Google research and development can be assembled large screen TV, think what can have how old

if you are tired of flat or curved surface screen, Google is developing products might interest you.

according to the Wall Street journal reported that Google is building television screen can be assembled, it can realize the disassembling and assembled into different shapes and sizes.

reported that Google is developing the display screen is composed of a smaller screen, like lego, it can be assembled together, yet still present the whole picture.

this modular combination advantage allows users to change the size and shape of the TV screen.

report also said that Google is developing “huge”, a TV screen size of the area may cover the one side wall of the sitting room. Sources said that at present the project is still in its early stages, Google is currently conquer lacing up how to make the picture appear perfect effect.

Google is facing the challenge, smaller screen split up, how to make the borders disappear, in order to create the last picture.

this is not the first time that Google into modular product. The company is currently developing the Project of Ara open source hardware projects also belong to this type. This project will allow the production module, so as to realize any dismantling of the smart phone hardware and combination, meet the needs of customers customized services.

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