Haier air rubik’s cube phone, walking function integration idea of smart home

on December 17, hunting cloud network (word/water Yan)

as domestic air pollution is more and more serious, PM2.5 table become commonplace, refit by vacuum cleaner air purifier gradually become just need (of course this is the early market situation), each big manufacturer of productive makes air purifier industry chain from the mainland to the development by leaps and bounds.

cloud network hunting today to bring us a home appliance giant haier by the latest research and development of high-end air purification products, haier air rubik’s cube. After hunting done related out of cloud, you can walk.

the reason that he is “air purification products”, because this product integrates air purification, dehumidification, humidification, aromatherapy, monitoring originally need four devices to complete function, as well as WiFi connection intelligent control module, it is to learn great integration of smart phones?

the part due to the four functions could be casual disassembling combination to buy, so there will be a rubik’s cube “air” this name, although he is cylindrical. Ok, get into the business below.

Related parameters

total of purification, humidification and dehumidification + aromatherapy supply four modules, can DIY portfolio, free customization, including aromatherapy supply module as necessary. Applicable area of 20-30 m 2 , CADR value (clean air quantity) : 200 m 3 /h; Humidifying volume 200 ml/h capacity, 18 l/day (high temperature and high humidity); Scented air supply air volume of 230 m 3 /h.

rated voltage 220 v, 50 hz, appearance size: Φ 376 * 1083 mm. Support WIFI connection status of environmental products intelligent control power, memory, remind of real-time monitoring, five-color breathing light night light reminds, temperature, humidity, PM2.5 high-precision detection, universal wheel is convenient movement, touch screen control.

about details in this paper, we attach each module parameters, go here.

dehumidification module

dehumidification module is a module, the related parameters, rated power: 285 w. Maximum input power: 372 w. The rated capacity: 0.41 kg/h. The water condensation rate 18 l/day () under high temperature and high humidity environment; Noise: 45 db. Using the temperature range: 5-38 ℃.

refrigerants and injection: everything (freon) 130 g (mature technology, high efficiency, but the destruction of the ozone layer). Adopt double rotor compressor, low noise, small vibration; Tank transparent Windows, water visible; Magnetic control liquid level switch induction.

due to hunting cloud network in Beijing, at present belongs to the dry weather, the conference room on a bucket of water is still dry, suitable for all cylinders humidification module.

so dehumidification module symbolic trial for more than ten minutes, dehumidifying tank accumulated more than 7 ml water (equivalent to 1 l/day, this is so, humidity in the dry and cold in Beijing test results about 15% of cases), noise control at about 40 db. It is almost the same with the official parameters.

aromatherapy fan system

as the four modules together air supply system, the design of fan system is particularly important. But this to do household appliances, the fan is not difficult years of haier.

air rubik’s cube used below into the wind, pass suction, secondary blade outlet to improve the wind flow, combined with the top of the hammer diversion design speed for the third. The fan efficiency obviously, at the same time, guarantee the 360 ° air supply.

disadvantage is high cost, especially also USES superconducting light transparent material, to achieve better effect of night light at the same time.

the bottom right hand corner for aromatherapy placement.

USES a sine wave dc motor drive motor, small power, high speed, stepless speed regulation, smooth speed, low noise.

specific parameters for rated power: 24 w. Quantity: 230 m3/h. Noise: 25 to 50 db.

in the actual test, the noise curve as shown in figure, the first screenshot is the noise under the maximum wind speed, because the cell phone on the test machine at the beginning, affected the test results, the results after the curve shall prevail. (everybody attention should be given to the problems of the inaccurate scale chart)

the second picture shows, test the product intelligence operations in the state of the operation of more than 500 (PM2.5) curve. Volatility is a dynamic operating test phone.

(since there is no professional db tester, can only use a smart phone APP like this way, in the case of correct operation, the data is accurate)

humidification module

related parameters, rated power: 15 w; Noise: 25 to 42 db; Water tank capacity of 1.5 L.

air humidification module of rubik’s cube of the blotting paper volatile technology, rough look seem to have no ultrasonic humidifying high-end technology, but both have their own advantages and disadvantages, add wet effect.

blotting paper technology on the experience better, won’t produce sodium vapour and calcium granules on air pollution, water tank, there will be no condensation impurity these extremely affect the use of experience. But water absorbent core material is easy to damage, operation requires careful, has a certain change cycle.

Purification module

power rating: 35 w

noise: 25 to 50 db

this is the base of air rubik’s cube is also the air inlet of the whole system, there are two layers of black gauze among very carefully, to the naked eye can not weave texture was observed.

at the beginning of a layer is efficiency filter, a layer of silver ion coarse filter. Early effect filter using PET (unsaturated polyester) material, into FengKouChu full range intercepting filter, such as dust, hair, fine scales larger suspension block outside of the filter. Silver ions coarse filter does antibacterial sterilization effect.

white for medical grade H13 HEPA filter, ultrafine particles on secondhand smoke, pollen, etc has better purification effect. More suitable for granular allergy crowd. Blue pattern on the surface of the thin film composite nano silver ions to, or used for antiseptic bacteriostasis.

for activated carbon black + haier itself RCD in addition to formaldehyde mesh

details and conversion method.

don’t know good luck or god to love see, Beijing this period of time (three weeks) of PM2.5 has been is not high, 50 outdoor, indoor has been under 30, can’t test, and then to the idea. Smoking two packs of cigarettes? Because I am allergic to smoke, and finally chose…

cloud network hunting in a nearly 17 square meter does not open inside the kitchen smoke lampblack machine testing finished dinner, PM2.5 initial value is far more than 500, but the sensor can measure a maximum of 500, the legendary extraordinary. To fight in the cooking line compatriots on the bow.

the figure shows that air from 500 to 225 have same rubik’s cube in the intelligent state share for 8 minutes.

to eventually 19:08, 33 minutes will be a kitchen of PM2.5 17 square meters from the explosion of 500 severe pollution clean up to 32 high quality air.

in the above curve noise, air purification performance is very outstanding. Suitable for 20 ~ 30 square meters room, the room is too large under the condition of the air quality is bad, you must endure 40 ~ 50 db of noise, the heavy load.

but generally the long-term use of air purifier room, there will be no urgent need high strength purification scenario, unless forget to close the window when a window ventilated, fog suddenly extraordinary……

this is the problem of using the method, the smart home… To be truly smart, also need to buy a haier intelligent door control system…


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