Government has said that China’s Internet off pure imitation hat, please a good point!

hunting cloud network reported on November 26,

in China recently held a meeting about copyright issues, deputy director of the state Internet information office Peng Bo issued a statement at the meeting: “China is bid farewell to the stronghold, and the rapid development for a country of indigenous innovation.” In a few years ago and now this statement sounds a bit ridiculous. But then, he again at the meeting: “this country has won the” shanzhai “indeed the stigma, but now she is famous in the world innovator.”

the stronghold is “if off (piracy)”, “copycat (imitation)” of Chinese expressions. Maybe Peng Bo said China’s various industries with fake to say goodbye, really overdone; However, in terms of China’s Internet industry, he is absolutely right.

as early as a few years ago, shanzhai is a very popular term, if anyone know about China’s technology industry is a bit of people, all know the word. At that time, cheap, pirated shanzhai phones occupy the whole of the mobile phone market in China; The success of China’s Internet is still mainly rely on C2C: copy to China from abroad (copy to China). In fact, most of China’s leading Internet company’s web site, have experienced to some very popular abroad website of imitation. Baidu is imitation Google search minimalist design interface, everybody very much and Facebook, tencent started imitating AIM (AOL Instant Messenger, AOL Instant Messenger), ICQ (Instant messaging software); Tencent QQ, in fact, the first name QICQ, it sounds more like a fake. I think you in the usual life, are found.

but today, hold this word is no longer suitable for China’s Internet. The above listed Internet companies, now has grown to innovators rather than imitators, they provide customers with products and services is different from (some ways even more than they used to imitate the company can provide. , of course, this is not just for the major Internet companies, in fact, compared to a few years ago, the pure imitation and pirated in today’s Chinese Internet field are already becoming rare.

of course, this is not to say that don’t live in China has a large number of replication. If you want to look for examples of shanzhai culture in China’s Internet industry, you can still find and you don’t need much effort, but once they as criterion (imitation), are now seen as an exception. If you visit China’s most popular web site and now feel it service, where you will find that there are a lot of innovation.

baidu’s box computing technology is deeper than before Google similar technology. Combining the micro letter of payment and the game, to make it stand out in the global application of the same kind. Taobao shopping experience for you, are you in other online platform experience. Millet through its cost-effective mobile phones and new sales channels, and the world in a flutter. That the Chinese Internet company called “Chinese Facebook” or “China’s YouTube” time has ceased to exist, even lazy editor to use of the differences between Chinese and foreign websites to attract readers.

by the way, I haven’t mentioned that in the past few years China emerged a large number of new innovative companies.

there is no doubt that is both for China and for the world, “away from the fake, to the creation and innovation” is a very good thing. To some degree, I will miss the shanzhai culture, the word is very interesting, you want to send a thing very successful introduction (copy – paste) another completely different markets and cultures, it requires some creativity. But innovation and creativity is more interesting, although I do not totally agree with the government on the description of the Internet, but this time I think Peng Bo said is right, China’s Internet is to open up an era of creativity and innovation.

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