Great elder brother English: there is no Chinese translation, in order to learn the language way to learn English

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“learning English is a piece of most people a lift to feel very headache, and basic it is initially enthusiasm is very high, hold out until the last few, but learning English is a lot of people’s rigid demand, our team’s friend is seized the pain points, and began to plan to do business a distinctive learning software” hunting cloud network in an interview to the great elder brother English operations managers, xiao-dong feng said.

online education market or a piece of blue ocean, but want to a place, must have their own characteristics, want to do, it must not be copied the traditional mode, in its form is not fundamentally help to the user.

great elder brother English target positioning of the English level zero base to the intermediate people, to provide contextualized learning mode, focus on improve English reading ability, specialty is directly through the pictures to show the scene, no middle Chinese translation steps, congenital speech skills development to users.

the traditional English learning, by the pattern of English writing.thank to learn words, sentences and grammar, and great elder brother English language use is contextualized learning mode, to learn ways to teach a new language, the written and spoken words, directly associated with objects, actions, and concept of the ideographic, use pictures as the center of gravity, to determine the meaning of the words and phrases, not for translation. Grammar, syntax and vocabulary through examples to explain. is to understand the meaning of a word, because the words and meaning direct links (SMS) via the pictures, not associated with the same words in their native language. Don’t depend on translation, tedious grammar specification and memory exercises. This can contribute to the development of innate language skills, conveyed from context.

at the same time, the software learning concept into the community, into the software, join or form a class, let users have their own learning circle, a real spoken English every day prepared and real-time interaction, not only allow the user to practice English, let everybody have more interest in the same junior partner at the same time, learning English also had the supervision power, and continued enthusiasm. But the group activity is not high.

in addition, great elder brother English USES the speech engine testing technology, help users real-time pronunciation, to achieve the purpose of improve speaking and listening practice.

tell hunting cloud network team, great elder brother English is launched on November 15, online on the day of the harvest more than 12000 users, and hundreds of user feedback, the software is still in perfect, various new function module will gradually open to the user. Current product also in polishing time, then according to the research results will enrich the user’s individualized demand, such as tourism English, life English, business English, such as module, meet the needs of different users, really use it.

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