He was 11, 16 companies invention, has factories in China at the age of 20

many people dream to invent a product, and become a millionaire. From brooklyn, New York City in the southwest area) of a 20-year-old young man would do this, he is a young inventor Alec x · tesla furman (Alex Shlaferman), Vante Toys company founder. In fact, tesla furman has not a success, but success for many times. Tesla furman success also dates back to the age of 15 for the first time.

in 2014, and will be tesla furman another landmark year, he was waiting for him at the age of 16 to create consumer goods companies to achieve a goal, is to make the company’s annual revenue to $10 million. Tesla furman, in fact, the company is very profitable, so much so that he already have their own factories in China, the Chinese factory employs nearly 50 people, and he is busy with a project on according to his own life and reality show of negotiations.

from $100000 to $100000:

Ezra, ManSheng said: “a few years ago, I have only 16 years old, I was running our company, with my parents’ credit CARDS. The first year of my business, my company to reach more than $110000 in revenue, but also to pay taxes. Before I know the situation, our revenues have reached $1 million, then to $3 million. Our revenue is growing at 300% to 400% every year. Last year, the company’s revenue of about $5 million, however, if the 2014 holiday sales goals to achieve, that our revenue is expected to reach $10 million this year.”

at present, tesla furman in brooklyn headquarters staff of 7 people, another 48 workers in factories in China. Tesla, ManSheng said: “in Chinese factories, a total of 40 full-time staff, plus a team made up of eight managers management team. All the employees by my salary, all equipment is our own. This will save us half of the cost. If I for $1 to buy some goods from China’s contract manufacturers, this means that when these goods are manufactured cost just 50 cents.” That, however, also need to consider the quality problem.

Ezra furman said: “when handling affairs in China, will also face the quality control problem. As a result of the existence of contract manufacturers, you may never know what you can get.”

at present, tesla furman success of the main product is called “purse Ninja (Wallet Ninja)” multi-function knife clamp, looks like a Swiss army knife of flat shape of the credit card, a total of 18 kinds of tools. Tesla ManSheng says, this product is now sold on the amazon website, expected this year will be in wal-mart and Walgreens Christmas sale (Walgreens) and so on several big retailers.

someone once asked Ezra furman prove his successes. , tesla furman showed the wallet ninja multi-function knife clamp orders, of course, puts forward the requirements of the people has promised, would not have these orders. Despite the orders can’t exactly shows that tesla furman company’s annual revenue, but it clearly shows that the device two weeks during this year’s father’s day has a huge sales. If the speed can continue, so tesla furman company annual revenue of $10 million will be able to achieve.

however, wallet ninja is not the only successful tesla furman products. In fact, since the age of 16, he has been selling its first popular products – called “Super stars” of rotary toy plane. , tesla furman with one of his friends to their invention got the toy fair, it is in the trade fair, a toy plane by CBS news and other media attention. When competing media coverage these circumstances, tesla furman is busy with orders and manual assembly toy plane. Recall that time, he said: “this product is absolutely terrible.” In his view, the handmade toys is a no way in terms of business.

Ezra furman also claim that Vante Toys company also many other low-cost manufacturing Toys.

started his career at the age of 11:

with tesla furman after talking for a few minutes, you will find that he is a very attractive, sincere and full of courage, and local in brooklyn, full of strong regional accents. Perhaps it has a certain relationship with his age, and he also advocate “goods” of personality has a certain relationship, but the most important thing, or associated with nearly 10 years of his career.

Ezra furman at the age of 11, create your first product, now he described it as “it’s like a terrible magic”. Now, when it comes to the experience, tesla furman smile said: “I got a DVD data, can teach you how to make yourself to float up. I found a companion on Craigslist, and in my room with a sheet when the screen and play with the data. At that time I was the only and the company together in my room, I can imagine, if my parents come in, they reflect what it’s like to be.”

however, tesla furman marketing planning is very outstanding. He will these information to the Internet sales, and set the higher price, $100 each. To this, tesla furman says: “I’m a week it sold 100 copies. I was just 11 years old. At that time, I will earn a good income, but my parents did not know.”

to 15 years old, tesla furman, using a summer for one to national sales work for a family friend kitchen supplies and other items. Through this experience, he met a companion, the companion in toys made in China. Later, Slavic man begin to work for the company, and to the company asking for a lot of questions about the Chinese, and many problems associated with manufacturing operations.

from these work, tesla furman has accumulated more than $30000 in funding, and introduced the Super stars. However, tesla furman has more idea, of course, there are some idea was not successful. Tesla, ManSheng said: “in the toy industry, you may encounter failure, to see a lot of money like sink in. I told my parents, I need the money. Fortunately, they are very trust me, they gave me $3000, and their credit CARDS.” In the end I succeeded. Slavic man found a way to let the Super stars are made, after he started to sell the products to the stores.

Ezra furman says: “I like a 17 years old, has been working hard to sell the products to Toys R Us so the toy retail stores, and other big retailers. At first, no one is willing to talk to me, I only signed two contracts, namely the Toys R Us and Bed Bath & amp; Beyond.” Toys R Us is the first help tesla furman out and sign the contract.

Ezra furman smile said: “Bed Bath & amp; Beyond products buyers initially hated me, think I am the most trouble guy, but in the end, I still met the director of the company, and finally signed a contract with them. They put my products in stores, the results are very popular. Now, the buyers are very like me.”

organization party:

young, rich, and has the spirit of adventure, done any one tesla furman teenagers want to do. He bought his own possessions, such as the maserati cars. However, tesla furman then sold the maserati, and bought a big truck.

Ezra furman with Alex Alexander (Alex Xander) organized some free social media name of the party. The party also let tesla furman famous.

across the university and to continue to grow:

many 20 young people to study at the university, however, tesla furman at age 19, saw the expensive college tuition, he decided to give up on university life. To this, tesla ManSheng said: “I received a letter of admission at the university of New York. My sister is studying at the university of New York, now she is a lawyer, but she still owe $250000 in debt. I never stop learning, but the university may cause a problem – diploma costs so expensive.”

Ezra furman currently had no plans to get a formal degree, although he did not give up any other way get the diploma. He feels he has been familiar with his career. But he is still in the growth. Today, tesla furman also begin to pay close attention to their own health, he spent time travel, and participate in endurance running training. He is engaged in an ironman triathlon project, it is a very formal, includes a 2.4 -mile swim, 100 miles of bike race, 26.2 miles of a marathon, these activities will be done in a day.

in addition, tesla furman also save money, for their parents to buy a more beautiful house. Tesla furman says: “I used to think that the party is very fun, but also very crazy, but now it seems that it isn’t fun and crazy things anymore. Next, will be my own reality. At first, I’m very antipathetic. I don’t want to have some life full of drama.” But in his own work and experience like a network, also let furman believe that this is related to his real life reality, in the reality, have to work, have factory in China, and training, it also have enough crazy! (yue Tong)

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