Happy to learn: focus group for middle school students, break the q&a level to grasp fundamental teaching

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in recent years, online education in the field of K12 heats up, attract the attention of many entrepreneurs. Such as, known as “problem bully” ape question bank “, originated in the teaching design class QQ group “XingShuai institute”, huike education’s “start”, personalized Internet thinking “super curriculum” and so on, into a bloody piece of online education industry to, the outbreak of the all-round development stage.

but in happy founder Lin Yue water view, “most of the current online education App only stays in the” question and answer “shallow level, while education is rooted in the textbook knowledge to the greatest extent of mapping to the App.”

in July this year, online learning is a happy specially for middle school students learning software, providing students with the basic knowledge of a subject, rounding, college entrance examination questions, assignments, and synchronous training and problem solving skills and all kinds of simple and effective method of learning. As a teacher of Lin Yue water, deep understand what students’ needs, Lin Yue water convective cloud network, “the basic knowledge of textbooks for students, is the root cause, how to combine online and online, effective use of students fragmentation time put forward integrated solutions is the fundamental.”

how to form an efficient learning App, in Lin Yue water view has the following several aspects: first, the scientific method, will have been all kinds of practice has proved the scientific learning method into software; Second, quality content, only the high quality content, can improve the learning efficiency better; Three, recreation, introduce incentive mechanism, the traditional content more interesting, you can have a video, audio, cartoons and other forms; Four, personalized App should by combining data, statistics of the students’ learning behavior; Five, team learning, team variables impact on team performance has important intermediary or cushion.

Lin Yue water thinks, “the purpose of human use tools, is to make more efficient. As an efficient learning App, should be to help students spend less time, gain more knowledge, let the students’ learning a known ten “.

based on the point of Lin Yue water, mapped to “happy learning” is mainly manifested in the “learning” “clap” happy “circle” of three major parts. In learning, plate happy study provides Chinese, maths, English, history, geography, politics, physics, chemistry, biology knowledge explanation, all tests and the entrance examination in recent years bo, o ‘clock, Beijing normal university version, Sue textbooks, cantonese version of textbooks, such as homework, from required to optional synchronous training, skills to deal with, and all kinds of simple and effective learning methods, students can choose their own needs in resource center content (such as math homework, physics explanation, etc.) to add, can view the learning in the study materials.

in “clap” plate, the students can take notes, also can edit or photos saved to the wrong topic, using fragments study time to review, consolidate the basic knowledge, for the important content can timely collection, custom list to belong to their own learning. And “learning” is the real expression of “fun”, where the student record and analyze their learning achievement, can also be fun learning process met funny anecdotes, through the study, on the one hand, increase students’ interest in study, secondly on App has trained students sticky, increase user activity.

compared to other online education App, happy to learn in essence not big difference, difference is reflected in the details. Taken together, happy to learn in content, to strive to show students the content of high quality, integration of the underlying logic of knowledge, make the knowledge more structured, more can effectively enhance learning effect; Second, introduce incentive mechanism, let more students into learning experience growing sense and a sense of accomplishment, design the task system, achievement system such as effective incentive mechanism; Finally, the App by combining large data, after a certain amount of data is accumulated or half manually start the personalized, and gradually accurate personalized learning solutions are given. According to Lin Yue water to cloud network, hunting in the future, is also happy to learn more than three functions to follow three requirements.

since happy learning online, in the absence of marketing, user data and user activity in the steady growth. When it comes to the future development strategy, Lin Yue water convective cloud network said, “happy learning will launch the financing plan, will increase marketing efforts, and constantly improve function, and the future profit model will be the combination of online, offline O2O direction.”

happy learn

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