Hardware technology can’t blow, when battery capacity to keep up with our expectations?

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in today’s technology update exceptionally rapid iteration, only the battery to smart for this equipment provides a basic parts of life experience again and again at the same time in the other friend grace turned tragic against the wall. Is overlooked by the developer, or have been developed to the peak, why battery technology has won’t open situation, let’s analyze the technological development of screens.

about energy density, there’s nothing to choose

as an energy source, the battery first need to solve the problem of is life, that is the capacity of the battery itself. Because people are increasing demand for electronic products, represented by phone smart products accounted for much of our lives, one machine has become a common phenomenon. Now most mobile life lasts for one day, and often in people when they are in a hurry to use electricity shortage, great impact on people’s life, so we must improve the battery life of the battery.

but in these years, battery storage capacity has not got great progress. Batteries for electric current, a metaphor, this is just like a cup of water, water is equivalent to current, the more water is needed, the greater the cup, so that when the battery of the current storage to the more and more long, the volume of the batteries is bound to increase, now the general trend of intelligent devices such as chip components and the whole is more and more small, in order to more convenient, more promote the improvement of science and technology level, this is conflict with the current battery technology. Today’s users want smaller batteries, battery capacity is bigger, need to solve this difficult problem, can only be gradually improve the energy density.

now, the study found that the highest energy density batteries are: aluminum air battery, than the actual energy is as high as 300 ~ 400 wh/kg and almost no pollution, do not produce toxic substances. But first of all, the battery is one-off battery; Next he needs to “clean air” do reaction agent, phone can’t the whole a high efficiency air purifier; Moreover aluminum air and other air battery technology is not mature; So although he than energy contract mobile phone for a lifetime, but on the practical technology is not reality.

in the end, the most mature technology today, the highest energy density of battery only lithium battery. How to excavate the ideal energy density of lithium-ion batteries become one of the main battery technology development direction, the current mobile phone battery direction to focus on this, but this improvement is very slow.

other common battery technology, than the lithium battery

and nickel cadmium battery, as the name suggests, the nickel cadmium battery is made up of nickel and cadmium two kinds of metal elements as the main support, use a metal cadmium in the cathode active material, nickel hydroxide as the positive active material of alkaline battery.

nominal voltage of 1.2 V cadmium nickel battery, such as column, button, square sealed a variety of types. Use temperature scope width, cycle and long storage life, with characteristics of large discharge current, but there is “memory” effect, often because of the incorrect use of regularity resulting in decreased performance, that is to say, when the nickel cadmium battery repeat after several times to maintain after filling is put in low capacity, if you have to do when a relatively large discharge the battery will be unable to function.

but its because the internal resistance is small, for large current discharge, when the discharge voltage change is small, so as it is a kind of dc power supply quality excellent battery; Because the completely sealed, so there will be no electrolyte leakage phenomenon, does not need to supplement electrolyte; Also has a very wide temperature scope.

although the nickel cadmium battery is very economical, but the memory effect become the restriction of its development, but also has its place in the field of battery.

and nickel metal hydride battery, its installed capacity is more than 30% of the nickel cadmium battery, more light than nickel-cadmium batteries, longer service life, and no pollution to the environment.

high quantity of heat ratio and high power than to let it become a part of the use of electric vehicle power supply, and its life is long, 80% DOD (depth of discharge, every time out 80% of the rated power) under the cycle life of 600 ~ 1200 times, the advantages of low cost, no maintenance to also have certain market, but it also inevitably exist certain “memory effect”.

because battery and charging at the same time, the two stage has certain defects, lithium ion batteries are also not easy to use so will not use mobile phone this precision electronic devices, in electronic equipment such as radio, tape recorder has been employed.

quick charge is another kind of thinking

in addition, charging technology difficulty. Now, mobile phone battery is full of people takes about three or four hours, such a long charging time will affect people’s work and life, people demand for smart devices at his will as the shift, has become a “slave”.

now, the so-called quick charge and trickle charge is only for a maintenance of the battery charging, cannot meet the expected similar to directly fill charging requirement. So, how to make full battery quickly becomes a difficult task, and it restricts the development of other areas of science and technology. On the basis of moment can be fully charged “super capacitor” has become a major development direction.

you can see that what was needed for the battery technology development to solve the problem is the storage capacity and volume of coordinated development and the improvement of charging technology.

lithium battery technology development status of

battery hardware can choose the space is little, only improve lithium battery energy density, rapid charging two choices, the lithium polymer battery this more efficient batteries become the key development direction. It is also a kind of lithium ion battery, but compared to the liquid lithium battery with high energy density, miniaturization, ultra-thin, lightweight, and high safety and low cost, and other obvious advantages, is a new type of battery.

in shape, lithium polymer battery with ultra-thin characteristics, can match the needs of the various products, made into any shape and capacity of the battery. The battery can reach the minimum thickness of 0.5 mm. The nominal voltage and also like the lithium battery is 3.6 or 3.7 V, and no memory effect.

it mainly divided into three categories, including solid polymer electrolyte of lithium ion battery, gel polymer electrolyte of lithium ion batteries and polymer cathode material of lithium ion batteries. Solid polymer electrolyte of lithium ion battery electrolyte as a mixture of polymer and salt, for example low conductivity at room temperature so high temperature scope.

and gel polymer electrolyte of lithium ion battery in the solid polymer electrolyte adding plasticizer and other additives, thus improve the ionic conductivity, the battery can be used at room temperature. And polymer cathode materials of lithium ion battery with conductive polymers as the anode material, so its electric capacity is relatively higher than liquid lithium batteries. The most important thing is the appearance of the ultra-thin and light quality let it may become the future mainstream of the battery. The emergence of these a few lithium polymer battery can be changed to some extent the plight of battery technology.

new research shows the carbon electrodes, silicon electrode nanotechnology, nanotechnology to increase the contact area with the polymer electronic, to more efficient use of low energy density.

many manufacturers began to convert ideas, launch and fast charging technology. Oppo launched vooc flash charging technology, for example, can charge three quarters in 30 minutes, at the same time solve the problem of fever. And wireless charging technology also began to research and development, otherwise the solar charging technology, although it is not yet mature, but it’s also a good idea.

you can see, in battery technology, people get the technical bottleneck is very serious, but not have no problem, before cannot cope with bottleneck at the same time, the current situation of the entrepreneur can completely change the idea, take circuitous tactics, learning enterprise above, opens up new areas of development.

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