Happy to help: instant q&a APP can make money


instant answers is a very old concept, in fact, early years there are a lot of the app, but is a flash in the pan, user less poor, viscous don’t need to say much more, q&a community must either have the broad baidu user groups, or knew of high cold pretend bility, of advanced technology or the nut house can also points to a piece of , this for the mobile Internet, the concept is good product is difficult to do, seemingly tend to be saturated market, still have a app bold ranks – happy to help, to make money to build the initial users.

happy help is a question and answer community based on mobile Internet, with questions and answers for instant answers and two modes, the instant the q&a is based on the LBS service, allows users to quickly find somewhere at some other users about the local situation, spread a little thought, the user can make use of positioning technology, such as putting the lost and found, will be more accurate, and professional q&a is similar to zhihu, lawyers, doctors and other professionals can open their own quiz room, everyone who is good at field are available.

the beauty of music to help is that all of the questions and answers can use music to help currency price or reward, but joy aid money itself can be used to bid on music to help platform of real or virtual goods, the platform is also willing to make some advertising money. These money is different from baidu know for COINS, the user can enter the delight to all folk music channel, for high frequency and diversified physical and virtual private goods. Founder ji-cheng wang said: “such as the capital airport now to rain? Really rain, is expected for a long time, it is recommended that the upgrade. The use of such scene, is happy to help team would like to see.”

founder ji-cheng wang, graduated from Beijing jiaotong university, responsible for product manager for five companies and the management of r&d. Now help is seeking angel financing.

baidu know the question and answer is omnipresent advertising, soft, difficult to manage, even break experts account in a show of authority, to challenge zhihu, fruit shell, can’t escape from marketing force, it is understood that the baidu knows medical experts account mostly by pr company operations, and implanted in a large number of pharmaceutical advertising to support the drug companies they serve. , this music has yet to appear this kind of mess.

cloud network think hunting, instant answers based on mobile Internet can bring many convenience to the user, if on the development, will inevitably caused uproar in the field of q&a community fluctuation, but the more users, the deeper the water, baidu is experience, is the most important core orientation, management is a kind of auxiliary means, in addition, music helps the auction function has the meaning of electricity, the future will involve more complex merchants in issues such as, how to don’t wandering, the main question and answer community of products is also a big challenge.

happy help
Company: Beijing windy city science and technology co., LTD.

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