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WhatsApp is the world’s leading high-quality chat application, it is not advertising does not add the game, not for any stunt to attract users, but also to win the favour of people, the key is that it only provides simple and cheap chat services. Other chat applications on profits and WhatsApp is popular. How important is the number of users what money? What should the WhatsApp in the future?

as the text after the collapse of The Times, the whole world market shows. Even in the development of India market, SMS also lost in the past, consumers for smart phones rushing, and jumped on to the chat application floats, catch up the fashion. These applications, Facebook, WhatsApp, WeChat and Line seems to be the most staggering older users are attracted to.

WhatsApp to attracted 600 million monthly active users (MAU) there is no suspense to become one of the top of the chat application. Even the so-called laggards like KakaoTalk, also have let many startups are looking at and it’s performance – 47.8 million active users.

if you feel what Numbers do not represent…

these chat application in the future and development space, and is a great space. As a product of the advanced Internet technology, the performance of the WhatsApp is absolutely not mediocrity, less than a third of smartphone users in the use of this app. And the less than a third of people worldwide use smart phones. In developed markets almost everyone on their equipment installed WhatsApp, in Indonesia, of course, a place like this. Anyway, chat application markets prone to change soon. So the question becomes: these applications will continue to catch the heart of the smart phone users? Their development will slow down?

WhatsApp with other applications continue to expand user gap between

although we cannot predict the future development of these applications, but they are in past performance or exciting. A common prediction is: WhatsApp users and other chat application gap will expand. This is because the WhatsApp company focus on simplicity, and their core information experience by as much as possible to the user. “Do not advertise, do not add games, don’t trick” is a famous founder Brian to WhatsApp Acton’s evaluation.

WhatsApp on contracted information and developing rapidly, which makes it quick and form a new market, to win more users cannot get technology where users can buy cheap mobile phone. It didn’t do advertising in India won the 70 million monthly active users. This chat with fellow application Line is in stark contrast, although have done a lot of marketing strategy, the Line of registered users, only 30 million people in India.

Rutberg & amp; technology investment bank Co editorial said: “the market in India and Spain, relative to the SMS, WhatsApp has become an important option for the user to save costs, this also is the key to the development of its power. Use smart phones and information instead of SMS like Skype instead of international long distance call to save money.”

this formed a contrast between the WhatsApp and other applications. WhatsApp simple and practical, to a large extent depend on the natural development spread its influence. Due to start as early as two years, it has in many countries instead of SMS first-mover advantage, become the earliest beneficiaries of network effects. Unlike Blackberry Messenger, WhatsApp relies on iOS and Android rising popularity.

although Line and WeChat a lot of users (the letter), but they fight the WhatsApp is the first to occupy the market. So they created heavily advertising and marketing, to be in China and Japan (outside) their mother market open up new market risk.

WhatsApp does not earn money

although WhatsApp account for the user, are less profitable. Focus on pure chat experience is a short-term trading. This means that the WhatsApp can’t make money like WeChat and Line: let users pay attention to brand information, build platforms for games and digital goods. And sponsors forced to add useless information to bombard users is WhatsApp trying to avoid.

WhatsApp merged by Facebook may be it is not in a hurry to increase income for another reason. As the Line or WeChat, actually WhatsApp has enough room for the pursuit of the number of users.

this is in Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s vision for a long time, can only make money has billions of users. In an earnings call, he said: “in this time more than five years, we have provided many services, we are advancing towards the goal of one billion people. These services include Messenger, WhatsApp, sets, and Search. When we formed the scale, they can rely on its own strength into meaningful business.”

so, once the WhatsApp shows this shift, we can look forward to its users per capita income into exponential growth.

190 $for WhatsApp is a piece of cake

low WhatsApp users per capita income reduce its value in the eyes of investors. Whenever it’s per capita income compared with other chat application, we will find Facebook pay WhatsApp price is very reasonable.

trend is obvious. Chat application is based on the evaluation of their ability to profit. This explains why the WhatsApp is the world’s most popular communication applications on Line, WeChat and Twitter and Facebook behind the so-called social networks, these sites for brand to establish customer contact platform, is to create profitable opportunities.

it also explains why is considered to be the weakest Viber profitability at the bottom. Snapchat is an exception, it is neither money nor won numerous users, the example shows that may be potential is the assessed value is the most important criterion, rather than the other.

but overall, chat application doesn’t really develop potential, unless you count the whole Internet industry as emerging enterprises, and that is another matter.

what future?

we are looking forward to chat application could continue to win customers like smartphones won the world. WhatsApp will become cheaper alternatives of SMS, while the Line and WeChat spending will continue to be hidden within the whole system users, games, and the truth of the communication. From the rankings is not to find out the factors affecting the development of chat application, mainly because of the lack of public data.

Retrieve the user cost

: when the analysis of the company’s development situation, is an important reference index with the cost of marketing and advertising to win users. WhatsApp is a winner on this point, although there is no advertising, it is still better than the other applications. Whether can still maintain their marketing Line and WeChat? Whether to continue to shed cost expand foreign markets? It is a problem.

WhatsApp products too simple? WhatsApp self-described pure without any stunt SMS substitutes, and proud of it. The problem is that other applications also have these features. Apple called iMessage — as the default application information transmission, has always been a WhatsApp rivals. In addition, the WhatsApp also had to cope with the Hangouts, it but the Android default SMS application replacement. Even the emerging smartphone millet has its own default chat application. So on the one hand, if WhatsApp can’t find another way to differentiate themselves and other applications, it will slowly lose their existing status in the coming years. But on the other hand, the widespread use of WhatsApp already make it reliably, even Apple and Google can’t shake it.

WeChat can win customers outside China? although WeChat is the second most popular application in chat application, the majority of users but we worry about is that it comes from China. According to final statistics, WeChat in outside China with one hundred million registered users, but it was in August 2013. After hasn’t released new data. WhatsApp and Viber, meanwhile, have a more solid international user base, and gradually become the main chat application in many countries.

vertical chat application in the field of “dark horse” : although Line and Viber efforts to let more people to accept them, but there are still a lot of new service to a profitable market as a target, steal the user from some successful application of hand. Slack, for example, do well in the field of enterprise communication, its users and are reluctant to use Facebook Group office. Between the most popular with couples in Asia, which means that they will not choose the Line. Facebook in the forthcoming Work when he mentioned this. Competitors may develop more flagship application of economic value.

in the future is not just a chat : according to the Line or WeChat is “chat application” is a misnomer. They are in fact the mobile platform, “chat” is just one of their functions. Expand business may be all of the chat application in the future. Even trying to catch the SMS once glorious WhatsApp, eventually expanded the business.

when you have billions of users, there is no other restrictions. Like Snapchat is profitable, WhatsApp you can make money in a few years later, we are looking forward to it to create more brilliant. The use of end-to-end encryption to ensure that the platform to exchange sensitive user data business security exchange business (including cash). Facebook has seriously consider profit. It employs the former President of PayPal, David Marcus served as vice President of communications products division. Outflow of screenshots show that Facebook Messenger will soon have equal income, WhatsApp will follow suit.

if you think about it, the SMS is the earliest communication platform, not only can chat also profitable, advertising, and even formed the original notes. Like WeChat and Line, WhatsApp also has the ability to become a 3 g network and more advanced network comprehensive platform. nullnullnullnull

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