Heavens cat magic box testing, how to turn around the living room microcomputer

cloud network hunting on November 3 (word/WeiQing water Yan)

remember Tmall magic box original and 1 s Tmall auspicious objects as the two negatives make? “? Of goods “, even for part of the crowd, looks sweet, but also shows the force of big company van asked ali? , especially 1 s process design is very complicated.

how about this year’s new heavens cat magic box, due to the sudden strict policy of radio, film and television, in the past originally on July 16th conference, temporary changes into wisdom family keynote speech? ,? The new system conference? . ? Ali CEO Mr. Lu, you can see ali keen of this product? .

after ali now began to release a new integration of content design, hunting cloud network also got the new version of the Tmall magic box. What’s the difference between the new product, xiao yun to speaking and listen to? .

Related configuration

? Check the configuration: first? Heavens cat magic box adopts the Amlogic S802 quad-core processor architecture (A9 architecture, it is said that compared with the previous generation of day cat magic box 1 s 3 times performance improvement, 6 + 2 core of Mali – 450 graphics processor, 2 gb RAM + 8 gb ROM, support the highest 30 hz, 4 k video output, support 300 m of 2.4 G and 5 G dual-band dual channel WIFI. Compared with other TV box, configuration is already high, ali is in the operation of the built-in games provide strong support.

accessories: power adapter, HDMI cable? , 14 key remote control aspect, using bluetooth remote control? (? On the market for infrared, before 1 s rf remote control is developed for the demanding, bluetooth more save electricity, also reserve voice function?)? , an increase of voice and M keys, the other is dedicated to? Voice input and snapping up.

in addition, cloud network editor hunting jun has received official adaptation of foster’s game controllers used in game testing.


the appearance of the heavens and cat magic box than generation did overthrow redesign, copying mascot sell MOE has simply does not exist. Use the abstraction of similar? “? The cat belly?” “? Collar?? Abstract design related to the cat? –? Turn to turn to or leave their mascot? !

on the appearance of process design, new heavens cat magic box also maintain the former generation of complicated process to pretend bility, unlike other vendors with a integrated directly.

the front panel for the use of grind arenaceous processing milk white circular hard plastic material, the surface of the metal silk thread Mosaic technology cat Logo characterization of day. Side tap is plastic ABS plastic electroplating and matte treatment, grinding and matte texture is relatively uniform, visual perception is more harmonious.

the middle of the front panel and tap Mosaic forging metal ring on a circle, on the one hand, the visual contrast, echoing the mascot of the abstract elements, and the more important is the toughness of the metal decreased manufacturing difficulty, very flattering. Bottom covered with gray rubber feet, product information, etc, also have the effect of the lean production.

new cat magic box whole process design compared with similar products is relatively complex, of course, compared with the mobile process design is still far. As their day cat magic box compared to 1 s process, also appears to be more simple. But also is a product in the heart.

as to look, it depends on personal aesthetic, xiao yun can help here.

at the back of the interface in addition to the HDMI, RJ – 45, usb, also added a AV interface, can connect more equipment, don’t forget to have system reset button at the bottom of the well? .

to view a larger version, please click the image below

let below small make up take you to see the latest YUN OS2.0 system bring the latest interface and function? .

System interface

the power plug in, the box with the HDMI cable connected to the TV after boot, appear for the first time login, first connect the wireless network, and then in the bundle your taobao account, you can also use mobile phone to download TV assistant, the mobile phone as a remote control, can be in the game to a game handle, steering wheel, and at any time? “? Home?? The children and pets. Ali TV assistant can also take the photos in the mobile phone, video, music wireless transmission to the TV, sit down and enjoy family fun, right? . ? Of course, you can just skip, does not affect other entertainment functions? .

to view a larger version, please click the image below

enter the main interface, the window on the left shows the most? “? The new TV? “? Film, and is a live broadcast, there should be a ali bought the copyright of the film, so named? “? The new TV? “? . When we go in, you’ll find there are many TV available on demand, but unfortunately, because of recent policy restriction, TV programs can’t play.

the upper left corner of the interface, visible LOGO is? “? TV TV?? TV, ali, April, so we have the cooperation, it is the triple play platform integrated video website, in other words, the administration of radio, film and television under the ban, only TV TV platform can be used. TV TV platform content is very rich, there are movies, TV shows, variety, animation, games, applications, many classification of shopping? .

ali YUNOS2.0 TV version of the system, even more attention in the design of beautification. The frosted glass transition animations, translucent effects emerge in endlessly, halo, sunscreen, very detailed, taobao ten years the accumulation of art is not a blind at bluffing.

the card more concise interface, after the selected interface will pop up around the rear shows rich details related recommendations, direct function. Special effects like “deity”. Feel the designer was a buddhist.

to view a larger version, please click the image below

entertainment content

it bring music playback interface, USES the shrimp music all copyrighted music, not only can realize the perfect voice, also can let you and your family share music touched and joy. As long as saying “I want to listen to song of XXX?”? , shrimp can you play songs or find what you want. Can also through the USB interface, playing the local music and video. Over the weekend, also can the family karaoke together? .

you know.

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shopping implanted

here particularly explain the newly added? “? The magic key? “? , that is orange, is dedicated to commodity snap button, if you have the magic box and your taobao account for binding, open grab every night at ten o ‘clock, other time according to the countdown, the buying process is a very compact stimulus? . ? Button and microphone, heavens cat magic box provides industry leading voice search experience, search, film songs is just one of the many functions of it, in addition, it also can help you to achieve all other operations, for example, if you say that? “? I want to buy clothes, I want to buy shoes?? , such as magic box will help you link to Tmall mall related goods search, very convenient and simple? .

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education channel

small make up found that children’s heaven and earth in a lot of programs for the baby and mother, focus of enlightenment education “bei tile rhymes?” And the children’s picture books? Comprehensive knowledge support materials, “little wisdom” and so on. When looking back on it on the left side of the main interface of video chat, when going out for a family, to the child, how to do, and you can always to “meet” in the home? .

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