise service the New Relic, Appdynamics, and focus on large enterprise Compuware. Both are listed companies, this year before valuations are expected to more than 3 billion dollars. Compuware is $2.5 billion, and the price was Thoma Bravo, can say the market has been successful validation and begun to take shape. Representatives of the domestic company for blue ocean XunTong, tone network, etc., among them, the blue ocean of XunTong OneAPM is the domestic market is relatively mature products.

OneAPM do “steamed bread” APM products

bon XunTong, founded jointly by xiao-yang he and others, the company was founded in 2008, for an enterprise application performance management solution as a whole. After several years the main do related services for large enterprises. Behind in mobile applications business, the company also conveniently introduced OneAPM products.

bon XunTong founder and chairman xiao-yang he told hunting cloud network, although the company’s traditional enterprise service revenue can remain around 200% growth this year, but in terms of trends, products favored OneAPM future prospects. Look from investors, also accepted the product pattern transformation, in 2013, the blue ocean XunTong won the partners China A round of investment; In 2014, once again won the digital China led A + round of investment.

in fact, not only domestic and even in the United States, the APM product overall awareness is not high, not widely spread is an important reason of high prices, the price of up to hundreds of thousands of dollars for many developers.

xiao-yang he said OneAPM now to do is, to do a more localized and easier to use the cloud application performance monitoring platform, the original at the price of the hundreds of thousands of dollars to meat clip buns level, make the low application developers can use to APM service. “If the user even eat meat clip buns, we can also free.”

now OneAPM launched a free edition, professional edition and enterprise edition. If only to check the application the most basic performance overview are free, with the function of the code tracking and debugging, 99 yuan a month. Register now, you can free to use for 60 days.

xiao-yang he revealed that although with New Relic is similar, but the interior of the blue ocean XunTong OneAPM product positioning in the ordinary developers and the largest domestic enterprises at both ends of the market. “We hope to have all developers to provide a kind of ability, no matter how they write the code, as long as you use OneAPM, will not have to worry about application performance problems.”

it is enough for the hair OneAPM Agent, is added in the application of OneAPM self-developed probe technology can automatically realize the application of the performance data capture and analysis, in the form of an intuitive, visual directly presented to the developer.

in addition, more important, the difference with the traditional simulation environment, OneAPM monitoring resources and business layers at the same time, deep into the code level to do specific performance monitoring and problem diagnosis, data sampling are the real user experience.

APM market threshold

to product planning for the future, according to xiao-yang he OneAPM requires storage, computing and real-time analysis, finally to do is a big ecological, put all the data through a platform to do related, such as, storage based on index can do a similar search engine platform, give all you want to know the content of all search. Which, together with a partner is required to do jointly build ecological system.

in addition, due to the platform is based on the SaaS, OneAPM also plans to build a data center, to cope with future challenges brought by the huge amounts of data, which need the industrial chain to cooperate.

to achieve such a goal, not only guarantees that there are plenty of basic data, also requires plenty of spending on research and development also has a large technical threshold and enduring patience.

New Relic, for example, the early stage of the company to invest huge capital to do technical reserves and development. From the creation to the end of 2012, total financing of $175 million, it was a time when total revenue of $30 million and to date left $275 million, battalion received $one hundred million now.

xiao-yang he thinks, APM is mainly based on the SaaS platform to carry out the business, is a long-term and into a larger area. This for new entrants to peers, also have a high threshold, mainly reflected in three aspects: one is to probe for each technical language do optimization and writing; 2 it is to deal with huge amounts of data needs; 3 IT is to adapt to the complex IT environment experience in China. Inside the blue ocean XunTong, team of more than 80 people in only eight people don’t write program, even xiao-yang he himself on the development of the front. More interestingly, his location at the front desk position in the company.

the current domestic market, although the tone network, cloud all shout out into the early wisdom APM slogan, but has not been able to take out the product. In addition, New Relic similar products into the Chinese market policy barriers exist.

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