Half a year to earn $30 million, look at the Line launched UGC sticker works!

a small sticker to be able to create much profit? The Line tell you! A few days ago, the Creators Market Award presentation ceremony scene, CEO of the Line, according to open six months since the Creators Market sales of $30 million! Got a fright? But perhaps, when you have seen these award-winning works, you will understand all this.

last week in Tokyo, the rage of instant messaging applications Line held the first Creator Market awards. The Line Creator Market allows ordinary users design and sales of the original stickers. 40 a sticker set sells for 100 yen ($0.85), at the same time, the author will get 50% of revenue every transaction. Line, the CEO of Akira Morikawa revealed these impressive before the data, it reveals the Creator Market’s great success.

Morikawa told the audience, since April 17 sale to November 17, Creators Market has attracted 145 Creators from 145 countries. In six months time, same Creators Market sales of up to 3.59 billion yen ($30.5 million). Average of the top 10 sticker set sales of 36.8 million yen ($313000) – this for amateur illustrator graffiti or weekend is very good change (although Creators Market is also open to professional artists, celebrities and business). At present, the Creators have 30000 sets of stickers for sale in the Market.

sale three and a half months, the Line Creators Market sales by 149000 artists created close to $12 million. Point of view, the number of new creators may slow growth, sales are still rising.

to say the least, these is mainly composed of independent sticker creators from all over Japan are a group of not stick to one pattern. Japan is a country with a notoriously private, many artists have chosen to wear a mask, hiding their true identity – from the typical white mask, to look like they created stickers of homemade face mask. The scene of the creator to be for women in their 20 s.

the first round of awards issued by the three celebrity judges, they voted for their favorite, respectively is:

The Monsters series

Swollen Nostril Animals series

Okutte Itomo Ishii Friends series

there are two groups was chosen as “choice” in particular, they are:

Japan Electric Union series

Series of Squid

(written by a 6 year old elementary school into)

next, announced two runners-up, they are:

Kidokumushi series

Kanahei Pisuke and Rabbit series

in the end, won the 2014 Line Creators Market awards are:

American Pop and Kansai the Dialect series

in addition to the glory of (and earn big money) from the sticker sales, American Pop and Kansai the Dialect will be adapted for a special edition of the animation Line stickers.

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