Hai honey: the live site sweeps money C2C overseas online shopping platform


a few years ago, act as purchasing agency just appear, circle the capital of many consumer, last year, electricity power is officially “overseas online shopping”, the national more than 3000 luxury goods traded in 190 billion from overseas online shopping, besides Tmall international, there is no large-scale overseas online shopping B2C, seemingly saturated overseas online shopping market, several overseas online shopping is not electricity, can eat. Honey its C2C B2C difficult do, sea, docking and consumers buy hand, building a service act as purchasing agency and the user’s platform.

the sea honey into the mobile Internet overseas online shopping, two major lines of business: one is the “overseas online shopping flash sales”; The second is “overseas commodity buyer sweeps money live at the scene. Sea honey to recruit overseas buyers, long stay real-time release goods and procurement market information, the user first pay a deposit, settlement balance payment after purchase, again by buying direct to the consumer. In addition, there are a small number of suppliers to provide flash sales services mature, just as make up for a lack of C2C supply chain.

well-known bought water deep, consumers think that direct mail is authentic security at the beginning, but many behalf buy fake goods from China to abroad, direct mail back to China again, then consumers turn to foreign electric business platform, but there is another Chinese buyers in the above open a shop selling fakes, illusory. Even if bought overseas online shopping goods, really very not easy can also be bought from store stock (overseas manufacturers association will counters expiring defective products selling to local retail store below fifty percent), in short, buy not sell, later, conscience, act as purchasing agency began live, this is the fake of the lowest rates a overseas online shopping mode, at the same time can avoid buying inventory risk. The founder of jun xu told hunting cloud network: to establish a complete management system is very important, the buyer’s tao trust system on the basis of the sea. the sea honey now through passport authentication techniques, GPS tracking to buy hand regulation. At the same time, the sea honey in establishing in buyer’s credit evaluation system, once found fakes, severe punishment of the buyer or even cancel buying qualification. In addition, jun xu is also considering around site management organization, set up base in the overseas buyer field supervision.


founder jun xu, with 4. Cn one mesh, golden wheat, 5 w navigation, such as multiple projects founder, had high acquisition game. Cn domain name, the sea honey angel won 15 million yuan, the investor by wing, beibei net shop and a long triangle bonded warehousing service companies. Jun xu, founder of the convective cloud network, said: “the future along with the increasing of user scale and transaction data,” honey “sea will by big data technology according to users’ personal information and the usual consumer behavior will be some goods with user preferences matching degree is high then push into mobile phone APP, allowing users in the first place to buy low price, good quality and service guaranteed goods, this is the next step development strategy planning sea honey.” (in fact, the UI should be optimized)

is that cannot be ignored, the amazon, shopbob, AA are seeing China’s purchasing power, open direct mail service in China, this is a big shock to the domestic and overseas online shopping, but the new Macao, B2C markets such as Japan and South Korea are large, but Taiwan myhuo can easily buy Japanese goods. The domestic, and the most competitive is the honey of tao, but the pattern is B2C + limited-time sale, and the sea honey + mobile Internet technology, the advantage of using GPS in the future, cloud network think hunting, cross-border electricity will become increasingly convergence mode, competition intensified, B2C may gradually with foreign cooperation, efforts to expand sku, funds, channels, technology has always been the core of the domestic and overseas online shopping electric business competition.

the sea honeyCompany: hangzhou more wheat e-commerce co., LTD.

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