Google set up Google LABS, Y to create smart city?

(/horse relief yi wen)

according to foreign media revealed that science and technology, Google has built another “avant-garde technology laboratory” – Google Y. Like Google X, the lab is also good at developing the “strange” innovation.

report, page within Google launched a year ago “Google 2.0” project, designed to help solve face the biggest challenge to mankind. And Google Y is one of the entities to achieve carrier this ambitious project, also led by the outgoing, active thinking brin.

the above articles on Google and Google 2.0 Y details were very little. We only know that at present, the project seems to create similar to the concept of “smart city”. The city has efficient mode of transportation, accurate to inch level personnel positioning technology, automatic intelligent recommended shopping experience, and so on.

Google has been to human is full of infinite daydream. Network, driverless cars, from the balloon to anti-aging drug research and development of death, Google is trying to change human at the same time, also for their own future outlined the development of infinite space. Can achieve does not necessarily, but at least to outsiders, Google seems to never fall. Because it always walk in front of all the people, though it may seem too forward, and the tower of Babel.

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