Hardware the raise the most easily do not please painfully, realize your notice at 8 o ‘clock

so far HAX have hatching successful startup project completed 20 activities, so that we become the most varied in the raise hardware project of the investor. As an active participant and keen observer, we find out some good ideas for entrepreneurs, sponsors, media people and investors.

100 times harder than you imagine

want to launch a new smart watches, 3 d printer or an unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) can conquer the whole world, and open up a path to success for you? Unless what you make and the products available in the market very different or unusual good, there will be hope for success, otherwise your profits may not go beyond the cost of spending.

although now has four 3 d printer project and the raise of more than 100000 dollars. But now the situation is diverse, how many goods can be normal shipment, how many profitable projects, how many startups will slowly grow eventually become a mature small or large enterprise. Now you are still not certain accurate view.

some of the products on the market now, just like “slim wallet (slim wallets)”, can meet the demand of a small part of success, but almost impossible to realize the mass production.

the raise activity is not fair to

bad planning will lead to a lot of bad accident. In one of the most successful project, there are a lot of projects are in improving venture capital investment had won, however, these projects are often some very high-profile founders or has very strong technical team led by the project. Although these can make all the raise process more smoothly, but also unable to ensure product delivery on time online. Founder or leadership team for the project must have sufficient production experience or find very useful support power to run the whole project, otherwise it will lead to project delay or jump.

as of September 2014, on Kickstarter, only 37 projects worldwide in the field of technology and design of the mark to raise up to $1 million, the proportion is far less than 1%. Even the raised amount of $100000, not many companies or project can easily get like walking in the park. To meet the company the amount of $100000 in the raise the proportion of 30%.

the raise activities won’t run

everyone should know the truth, but it seems that many people still nobody realised when you click on “publish” button, the media and supporters rarely take the initiative to focus on your project. For many successful projects, the raise activity is already released at the start of the last few weeks have been run.

once the raising activities successful online, there will be a lot of work to do, entrepreneurial firms need to gather more supporters, update quality can increase their level of hope, and attract more supporters.

at the Massachusetts institute of technology, Dr. Bunnie Huang (@ bunniestudios) is a “lifestyle hackers (lifestyle hacker)”, he has successfully completed the two projects the raise, the raised amount are more than hundreds of thousands of dollars. The project for the Circuit Stickers and an open source notebook Novena. He told all the entrepreneurs and investors put forward such suggestion:

“to maintain the raise sense of purpose is very important, but to do well in a complete product for the premise to guarantee this sense of purpose. Core functions in the extended target may make a lot of supporters. Plan your promise, look for the appropriate service provider, so as not to spend too much time on trivial support access. I am to have such a program, called “buy me a beer,” project the raise $5.

not be able to normal delivery

only founder or create team understand how to produce, the project to work, because many people’s experience in this field is almost zero. In China a few days to get “airborne” production, through such means to make their own project operation team almost failed. However, China still is hardware aspects of silicon valley, but in fact there is a called “costs” not in China. The expenditure refers to the overall size and then plan should be planned change. Shenzhen is a huge base prototype rapid iteration.

beyond manufacturing, there are some projects may be because of unrealistic resulted in failure, or lead to the product delivery time delayed, surprising, or is this is a complete fraud. We call these hardware “whimsical hardware”, “hardware” procrastination, “crippled hardware” and “fraud” hardware.

yes, even now very fire intelligent watch project to see what is said above these would happen. Like KREYOS explains, founder of them once for a very erratic OEM partners cooperation led to the raise on Indiegogo project lost almost $1.5 million, and lead to project jump ticket again and again, extension, production out some substandard products. Case, this is a very wonderful work will fancy hardware “, “hardware” procrastination, “lame hardware” these three hapless things massed together.

Dr Engineering and hardware startup entrepreneurs Evgeny Lazarenko also suffer, he also warned us:

“supporters should deep investigation and research the background of the founder and creative team. Founder has been completely understand their products registered? Industry veteran and a recent graduate of the university graduates the difference is very big, or almost on the “gene” will not be able to complete due diligence.”

profit hard to

although do the purse would make money, but do 3 d printers such complicated high-tech products will keep a dubious manner.

project are not original

the purpose of existence of the raised platform is to make the idea and had a dream to realize their wishes. But some of the “creator” found that product marketing work can be completed by a third party to develop, for example, we know “bamboo watch”.

to see in China show slowly, we often be able to identify some familiar products, or make a little thinking have such understanding, “o raise the goods can be completely”. Such as China to raise the multitude type transformation into a reservation call time on the website of the products, we in shenzhen last month had bought for $15.

can’t let others copy too easy

most supporters of the project is “innovators” and “early adopters”, some people may forecast errors, Kickstarter is not an online store, in the latest revision of the terms of use are also explained. Your products can be implemented across the gap, to attract the mass market? Do you have a bigger plan? Have trouble to do such a product? If you can not get accurate answers, so now you success on the other hand, means that it is easy to be copied to your success, they like replication rate than you spell the word “simple” hardware faster.


smart phone buttons, used in Kickstarter to raise nearly $700000, now has become the people can copy of typical cases, the latest situation is one of China’s qihoo introduced a very similar smart key, and through the free form is presented to the user, and then drive users to use their mobile business of the company. This is a very effective shanzhai products of the new business model.

pure hardware is hard to be protected, because engineer can be easily disassembled it, and then in reverse engineering. In addition to design and patent, now and in the field of software and algorithm “intellectual product protection regulations”, so to speak, through the raise activity to build a community will also be protected by intellectual property rights.

FlyBridge Capital, the general partner of Matthew Witheiler once wrote a very great articles about the raise data analysis, he has mentioned in the article:

“supporters inside the industry now, buy products, investors are buying is a vision. Some products may produce a very large demand, such as portable refrigerator Coolest Cooler) but this is not a good vc goal.”

advocates “let all WiFi connection” the founder of the Internet company Spark that Zach Supalla, used to make the company in the raise more than $500000 in June 2013, and in just a year later received $4.9 million in venture capital funds. He added:

“most companies at the time of launch a fund-raising campaign, did not want to have a detailed plan to make a single product development to a vast empire, so the risk investors will not liking this startup.”


the raise failure does not mean that one false move may lose the game

as a successful activities can make a company in a “false prosperity”, the prospect of the raise failure also could be a “false failure” in the future, does not mean no any hope. Some companies after the failed launch a spectacular “phoenix nirvana” the raise, finally succeeded.

mentioned earlier in this article a portable refrigerator project Coolest Cooler used in October 2013 for the first time the raise would have failed. But in didn’t give up after, in August 2014, with the same product is received a $13.3 million investment, became the Kickstarter the biggest raise the raise project ever. According to the Coolest Cooler founder, according to the second raise for the success of the reasons is likely to be some changes have been made to the product, and for the first time the time-averaged supporters of constant encouragement, choose a suitable time, because in the summer than the winter easy to sell out of the refrigerator, the last comprehensive preparation is needed. Under the condition of the right place, right time and with adequate preparation, goddess of success will come to you.

in the aforementioned Spark after the failure in the raise, to solve the problem and the solution once again. After joining HAX, corporate philosophy from “WiFi connection lamps and lanterns” into “all with WiFi connection. And then into the Kickstarter the raise of more than 500000 yuan.

in some cases the activity failure can raise some benefits for the first time, because it is able to accumulate a lot of supporters and the media power. When I was in the second by raising can reactivate this group. However, the raise failure often have multiple factors, to put them all to find out there is pressure.


with the development of the raising activities, there are many need we to discover. And then set the right expectations and foresee a common problem, these can help all the stakeholders to achieve the desired goals, they include some of the production team, supporters, media and investors, and bring more creative life!


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