Google vice President: my daily work is to give up Office lobby firms

Google believe they can break the mediocre technology company in the world, and win office software market, enterprise customers and the market close to $300 billion a year. But actually want to change it is difficult to get in the habit of people work to send mail, perhaps driverless cars and unmanned aerial vehicle (uav) express more simple.

Google enterprise President Amit Singh’s job is to persuade companies to give up using Microsoft Outlook, Office and personal computers, and adopt in view of the commercial development of Gmail, Google Apps and cut-down laptop this.

in the last decade when the San Francisco bay area of new enterprises and small businesses began to favor the Google service, large companies still unmoved, they prefer to Microsoft’s services, such as Microsoft Word.

Singh has 46, set up the Google into the goals of the enterprise, focusing on similar Google Drive enterprise version of the service. Such services to software companies operate together with other rivals, so we can make enterprise easily increase their own service projects, rather than the pain of entrance to change its work. And, in order to help consumers more clearly see the suit, a complete Google Work Singh last week to his “Google enterprise fleet” renamed “Google for Work”.

Singh also stressed the concept of cloud services, like family electricity from the grid, allows businesses to hire Google powerful computing capacity, rather than buying their own equipment. In this regard, Google opponents into the amazon, is also a comprehensive technology companies.

in a Wall Street journal in an interview, former Oracle CEO Singh (now Google, head of the ministry) talked about Google’s ambitions of commercial software, he will set out to Microsoft such strong opponents out of the market. And when it comes to how firms from cloud services market competition. Hunting cloud network extracts for you compile as follows:

last year, most of the work of science and technology enterprises software has not changed much, is there any need to change?

Singh: the way people use the software in the job in, relative to the desktop, the vast majority of their time spent on mobile devices. On technology staff have also begun to choose, the things they use in the family also want to be able to use at work, because they find work in some of the same things did not keep up with the trend.

now began to stress Drive for Work does that mean you are not as we expected, sell on Google App suit?

in different markets have different performance, our Gmail service and application service got great development.

document sharing, synchronization, collaboration, and document management is a new category, it can make we have much time to do software come into contact with a new customer base. We Drive service proposition is, no matter you are adopting a service – both Microsoft and IBM Lotus program – all can continue to use, and can Drive on this basis, to provide users with more value. If you are not ready to a huge Email revolution, we can use this kind of compromise.

general company is not so good at change, as Google how it working with such a company?

Uber similar to transportation and the establishment of the media industry of Netflix, business development constantly changing, constantly set up new business form. CEO and executives are increasingly recognize that they need to change to the idea of a new technology, which prompted them to Google for a change. They will think, how we should change our enterprise, so as to benefit the development of new technology? They are in many ways to modify themselves.

how can you stop enterprise and employee naturally they have in the use of email and document software, and switch to Google’s software?

even now, there is only a 10% to 11% of the email from computers to the cloud, we have a built-in tool allows the user to use Outlook of front-end, but use Gmail as the back-end. With the development of mobile services, the original objection there has been a dramatic change, because the use of mobile terminal will naturally with their original work in a different way. Now that no matter how I want to use the mobile platform, then I will change the user’s workflow.

do you have for Apple and IBM recently jointly help enterprises to develop web applications?

it is premature. Apple doesn’t necessarily have the ability to cloud services and so for them to combine with IBM is necessary. And we have to unify the Android and cloud services. With the passage of time, the developers will find that the value of this platform, thus creating a new generation of work with software.

Amazon first provide a Shared by the hour for enterprise computing backbone network services, Google’s service what’s the difference?

the first generation of cloud services, since you have become accustomed to a fixed pattern, is me to provide a virtual storage devices for you to use the cloud. Can help you save a lot of money, also can provide you with the flexibility of working. And now we will provide some different value. Can we guarantee the normal operation of service, the size of the cloud computing, and provide Suggestions for the problems. It is very different with previous cloud.

what do you mean Amazon weaker than Google in this respect?

for developers, we are absolutely the preferred. Over the past few years we have established strong for their service technical backbone forces, we will now put these services are available to developers. To give them such as magic power like Gmail or YouTube team enjoy it every day.

what do you think of Microsoft executive Satya Nadella emphasis on Web friendly software and mobile service?

it seems that he has had a good start, of course you have to be strong as easy to just go. They don’t believe in the data center and network services. In the mobile terminal, they try, but no core technology. Cloud services and mobile terminal are not their core competence. If you have used their Office software such as Web Apps, you’ll know how much their maturity. But we hope they can do better. Competition is always a good thing, and we have never underestimate them.

in one of the most recent twitter, do you think of software companies like Microsoft and IBM, in enhancing their earnings in cloud services are really counting on some of the things that are not related, such as equipment. Technology companies should be through the cloud software to increase their revenue?

now, revenue is more based on the contract, such as in a specific contract with some other content, and then count it as cloud services revenue. You can continue to use the Office, and we will give you a cloud of contract, we will be in proportion to the part of the cloud service into the cloud services revenue. But this is not the purpose of people to use their products. Products should be weighed only active users indicator of success.

Source: WSJ

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