Hackers development god “extension”, 1.3 million are expected to log on to Windows and Mac OS Android applications

a week ago, Google announced a called “App Runtime for Chrome (ARC)” plug-in, Android applications can be transplanted to the Chrome OS. For developers, this plug-in reduce the difficulty of the transplantation, only need to do some simple transplant operation can be applied to Chrome OS. A called Vladikoff developers think it is not enough, he wants to jump out of the part before, any application can be ported to Chrome OS. Now, he has more bold idea, is to apply these transplanted to any other type of operating system of the browser. The great god has already completed this feat, you can now on Windows, Mac and Linux system running in the Android applications.

Vladikoff transformation process is based on the ARC. ARC is Google developed a can run on the browser security middleware, local code after the ARC is only allowed in Chrome OS running on, and after the modified tool is the upgrade version of the ARC, can let the other systems bypass the restricted access to Chrome’s app store, let the other systems also can download originally incompatible transplantation application.

the ARC Valdikoff will be developed by the new version named note ARChon, files can be drag and drop into the Chrome, so that we can no more than 37 Chrome browser in the system can run Android applications. Of course, the most difficult or the Android compatibility. The ARC cannot be directly run Android APK file, it needs to an expansion of Chrome, but Vladikoff developed a chromes – APK tools can be a good solution to this problem.

all work need to be done through Chrome extension interface, the ARC is an extension, note ARChon and all of the App is an extension, which makes the installation process is a bit complicated, must open the developer mode in Chrome, then install a lot of not unzip the expansion pack. In Vladikoff tool, there is a call/r/chromeapks, so developers can run directly APK do APK even attempt in the process of the transformation.

we will try some Android applications run in Mac OS X, it is enough for hackers, it’s unbelievable. After use, we found that its speed is fast, but because of the lack of the Google Service in the background, a lot of normal operation of the App, for example, we often use Twitter crashed because of the lack of Google Service. Using this method in the Google OS also encountered the same problem, it seems that if you want to received the recognition from the official Google need to do a lot of work.

the hacker spirit try for Google is also extremely tempting, when it becomes more common, Android applications can not only run on mobile phones, Android tablet and Chrome OS, then you can run on any desktop system, it is hard to believe that this is so perfect.

although the work is just beginning and is problematic, but its core goal is to hope that the App can run in any desktop systems and fewer restrictions, running perfect. When all problems are solved, the future you can bold imagination, then opens the Google Play Store, 1.3 million moved to any Android application platform, this is terrible and let a person look forward to.


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