Google Play into China not do? Don’t licentious domestic app store

on December 4, hunting cloud network (text/glide editor/water Yan)

according to ai media consulting released the first half of 2014 China mobile application store market research report, according to mobile phone manufacturer app store user penetration ratio has reached 44.1%, and Internet companies give priority to the third party application distribution platform user Numbers are very similar. And abroad Google Play android mobile phone users access to application of the main channel, other manufacturers are not much sense of service. Abroad have Google tycoon, are springing up in China.

as the app store is connected to the users and developers, a complete chain of software ecosystem with a strong control, are likely to form new subversion, app store has become the capture app a commanding heights of the market.

and the key to the development of the app store, actually is how to do and to promote more advanced services technology. Users and developers of its viscosity determines the vitality of the app store.

action and influence of Google into China

recently, Google by lenovo’s purchase of MOTOROLA, Nexus6 in domestic distribution of Google Play in preliminary spread into China. Everyone said that Google’s back, domestic android market is not calm. But some said, domestic bosses take all of the application of distribution channels, Google Play into China at this time also does not make sense.

but if not, at least can Google with their strong international channel factors many domestic developers. Google added in the electronic wallet option “(CN) of the People’s Republic of China”. This for China’s small and medium-sized developers, is definitely good news. Google’s China account can be used again, will attract more developers and users. As overseas developers no longer need to post the application on Google play, developers earnings will be more convenient.

from the perspective of application developers, said Google Play has a strong appeal, this has great threat to domestic app store.

to know that Google with their identity, and strong technical capabilities in the Google android owner introducing your SDK/API to Play to the developers to great convenience, users can easily leave developers. With strong technology makes use of other stores to provide users with the application service interface as needed.

at the legal level, handset makers have to load their android phones with Google Play, users do not use the Google Play will not be able to experience the high quality service. And tens of thousands of domestic “meal”.

on the other hand, the domestic application stores, there are many high quality application from Google Play. Many without authorization by the developers of these in the law is simply untenable. Will inevitably mass from the shelves.

as a result, competition for developers is inevitable.

the domestic current situation of the app store

the popularity of 3 g and smartphone market outbreak prompted earth-shaking changes in user habits, domestic rapid growth android application distribution platform.

baidu acquisition for 91 to build the mobile Internet ecosystem; 360 entrance to market its own powerful PC desktop application; And operators in natural channels rely on their own advantage · · · · · ·

today, with millet, lenovo, huawei, cool and Vivo represented by the enterprise to strengthen the competition in the field of distributed application. Such as millet app store downloads has topped 5 billion times, huawei application market distribution volume has more than 35 million times as of October

however, we see the domestic application store schools of thought contend, don’t ignore it: domestic app store more and more serious with the exploitation of developers. This and committed to the client’s attitude is in stark contrast. Domestic applications store did not give developers more perfect technical service, but distributed application, cost is higher and higher, and application of combined transport to developers into fewer and fewer, squeezing developers through channels.

a developer, of course, looking forward to a better platform, equal to.

now, the domestic application store on users do is ok. But it also can only say that’s ok, only the user experience too many gimmicks, users still lack of loyalty. Plus technology insufficiency, this let Google have the opportunity to implement a subversive in domestic.

storm approaching, completes the technical service is king

from the above we can see that domestic applications store the advantage of channel, entrance and national policy. Google is strong in technology and the wide international channels. Developers service power is not enough, become one of the biggest lame project.

app store want to stand out, at least to do two things: one, has a good function to retain users. Second, with strong technical service developers.

for the first point, do not have what to say. Granted, there is a can attract the user’s application, and channel advantages of itself is not bad, not afraid the Google greatly.

about the second point, the domestic application store must first give up with channel advantage exploitation developers, for cash. Technical service development, development and profit channel for developers to provide convenient, to improve the loyalty of the developers to their platform, forming a virtuous circle.

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