Google prolong life company will spend large sum of money to develop the Calico geriatrics of new drugs

Google support the Calico the relation companies announced on Wednesday that will work with Chicago pharmaceutical giant AbbVie develop a specialist in geriatrics of new drugs, and into the market.

Google and AbbVie pledged $250 million, respectively, and can choose to invest a further $500 million. These funds will be used to open a new research center in San Francisco, research on diseases such as cancer, neurodegenerative diseases. The Calico will hire a team of researchers there, specifically to develop new drugs and carry out early development. AbbVie is the focus of the clinical trials, advanced development, as well as the promising new drugs to market.

“our relationship with AbbVie is a key event for the Calico, our mission is to geriatrics development can extend the life of the treatment plan. This will greatly speed up our understanding of aging science, advance our clinical work, and help us in every region of the important treatment will be introduced to the patient.” The Calico, founder and CEO, chairman and CEO of former Genentech arter · Levinson (Art Levinson) said.

Google set up the Calico purpose is to hope to be able to “cure” death. Including Google CEO Larry Page (Larry Page), executives have expressed interest in the project. Until now, the outside world for the Calico how to pursue this goal is still poorly understood.

page once told The Times in an interview: “we ever imagine such a beautiful scene: if can cure cancer, life expectancy can be extended for three years. A cure for cancer, I believe, this kind of thing can change the world. But when you really take a step back to look at this question, found that there are too many cancer cases, too many sad story, but not you imagine the progress.”

although the new cooperative development agreement with the same ambition, also is admirable, but compared with the so-called “cure” death before Google, seemed to feel a bit less in the future. (book Yu)

source: sina science and technology

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