Have a paypal account, you can also participate in the “black five” shopping season in the United States

v – following the recent investment after the key and set up a subsidiary in Sydney, the ant gold suit the pace of increasing globalization. Today, the ant gold’s alipay company announced the launch of “overseas direct purchase” service, allows users to overseas online shopping experience like taobao shopping convenience simple, add momentum to overseas online shopping consumption.

at present, including Macy’s and Bloomingdale’s, Saks Fifth Avenue, Neiman Marcus department such as the United States, four big department stores, as well as Ann Taylor, Aeropostale clothing brands have support pay treasure “overseas direct purchase” service. In the upcoming “black Friday” shopping season in the United States, pay treasure to the user can go directly to the department store goods.

according to introducing, pay treasure to the new “overseas direct purchase” for the first time from payment to logistics one-stop hai tao purchasing service. User “overseas online shopping” neither a registered account, also need not looking for international transshipment. Chosen after the goods, as long as the payment option with alipay overseas direct purchase, and then to “pay treasure account login”, “fill in the domestic shipping address”, “confirm payment”, the simplest shopping a trilogy of the operation, you can wait for overseas online shopping “prize”. And past frequently compared to a month logistics cycle, now just over ten tianhai tao goods can be delivery to your door. And compared to the past for sea transport processes, pay treasure to overseas direct purchase service saves more than 10 operations before and after the link.

“in the past, the purchase of overseas online shopping and logistics link is almost a disjointed, great inconvenience to the user experience, we hope that by one-stop service refactoring overseas online shopping shopping experience”. Ant gold suit Peng Yijie introduction, President of international business overseas direct purchase service not only the brand into China will be more good, more will pay and commodities, logistics, information flow down to the bottom of the user finished shopping, can, in pay treasure transaction records the details of the real-time tracking of goods logistics distribution of the latest information. One thousand problems, but also through the pay treasure customer service, to seek the solution, the maximum to avoid the cross-border logistics loss of the goods.

the comprehensive beginning next week the United States “black Friday” shopping season, pay treasure to overseas direct purchase together with many brands and businesses are racing to debut on December 1, November 24 – activities, not only the selected user favorite goods, China will hit big promotions, launched on the large amount of discount discount cash bonus. The industry is expected to pay treasure to overseas direct purchase will further stimulate the Chinese consumers “black Friday” overseas online shopping enthusiasm.

the arrival of the new boom for the vast sea, Peng Yijie also said, looking forward to in the near future by cooperating with overseas partners ShopRunner and Borderfree, pay treasure to overseas direct purchase will be for Chinese users bring more shopping website well-known brands.

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