Heavens cat magic box, YUN OS new clothes come with a double tenth

cloud network hunting on November 10th (text/WeiQing)

tomorrow is double tenth, heavens cat magic box booking has more than twenty-four thousand units. Indeed, the digital WBH, illustrates the consumer recognition of heavens cat magic box, and 399 pricing is enough people. That is very not good, try to know, hunting cloud network test result is good, see

because there is no update on an article reviews upgrade system, to bring the evaluation focuses more on the product configuration of the appearance and function of general, so this article to introduce the different place what’s behind the upgrade system, also introduced some features.

first say a bit, with the advent of double tenth one, tao TV on the right side of the big three small four small plate, has become the main venue of electric city, apparel brands, shopping apple 6, Beijing automotive four columns. As usual, is family recently watched four classification, movies, TV shows, variety, convenient user fast continue to watch. Feeling or very close, everywhere to consider for the user.

the first picture below is before the upgrade, the second picture is upgraded. First, YUN OS system after the upgrade, the left side pull music this feature alone, set up a new window, on the last page plates. Shrimp music or trustworthy, licensed songs vast library, update also pretty fast, recently of wong’s new song “when he was in a hurry” can be heard. The location of the original music into a center for the notification.

in multimedia broadcast this option, in addition to being able to choose the inserted U disk, you can also choose to play the family the information sharing in the local area network (LAN), is simply the same wireless network, read the content from multiple devices. And heavens cat magic box can through multiple screens, interactive multimedia content from the mobile wireless projection to the TV. Ali TV assistant, here it is strongly recommended that you install the phone into a easy to use wireless keyboard, remote controls, even game controllers.

the first picture below is before the upgrade, the second picture is upgraded. For TV recommend or like a plate, and recommend the latest or the hottest TV series, movies, if desired, can be directly into the watch. Because of policy restrictions, the previous version can show various television stations, but cannot play, not shows this directly after the upgrade. But TV TV rich resources to make up for the regret, after all is the regular forces, so hot can watch the film and television entertainment programs.

a plate called the film selection has been added, which is mentioned in the previous article lionsgate, various large crazy drag cool diao blast hit of the day. Exclusive enjoyment, rob “fresh” step, the highest 4 k of high-definition video output, huge amounts of 3 d resources, coupled with dolby, DTS double standards support, is the sitting room audio experience to the limit. Warm prompt, the first three months free experience oh, then need to pay fees.

by the way, the film and television select next plate is called a “search”, for three, or even three generations to science and education zone. Exploration records, humanities, science, space life, animal planet four columns, which contain rich program, meet the curiosity of the children at the same time, the adults can also explore the world, explore life, thinking about life, think about the future.

there is a new opening plate is specially for children and new parents. Japan’s biggest education group times le sheng corporation authorized 104 episode “tiger qiaohu come to meet with the children, the film will be in the child’s language and perspective to describe a happy and dream of the tong qu world. Open the can see, all kinds of parent-child games, children’s music, bedtime stories, mother don’t have to worry about my study.

in addition to these new content, let cloud network hunting with everyone to have a look at what let a person shine at the moment, can’t function.

despite the vast amounts of TV, movies, variety shows, anime, hunting cloud network still think cloud game setting is too strong, this for comrades love to play games, a boon. Such as computing, graphics and rendering is a huge resource of parts have been completed in the cloud, heavens cat magic box just send instruction to the cloud, and accept the end result appears on the TV. All games in the cloud server is running, users don’t need to download the game, you can enjoy referral before only game console, high-end configuration mainframe computers can carry “big production”. But regret is in the open area of cloud services to enjoy this service.

in cloud games, the world famous game makers EA, ubisoft’s one of the world’s most powerful game development and distribution of global famous multinational company Gameloft, the world’s top three wireless terminal game development companies and game publishers GLU Mobile and other well-known manufacturers at home and abroad, made a sitting room alliance “dream team” of the game. These big games will bring the real “game life”.

the M key before 10 PM every night the opening special shopping, always feel only once a day, is not enough, and does not guarantee every night at ten o ‘clock hand press the M key guard in front of the TV, suggested M before the hour? The whole taobao shopping plate is moved to the on TV, shopping carnival label has hit, are you ready? Tomorrow is a double tenth, helpful hints you great female otaku, mom to rational consumption, do not cut the hand.

preset number close family application class, including video chat, family cloud photo albums and family monitoring, is family member’s intimate partner. No matter how far apart, family members and family can use video chat in the sitting room often meet chat, children see on TV than listen to sound more happiness; Family there are so many, and thoughts to a child, home at any time by “home monitoring”. Family temporarily limit Android and YUN OS mobile phone monitoring function. Worthy of mention is cloud family photo album offers a 10 t permanent free space, enough for a lifetime.

the last secretly revealed that hunting cloud network in the application of the zone, installed a TV version of each big video software, a surprise, you know.

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