Google to build online mobile phone hardware, mobile phone module can be a key to buy

Google apps from mall (Google Play Store), Google is going to build a hardware Store, where customers can buy like lego custom Project Ara smartphone hardware module.

Project Ara is Google’s forthcoming let you build your own smartphone’s plan, according to the plan allows the user to own demand mix and match all kinds of mobile phone hardware modules. The smartphone has sold for $50 a basic framework, users can add or remove the module components, according to their own needs to add or remove some function.

, for example, users will be able to separate replacement screen, camera, antenna and CPU, replacement of parts is much cheaper than buy a new smartphone. Google is introduced biological recognition module, at the same time, the independent hardware manufacturers have think carefully created temperature, input, games, antenna and medical sensors. These modules need to be issued in accordance with the Google development tool design specification (MDK).

“anyone can create a conforms to the developer toolkit specification modules, and can put it in the Ara module market (similar to Google’s app store) and direct sales to consumers,” Google advanced technology project department Ara project director Paul Eremenko, purdue university talks earlier this month said a question-and-answer session.

ranking and score

buyers can see according to user feedback and rating of the selected one of the most popular modules, like Google application of mall, Eremenko said.

Project Ara test markets will begin in 2015, in this between, Google will make every effort to try to understand the usage of the user and solve the problem. Google has developed three different kinds of screen size and Ara smartphone prototype, Eremenko hinted that the real modular mobile global release also need a period of time.

“we have a lot of things to do in this project in response to the technology risk of degradation. We might do more than two or more prototypes. And we’re going to do a lot in the process of market pilot to understand how people with this equipment is interactive.” Eremenko said.

modular cell phone is not a new concept. 2010 Israeli company launched Modu Brewphone, keyboard, speaker and camera module can be attached. Zte is developing a customizable smartphone called Eco – Mobius, at present has not yet been released.

Project feasibility has been much discussion of Ara, but Eremenko believe consumers will appreciate its flexibility.

“if we can cross the price points, from a feature phone cross price points to a dream of very high-end equipment, and may be able to serve as the price of the portable medical diagnostic equipment, to do that might help us to give the rest of the 5 billion mobile phone network promotion to use smart phone users.” Eremenko said.

success is the result of giving users absolutely free

the success of the Project Ara may mainly depends on its function, because its function is defined by replaceable modules. Eremenko want to module development easier and his team are developing new design toolkit for hardware designers to easily like write mobile application code.

“nowadays would cost 12, 18, 24 months to develop a new smartphone and promote it to the market, and we hope to take this time to single digits.” Eremenko said.

Google encourage developers to put forward some new ideas, module, of course, this is a part of Google’s own work. The company pursue the idea of “commercial adaptive model”, the idea includes health sensors can track human biological signals.

“the levels of these signals including galvanic skin response, sweat, pupils scaling, the line of sight direction, and all sorts of things we can receive the your response when using the electronic commerce system. If you are stressed, impatient or feel this kind of experience is boring, we can provide a different planning experience.” Eremenko said.

in conversation, Eremenko also puts forward an idea about private information module, the module can be replaced depending on who is using this new smart phone.

Google and Linaro are Project Ara develop a customized version of the Android system. Ongoing work mainly revolves around the insert can be identified, this module can be identified immediately and do not need to restart the smartphone. Like the USB plug-in, to drive the module is identified according to the different types, such as storage, input, network, imaging, etc. Some modules can’t identify, such as high-end camera, it can be placed in an isolated area, so as not to affect the normal operation of the smart phone.

module is conductive, permanent magnet in the opening and closing of two kinds of state without electricity. Inductively coupled to replace cables for data transmission module.

in order to make the module development more cheap, Google’s advanced technology projects department also cooperate and Flextronics and two, that developers can cheaply to transfar for the actual hardware design ideas.


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