Half: Cosplay exclusive social software

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there are more and more social software emerge in endlessly, with the development of the Internet, to introduce today is another more perpendicular to the anime and Cosplay fans wireless social App: half and half.

half is guangzhou cool optical network co., LTD., its products, the team is established in July 2014 formally, founding team members mainly from famous friends cartoon animation enterprise culture. Founder Lai Chunhui is an anime media research scholars, worked at the people at the beginning of the magazine. Director of the company in 2004, to join the friends cartoon culture, media, mobile phone animation, digital publishing, e-commerce and other related business.

“why there are so many people all over the world to imitate Michael Jackson? Because they can find happiness from imitation. Cosplay as a cartoon version of the imitation, is gradually become influenced by ACG culture, one of the important entertainment of China youth.” Lai Chunhui tell hunting cloud network, in China, Cosplay has not been accepted by the mainstream culture. He wants to do is for the love Cosplay lonely individual, find a warm home.

in half and half, if you are a Coser, Coser after entering who want to find a work or a good friend photo “stamp”, just send a message in half, and someone will respond to you immediately; If you are a photographer, want to enter who get the best Coser, can use half of the platform, real-time interactive; If you are a fan of anime decay (or woman), want to find a cp or a popular literature Coser or cosine greatly take photos (and may require the specified pose or photo) these can be resolved in half. By half, Coser lovers can browse to the domestic first-line cosplay star’s latest developments and exclusive, quickly find good, unique star system, is committed to the amateur interest into a career.

Lai Chunhui revealed in an interview with cloud network hunting, he founded the purpose of the half just want like anime, Cosplay friends find organization. Hope to further mining anime and Cosplay fans all-round demand, to provide diversified services. “After the half to electricity, dating, animation class exhibition service and so on in the game, of course, these are based on half after a strong user base.”

it is understood that half commissioning period of 2 months, the cumulative users more than 100000 people, new users monthly growth rate of 78.9%. At present, the half is in the phase of an angel round.

Company: guangzhou cool network co., LTD.

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