Health and fitness? Intelligent bracelet developers can’t positioning vague

in such an era of intelligence, as if everything is printed on the “smart” two characters. And intelligent hand ring, smart watches appear more intelligent wear added one bright spot. But their existence is to “health” or “fitness”. So far, we still not settled yet.

you can also see from these wearable devices on the market the same doubt, in the sales process, health and fitness that no obvious demarcation. Intelligent bracelet can let start a lazy guy? Or it can help those people who love sports strong body?

this is a growing market. A year ago, one over ten americans have wearable devices. Now, the proportion rose to one 5, according to PwC survey data show that these people basically use them every day.

however, there are still a lot of people never have smart dress.

the problem is, for the development and application and accessories to track the human body and our actions may have a very large market, and for the society, the biggest benefit of health problems. If you want to better exercise and diet to help the 86 million americans with diabetes, this system for our health and even the entire human race will be a great success.

however, for those who bought wearable devices, subscribe to the high-end services, they are very healthy. Fitness of the application of the most like to possess people, not for their life and health and exercise, but want to go to win the game triathlon training a muscle to the younger sister. These people are also confronted with the choice of excess.

so you can clearly see the two opposite trend: health bracelet developers from guiding people focus on healthy life style, into for he who loves fitness provides a quick and professional fitness more data. Intel’s Basis is a good example: the company’s first generation of B1 bracelet is more like a 24-hour tracking devices, and the Basis of the new generation Peak smart watches have some movement characteristics, for example, can be compatible with record users like Strava heart rate applications.

Fitbit, too, at first also is simply a pedometer, and next year will bring us two built-in heart rate measurement of new products.

if the developer can pass some of the more simple way to your heart’s health directly reflected by the subtle changes, so the heart rate measurement will also be a huge market potential. But in terms of the present situation, athletics and comprehensive strength is more popular.

at the same time, the “fitness” application becomes wider and more cheap.

the first application of this fitness attracted a group of runners and fitness are the application developers are now trying to attract a wider range of users. Including like RunKeeper development Breeze, Runtastic Runtastic Me such kind of applications.

fitness tracking some other features is inexpensive, easy to buy. Misfit Flash and Jawbone Move, the two equipment prices are below $50, this is a good example. They all can be installed free application, simply use some built-in sensors to track the user’s daily activities.

these wearable devices also contains a smart watch. Next year apple watches, very vaguely defined its fitness function, for example, it does not specify its record how accurate heart rate. (apple but said that it would help you “measuring intensity”) other smart watches on the market, as Microsoft bracelet, samsung smart watches are able to provide the heart rate, but not in any circumstances are recorded accurately.

I think smart watches occupy the high-end market, and like Fitbit Surge and the Basis of Peak such precision tracking target is the mid-market, while those of around $50 recorder because of light, as well as the low price is also filled with low-end market. Smart phone function more and more, a lot of people also want to try the wearable devices, let them play a more important role in our body.

market allocation process is a very natural, but still can’t answer questions about the intelligent wear the key: healthy track what sort of wearable devices to pursue? Health and fitness is big? More cheap smart devices can’t answer this question. Only when we see a more innovative design, in order to improve the life quality for the target users of products, we can find the answer to the intelligence on purpose.


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