GuanYun hidden: mobile phone FangZha artifact, give your phone wear masks

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“don’t take moral positions to suppress * GuanYun hidden *, it was belong to personal privacy, GuanYun hidden just provides a tool, to buckle on moral damage * * hat is a bit isolate. We can’t interfere with user’s habits, privacy is absolutely has a demand of the market, we just provide the function of this, try to be perfect. We don’t have the slightest encouraged users to hide the immoral privacy to do other things. But in the industry, bringing a stigma. Recently also accustomed to, or make products, sometimes you will find that instead of scold at the sharp end of his is GuanYun hidden users.” Before a letter COO, a co-founder, presently GuanYun hide desktop CEO Qian Hao helplessly tell hunting cloud network privacy.

users in addition to use GuanYun hid hide WeChat trumpet, and hidden Momo other suspected “booty call” social products, such as he faced the boss can also be hidden in the secret little fun, go to work time don’t want to see by a colleague’s new boyfriend WeChat chat messages, with his hair a mood diary, pay treasure to silently in funding charities. These can all be positive privacy, since it is privacy will have the right to not know. Qian Hao tell hunting cloud network: we are the tools, so can’t go to interfere with the user, so can only as far as possible to fit all. Since we advocate hit privacy protection, so have to fully.

so to look at, GuanYun hide is how to protect privacy. Qian Hao tell hunting cloud network, at first, they tried many ways finally found it will be easier to protect privacy or gestures to unlock. Different way to unlock the desktop will have different phone display. The old version before step 4, 5, the new now only three steps. That is to say, the user is in a cell phone also has the effect of the two cell phones.

in addition to hide, hide GuanYun can also be used for message notification bar block, and at the same time open WeChat size, large open, small private. The trumpet received message will be disguised in public interface. the next version for SMS, contact telephone hidden, can be set when is not convenient to answer the phone users can read messages to remind myself. In addition to SMS, contacts, hidden team in the next version will realize the depth of the images and video to hide, even the antivirus software, file management software couldn’t identify. Improvement of technical level, and will not damage the original images, audio files.

it sounds technology is very simple, because the market in 360, the GO desktop applications to support simple applications such as hidden. But Qian Wu tell hunting cloud network, other products on the market just in the privacy of a small part of it is easy to be found that privacy can’t call privacy. Technically look simple things actually quite complicated. Their internal almost weekly update a version, mobile phones on the market for third-party android is different, each brand mobile phone almost separate custom, because want to make sure that perfect, so you have to follow up. Such as the beautiful MIUI millet, it updated we have to follow up, or small bugs in our eyes are always sick. Background is actually drives forward by the user, updates every time there are more than 100 details. So technically is not afraid of copying, adaptation detail need to spend a lot of energy. Anyway this is a business need a virgo. “I myself has quickly become a virgo, light on our company head office not neat, I feel uncomfortable” a look now. Qian Hao smiled and told cloud network hunting, entrepreneurial driving people into virgo, think of is also very hard.

Qian Hao before didn’t join a push, working as regional director of sales of anheuser-busch inbev, add a message (the last was a push) become a co-founder. “Before a letter earlier than WeChat even half a year, though when a message has been in positive and WeChat play. WeChat launched what, what we also before and after the launch, but failed in the end, gene, market, time to let it be. Finally I also understand a truth: if you are weak, don’t jump up and positive, others jumped up very comfortable, but it broke down. Avoid its sharpness, a change of direction, or low growth.”

Qian Hao tell hunting cloud network, the current team has 15 people, was a push system backend architecture designer, push the background product head totally winging be responsible for the whole of the GuanYun hidden technology, “he went after a away from state-owned enterprises, can’t stand the day that I entrepreneurship so join us.” GuanYun hidden at present business is the total charge Hu Zhenzhou Qian Hao university classmate, also in anheuser-busch inbev regional director before.

what’s surprising is that the current GuanYun possession of 4 as women using user, and hidden GuanYun user activity is very high, the active in more than 40%, in 20 million. A few months ago hidden GuanYun team have got together investment of millions of yuan angel, team has also recently in preparation for A wheel. Qian Hao told hunting cloud network: “privacy not only in the domestic market, GuanYun hidden overseas business is also important power objects of our future.”

GuanYun hidden
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