Haier employees BBS the top posts: Mr Zhang a letter to a guest

cloud network hunting note: haier is becoming a fast speed Internet, one of the traditional home appliance giant haier boss Mr Zhang recent within haier BBS published an article, become the hottest post BBS. Mr Zhang in the article expounds why haier into thinking about the guest platform.

the author: zhang ruimin

every prosperity and progress of human society depends on the breakthrough of science and technology, but every leap development of human civilization is inseparable from the ideological liberation. When Internet boom index of science and technology, we once again standing in the tuyere of The Times, in large industrial development make each individual machine parts of the crisis, the era of train into a new orbit, “zero distance”, “decentralization” and “distributed” thinking in the Internet bring us into a vibrant and challenges of all times, an era of everyone is a guest.

after 30 years of innovation and development, haier from a failing collective small plant grew into today’s world the first brand of white electricity, in the world, haier has hundreds of millions of users, every day, tens of haier products to enter the global market. Advanced achievements of industrial civilization achievement of haier, haier to in a short span of 30 years through the way of traditional enterprises in the developed countries in one hundred. We caught up with once celebrated as a classic example, at the same time also lost the benchmark for reference. In the face of new challenges, we don’t have any jilted era weapons is the only thing left two chong spirit forever, forever entrepreneurship, innovation forever.

taizong once asked his advisers, entrepreneurship and hold what is difficult? The answer is in his heart, business difficult, it is harder to implementation. Haier’s corporate culture is the answer to this question, if the entrepreneurship and the implementation of separate them the correct answer is always no, the only way out is only no implementation of entrepreneurship.

the entrepreneurial spirit is the enemy of his once successful experience and the mind-set, the daodejing cloud, strength strong, strong since the winner. Haier culture gene only one password, that is to consider oneself in the wrong.

enterprise so, everyone is the same. Because, in the Internet age, every man is his own CEO, everyone should become entrepreneurs.

entrepreneurs, is only one letter short and entrepreneurs, but its connotation and essence could not be more different. Entrepreneur or enterprise as the center, but entrepreneurs is user-centric. Entrepreneurs in order to create perfect products and services for the mission, and entrepreneurs to create users the best life experience as the center. Entrepreneurs in order to scale for achievement scale and profit, and entrepreneurs to beidou user resources and fans honor. The wand of entrepreneurs to manage and control for power, and entrepreneurs with self organization as the magic box. Tens of thousands of people achievement an entrepreneur, and every innovation of individual can become an entrepreneur. Is the so-called “broken the dust out of the great books”.

entrepreneurs. On haier’s business platform, your name is a guest.

30 years, is as light as ChenGai idle away but go to, thirty years, and heavy like a hill is hard to give up. The difference lies in the fact that you are producing products or production and customer platform. Haier choice is, from a closed dissecting the organizational transformation as an open platform for the business, from a walled garden, into myriad species from the evolution of the ecosystem.

a guest. In your burning with passion and vision, haier’s name was a guest of the Commons.

in those early days, our dedication is HaiErPai products for the society, furthermore, we provide HaiErPai service to the society as the objective, today, we are open to the public resource, haier for gen geeks will be HaiErPai entrepreneurial platform.

on the surface meaning, haier, open to the public API, U + wisdom life each a guest can be based on the extended product development.

in deeper sense, haier open supply chain resources to the society, every suppliers and users can participate in value creation of the user experience of the whole flow of haier.

in essential sense, haier open mechanism innovation of the soil to the society, set up equal opportunity fair rules of the game as a result, call stakeholders parties sharing and win-win.

since 2005, haier began to one single one win-win model of exploration and trial and error, for this reason, we do not hesitate to give up the single pursuit of traditional performance. Without the grope of benchmarking, we prefer to withstand external questioning and criticism. But we don’t give up. Because encourages us to stick to it is not successful, but in the exploration of the spirit of the age.

in 1994, haier venture ten anniversary, I wrote a article, article name is haier is the sea. Today, I want to say, haier is a cloud, again big, the sea is still marginal. Cloud again small, can such.

open, open, open again. Today, in haier’s cloud platform, is pregnant and hatch out of more than one hundred guest is small, they both haier’s employees leave the enterprise business, there are social entrepreneurs to haier platform online entrepreneurs. They deserve respect, I also want to thank them. Because, haier business platform shift itself is also a kind of business, as a platform of haier, not 30 years history of haier, but a newborn baby, round the rising asahi, every haier platform of entrepreneurship in the guest, you are both platforms of entrepreneurs, is also a platform builder.

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