Haier air rubik’s cube out of the measured: transformers to save air pollution crisis

(text/who blue)

in view of the problems such as air pollution and various appliances function of a single problem, haier referring to the multidimensional and thought of rubik’s cube, made the air rubik’s cube. After the raise success, today in four big electric business platform to start booking, to feel it. Let cloud network hunting guide to restore its true nature.

hunting cloud network to get the full set of haier air rubik’s cube, by who blue to a simple box for everyone!

the first praise cloud network hunting companions, joint Courier eldest brother, to get the equipment from the top car security escort to the living room. The domineering sliding sideways packaging, some is too bold, I but the little pure and fresh and van.

full version, that is to say there are four independent modules, which sealed the heavy packing also want to spend some time.

for virgo, opened the package is also a come into frustrating thing. See neatly packed last packing materials, also drunk.

ok, anyway. But after open, we don’t. Read the instructions carefully before he found that can see this is joint surface, after the completion of the docking, will not affect beautiful.

to detail feature

you can see red blue indication marks is butt hole groove. Then the profile feature, the adornment of the thread, increase to watch.

~ the last picture is not very clear, I will tell you I show my virgo complex ~ ~), to sharp, you guess what is this module ~

finally, look at the base. Small size, to support the upper four modules, hard. Visual quality is ok.

at the beginning of the assembly into, a carefully look, this is not a bomb, look at that cylindrical shape, wayward tail. It’s a pity that the front-end must be the base of the larger circle, or how to support the full of feeling and sense of the future of science and technology.

the whole, haier air rubik’s cube is very concise and delicate workmanship and design, material selection and treatment are very attentively, at present has not yet found any deficiencies. Combination is completed, you will stay in the corner, make a quiet air guard.

four parts seemingly separate again, can differentiate custom suits own combinations, haier air rubik’s cube, just as its name suggests. Rubik’s cube can complete the full version of air purification, humidification, dehumidification, fragrant four air problem, various combinations version depends on your need to customize the choice. Now in Su Ningyi purchase, jingdong and Tmall, haier mall four big electric business platform to start booking, the whole market price 7999 yuan, experience the reservation price is RMB 5999.

simple box here, and then hunting cloud network bring to you a thorough review, attention please.

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