Half the App: one half, funny picture social interaction

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at present, mobile social applications of a new play is clicked. Such as secret anonymous dating game, friction paid dating, beibei strike up a conversation, and so on, the social application of App play in time and time again by innovation, entrepreneurs to the mining of the social App new gameplay is almost to the perfection of human thought. Social applications App can also how to play? Today bring you a funny picture – half App, social interaction and see what’s the new play behind half App.

half App is founder Li Qihua and serial entrepreneur team exchange, mark of the youth after the third products. Is specific to a half an App scene, I took a picture, and then you according to this picture the most reference, to shoot half zhang, split effect real-time display, synthesis of a picture of someone looks bunker, so interesting a person making half photo interaction, build the social applications of a new play. When it comes to the entrepreneur inspiration of half new plays, Li Qihua convective cloud network, “I am a love taking photos of the boy, when to use them, even if taken again good also does not have how many people will pay attention to, I was upset, so want to change this when fans to interactive social status, choose the social applications into the picture interaction.”

it is understood that half the App currently use crowd mainly couples, long distance relationships and single people. On half of the information flow, each image sharing dynamic is divided into two and a half, half belongs to the initiator, the other half is taken by all users can participate in, when you see interested in half, click the add button to shoot out a new dynamic, also can access to other users on the other half the other half of the content. So half can double or more exchanges, at the same time of enhancing double interaction, also solve the embarrassment of chatting up strange dating.

half a month since the App launch, in the absence of marketing, cumulative has 5000 users, 600 active users. Even if secret, friction, beibei, the social new play brings us a distinctive social experience, and half the game has a strong interactivity. Li Qihua, “with a stranger who take half to piece together a dynamic, this kind of strange feeling of fit the psychological experience is quite different.”

at present, half of the App only supports Ios version, users can use QQ, weibo, watercress, everyone to log in. Half is in the early stage of the product, is in the phase of angel financing. To avoid social applications is about gun “artifact” label, and half the App adhere to the line of small and pure and fresh in the future, half increases LBS unfamiliar dating, related functions such as automatic matching images, constantly improve the social attribute of App half, tools and media attribute.

Half App

time: in September 2014,


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